It’s Me or the Dog – Animal Planet
| February 28th, 2009

It's Me Or The Dog - Animal Planet

It’s Me or the Dog – Animal Planet

Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 14th at 9 pm.

The Zoom Room will be featured as the training locale for the hit series It’s Me or the Dog on Animal Planet, a training show in which dog trainer Victoria Stilwell helps out hapless dog owners.

The show’s producers contacted the Zoom Room because of our fun, sporty atmosphere, and thought that an indoor training facility would provide the owners of Mr. Black, a Beagle mix, with an opportunity to practice his newly acquired obedience skills outside the house.

We don’t want to give away the ending, but we will say that Mr. Black deftly worked his way through a series of skill tests with both Victoria and his owners. We were thrilled to meet Victoria and host such a positive dog show, which emphasizes relationship building between owner and dog. Check us out Saturday, March 14th at 9pm!

10 Responses  
Claudia writes:

Hi I am Claudia Wood and I just turned 10.I was
wandring if yoy could come and help me with my dog Angle.She’s a snuzzer and she barkes a lot,my grandma feeds her from the tabel almost all the time.Victoria can you pleese help us!

Claudia writes:

Hi it’s me agen I know it’s dousn’t sound like a big problum but I’m beging you come.

PS.I’m a huge fan.
PPS.Your prety and cute.

Zoom Room writes:

Hi Claudia,

Your friends at the Zoom Room here. So sorry to hear that your dog has been barking so much!

Victoria doesn’t actually work here at the Zoom Room, but she’s been here to film a couple of her amazing television shows to help dogs just like yours. I’m sure she will love to hear your compliments. She’s just about the nicest person we’ve met, and an absolutely brilliant dog trainer.

We’re going to share your note with her via Twitter @ItsMeOrTheDog and hopefully she’ll have some good advice for you and your grandma.

Thanks so much for writing us, Claudia!

– Your friends at the Zoom Room

Olivia Reynolds writes:

My dog can get out of all the collars so far. But the one collar we have chokes her when she pulls but she pulls the whole time we’re on the walk. Would a head collar work?

Zoom Room writes:

Hi there, Olivia! We would recommend that you try two things.

First, as far as an anti-slip collar goes, Premier makes a great one that will prevent your dog from slipping out. It’s called a martingale or limited slip collar. We stock them at the Zoom Room; if you can’t find one near you, just let us know. Keep this on for basic control, but that collar won’t prevent pulling, just slipping.

For pulling problems, we would recommend a Gentle Leader (also made by Premier) and suggest that you get your dog used to walking with that – headcollars are fantastic for quickly fixing pulling issues. If you’d like to come in to the Zoom Room, we sell them and can properly fit your dog for one. Good luck!

– Your friends at the Zoom Room

Alana Eavenson writes:

Hi Victoria. I’m a huge fan of you. I have eight dogs, two rats, a fish, a cat, and two newts. We have a handful and I was wondering if you could do something about it. Oh and I’m 10. Plus you don’t even have to come if you dont want to. I just really want to meet you.

Zoom Room writes:

Dear Alana,

That sounds like quite a handful alright! We love Victoria, too, and all of the wonderful work she does with positive training. She doesn’t work here at the Zoom Room, but we’ve sent your note to her. You might try reaching her via Twitter yourself @ItsMeOrTheDog.

– Your friends at the Zoom Room

Madison writes:

I watch animal planet all the time! in fact that is the only show I watch. Our neighbor’s dogs are HUGE YAPPERS! I’m only nine and I try to use your tricks but… :( They seem to forget (sigh). Victoria we need you!

P.S. Do you train horses? JK :)

From Your #1 fan,

Kahye writes:

Hi i am very confused. I have a 5 month old shih tzu named Benji, i love him so much but i cant potty train him. i feel very upset with myself and hope you can help. i live upstairs and it’s carpet and downstairs is tile. i want him to go potty outside. Long time ago i used the bell method but the bell broke. All i want is for him to use another bell when he wants to go outside and when we are upstairs to go downstairs and ring the bell but up and down he just pees everywhere. i need advice.. :(

Zoom Room writes:

Hi Kahye,

At five months old, a puppy isn’t fully ready to have full run of the house, and now that he’s gotten in the habit of peeing everywhere you’ll have to start again, as if you are housebreaking him for the first time.

What you’ll need to do is start again – either crating him or confining him in a puppy playpen, so he doesn’t have the choice to make mistakes. He should either be in his crate, under your direct supervision (“eyes on”) or outside where he can eliminate in the proper place. Take him out frequently to get him used to only going outside again. When he has been consistently using the toilet outside, and not your floors, to urinate for about two full weeks, then you can start to let him have a little more freedom. If you want him to use the bell, have him ring the bell every time you go outside so he understands the connection between the action of ringing the bell and getting to go outside.

The key here is to not expect too much, too soon. Give him freedom in the house only as he earns it.

– Your friends at the Zoom Room