Athletic Entrepreneurs
| May 20th, 2011

Business News Daily

Athletes Tackle the Sport of Business

Jaime Van WyeBusiness News Daily profiles athletic entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses, applying the lessons of the ballfield to the boardroom. Jaime Van Wye, Zoom Room founder, is the lead subject.

Van Wye is the daughter of Los Angeles Laker and Basketball Hall of Famer Gail Goodrich, and an accomplished athlete who is a former assistant rowing coach at UCLA. She’s also the founder and CEO of Zoom Room Dog Agility Training Center.

“I think successful athletes are used to working really hard, and expect that success only comes with hard work. They persevere through difficulties, and sometimes can think laterally to solve problems that might stump others. Plus, owning your own business, like participating in high-level sports, is pretty consuming. Certainly, I’ve had nights where the exhaustion level of being an entrepreneur reminded me of my time as a college athlete,” Van Wye said.

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