Amazing Dog Tricks by Ivy and Usman
| January 14th, 2010

Amazing Dog Tricks by Ivy and Usman

Ivy, a two-year-old Foxhound mix, lives on Long Island with her owner, Usman. Usman and his girlfriend rescued Ivy from a local dog shelter when she was only three months old.

Luckily for Ivy – and Usman – his girlfriend was working as a dog trainer at the time, so she was able to help raise and train Ivy. Usman learned quite a lot himself, and he took an active role in tricks training with Ivy – starting with the basics and then moving on to more complex behaviors.

In the video below, if you’re not familiar with that clicking sound, it’s a clicker in Usman’s hand – a great little device that is often using in positive reinforcement dog training. Learn more about clicker training your dog.

The video below is one of the semi-finalists in our America’s Best Dog Trick Contest. Usman and Ivy would love your vote!

Here’s what Usman has to say about Ivy:

She’s an awesome dog and an great addition to my family. She’s a beautiful looking girl. We have a lot of fun doing tricks positively and she really enjoys making her dad proud. She’s a loving dog and all my friends and anyone who meets her loves her personality. She is having fun, and that’s all that matters!

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