Agility League

Agility League

Agility League

Fun and Friendly Canine Competition

You may have seen high voltage agility competitions televised on ESPN or hosted at a local park or field. At the Zoom Room, we love the fast pace, but dial back the competitive aspect by injecting a more relaxed, fun and goofy approach.

Any dog who has completed Agility 2 or Agility 3 is welcome to participate in our weekly Agility League. Dogs pair off into teams after giving their team an impressively silly name and compete for trophies and bragging rights. Sure, you’ll find some Shepherds and Border Collies, but you’ll also find plenty of Chihuahua and Pug teams, loping Great Danes, and every imaginable lovable scamp.

Each week we’ll set up a different agility course to challenge the teams. Each run is timed and scores are kept. Music, hot direct trade coffee, and good cheer complete the scene.

Agility League runs anywhere from six to ten weeks. At the end, an Award Ceremony is held where every dog is a winner. Individuals are singled out for special notable achievements. For example, a dog who has a habit of running through the obstacles in her own preferred order rather than the specified course might receive a “MOST CREATIVE” trophy. A competitor who loves to yip as he darts through the tunnel and weave poles might be bestowed “MOST VOCAL.”

League is a fantastic way to keep your dog fit and active, take pride in his progression and achievements in dog agility, and enjoy a great evening among other like-minded dog owners.

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