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Zoom Room Austin Reviews

Although we're satisfied with happily wagging tails, we love to hear from happy dog owners, too! The Zoom Room is committed to providing you with the very best dog training available.

Here are a few of the reviews, testimonials and class evaluations of our dog trainers.

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We LOVE zooming at the zoom room! Everyone is so great at making us and Bentley feel welcome, the classesare great socialization, and the practice of Agility and Obedience helps strengthen communication between us and Bentley at home. Plus, he comes home absolutely tanked, so it is the perfect way to wear him out when it is raining or too hot!

- The Burleson-Davis family, who enjoyed Agility 1, 2, 3, and 4, Obedience 2 with Bentley

We had a great class, as usual!!! Agility clinic is helping me improve my handling skills!! I thank Michele for opening up this class so we can improve our relationship in the ring.

- Gail, who enjoyed Agility Clinic with Katy and Taser

I've enjoyed each class and they have been informational and supportive. Every instructor has been helpful and easily approachable.

- Gretchen Wright, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and 2 with Layla

We had a great time and learned a lot.

- Sandra, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Hondo

This is a wonderful indoor facility especially in the hot, hot days of summer in Texas. The instructor Michele has an incredible eye for the underlying issues with dogs. Her style is more Victoria Stillwell than Cesar Millan; gentle, consistent, fun and balanced. Emphasis is placed on the dogs having fun with a good mix of traditional obedience behaviors and challenging tricks and agility type exercises. Michele is kind and supportive and adept at correcting/redirecting mischievous or undesirable behaviors. They also have the "best" dog food and toys in town. You don't have to sort through poor quality or dangerous toys or food to find something for your dog because everything they sell is a quality product (good prices too - I compare). I looked for elk antlers for weeks and found them here!

- Kathleen M., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Estelle

My dog Sully loves the Zoom Room. All I have to do is say 'want to go zoom?' and he runs for the door waiting to get in the car.

Michele and her staff are all excellent!

- Dale Smith, who enjoyed agility with Sully

We love our agility class at Zoom Room, we learn something knew every time and the exercise is great too.

- Gail, who enjoyed Agility Clinic with Katy and Taser

Great class!!! We love everybody at Zoom Room and enjoy every class we have taken with Laurel and Michele. If you want to have a great time with your dog visit Zoom Room and take a class!

- Gail D., who enjoyed agility 4 with Taser

We loved the classes and seeing Rusty gain more confidence with other dogs! Lindsay was gret and really seems to understand puppies and be able to read their behavior. She did a great job with the class and always gave very clear instructions. She was very easy going and put all puppies and owners at ease.
We have been driving all the way in from Drippings Springs and unfortunately need to find a place closer to home for long-term classes due to our work schedule. If it weren't for the distance we would definitely continue with Lindsay and puppy obedience. We hope to be able to come back in at least for some of the play sessions!

- Kathy deMello, who enjoyed Puppy preschool with Rusty

We had a great time taking obedience 1! Our dog, Tobi, runs to the Zoom Room front door eager to see Michelle and his doggie friends he has made in class. We are so excited to continue Tobi's education at Zoom Room. It has been a great bonding experience for us and Michelle is so knowledgeable, helpful and sweet.

- Amanda W., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Tobi

Would like to see the room set up such that the course could be run without having to pass immediately next to waiting dogs, as not all of them are well behaved or well-controlled by their owners.

- Cindy Gibson, who enjoyed Agility, puppy obedience with Lexi and Gypsy

I have been to several training courses in the Austin area and Zoom Room has provided the best environment, training tools and support staff. We drive nearly 30 minutes each week to attend and feel it is well deserved. The trainer has endless patience and effective ideas to help each dog. The best thing about Austin Zoom Room is their desire to adapt to individual needs. Love this facilty!!!

- Rachel F., who enjoyed Tricks 1

Fozz and Molli love the agility classes at Zoom
Room. They like the challenge and we love that the instructors are as entertained by our dogs' "work arounds" and their success.

- Shellee, who enjoyed Agility with Fozz & Molli

We have a delightful pet...when he is off leash! We love being outdoors and we wanted Louie as a part of this lifestyle. Getting into a park or walking in our neighborhood had become a source of frustration especially when there were other dogs. Michele has worked with us with the goal in mind of all of us being successful while on leash. It is work and we do get our homework. we turned a corner. We owe it to him to give him a good life. It is indeed work on our part. Today we became proud parents! Thank You Michele.

- Terri Kerr, who enjoyed Private sessions with Louie

The Zoom Room rocks! Every one of the staff are excellent and Sully loves going

- Dale Smith, who enjoyed Agility 4 & agility league with Sully

I have already recommended the Zoom Room. We have had a great time. Johnny Depp honestly seems proud and more confident.

- Sandra H., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Johnny Depp

Great class!! Michele always has new and exciting courses to work on your handling skills so you and your dog work as a team.

- Gail D., who enjoyed Agility 4 with Katy

it is wonderful! we took our first puppy there, ginger. zoom room was great, and she did very well. then we moved much further away. got another dog, newman, and went to an obedience class that was much closer to our newe house. terrible results. did the much longer drive back to zoom room and are thrilled with the results. LOVE zoom room!

- julie frederick, who enjoyed obedience 1 with newman and ginger

It been wonderful, I have taken any of my dogs for training before. She an excellent dog and help become a racer in weinner dog races, she place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

- Raymond Ramirez, who enjoyed agility, meetups with Lexie

Always a great experience at Zoom Room. We have fun and Barli really enjoys the activities as well as any chance to socialize with new people and dogs! I have recommended the Zoom Room to several new puppy owners since we first started going earlier this year.

- Jennifer Newbill, who enjoyed Puppy Agility with Barli

Another great class with Michele!! Katy loves her time at Zoom Room! Thanks for giving us a great place to learn about agility.

- Gail, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Katy and Taser

There are hundreds of (if not more) training facilities in Austin and we will never go anywhere else. Michele cares about the dogs and the people associated with those dogs. Dallas always makes a good "puppy friend" or two (Piggie being the most recent!) and she really, truly enjoys going to training. When we pull up to Zoom Room, Dallas can't get out of the car fast enough! She drags me inside and is SO excited to see Michele and the other dogs. We LOVE Zoom Room! We've referred many of our friends, as well as the Cocker Rescue Group :o) Good work! A++!

- Andrea M., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Dallas

Thoroughly enjoyable! No stress - just fun and bonding time with my dog and meeting others who feel the same.

- Cheryl W., who enjoyed Tricks 1

Couldn't be better

- Waggit's Daddy, who enjoyed agility 1 through 4 with Waggit

This was not the first time I ever took a dog to obedience school. (I can remember four previous sets of obedience classes I have taken different dogs to.) But the level of enthusiasm my dog had for his class is definitely not something I have seen previously.

- Lisa H., who enjoyed Obedience 1

My dogs had a lot of fun and Michelle is a great instructor.

- Linda H., who enjoyed Private Training

Baxter and I loved the Zoom Room puppy training! Lindsay is an excellent trainer (for both dog and parent). It took us longer to complete the course since the classes fill up fast and this particular couse is only offered once per week. Other than that, it was a great experience for both of us and we look forward to continuing Baxter's training in other Zoom Room classes.

- Lori Howley, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience with Baxter

Loved the class! Laurel is sweet and stays positive. Not only does she help teach pups but she teaches you as the pets handler. Always a blast and my Boston truly enjoys the classes. We both look forward to it every week.

- Leigh, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Othello

She's fabulous. Every other trainer I've had has made me feel so defeated. I leave knowing that my dog is a work in progress and that positive attitude lets me feel confident when working with him at home. Within the first week I already noticed changes. Just love her.

- Susan De Luca, who enjoyed Private training with Guinness

My baby (Coco) and I had a great time! She learned so much with Michelle, and so did I! The girls at Zoom Room are so friendly and nice to both humans and doggies!

- Jodi M., who enjoyed Puppy Preschool with Coco

Across the board, the instructors have been kind, patient, funny, positive, and encouraging. They have taught me well. With their help I have learned to help my dog manage his behavior, and be a good citizen. I have a Weimaraner, so this is no mean feat! Since he has been in training at Zoom Room, I can take him anywhere. He behaves beautifully. People compliment, "He is so calm." Little do they know what went into that!

- C Pierce-Davis, who enjoyed Obedience, Advanced Obedience, Agility, Rally Obedience with Duke

The dogs love the agility classes and leagues so much, there needs to be a continuing program so they can continue to improve, be challenged and burn energy. And it keeps the owners in shape, too!

- Richard K., who enjoyed Agility 3

Had a blast with my dog in Agility 1 class, it was awesome to be indoors in the summer heat while working with my dog. Facilities and equipment are top notch!

- Adam B., who enjoyed Agility 1

Piper and I have had a lot of fun learning the agility courses. Laurel has been a great instructor and is always kind and loving to Piper. Laurel has taught me how to use positive reinforcement to make Piper into a fun, obedient dog. I have recommended Zoom Room to many of my friends. Thank you Laurel!!

- Nancy Kainz, who enjoyed Agility 1,2,3 with Piper

This class provided a nice balance between instruction on basic puppy manners and free time for the puppies to run free and play together. Scout had so much fun, and I had a blast watching her socialize with new friends of all different breeds. Michelle is a fantastic instructor, and she provides many helpful hints for continuing the training at home. Another thing I love about the Zoom Room is that the facility is always clean and bright and welcoming to the dogs and their owners. I always highly recommend it!

- Patricia, who enjoyed Puppy preschool with Scout

Awesome. The courses are challenging, in relation to the small space--keeps my brain working!
Michelle is very accommodating, and her energy transfers to dog, as well as owner. This is true of Laura, too. Teddy loves them both.
I would take another class, I would recommend Zoom Room to friends, and you may give me as a testimonial!

- Michelle C., who enjoyed Agility 4 and Agility League with Teddy

Taser loves Zoom Room and is learning so much from Laurel in Agility 4!!

- Gail, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Taser

Jasper loves, absolutely loves going to the Zoom Room for his aglility and he is smitten with Michelle. He also enjoys meeting his dog friends every week and they have time to play a little after class.
Jasper, being as smart as he is, smarter than most humans, would be very sad if he did not have the Zoom Room to go an exercise his mind and his limbs.

- elisabeth horvath, who enjoyed agility4 with Jasper

I thought the class was great and we learned a lot! Michelle was very knowledgable and made it a fun experience for Minnie, myself and all the other dogs and their owners. Thank You!!

- Elna J., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Minnie

We are so glad to have found Zoom Room! Seriously the best dog training we've found in 15 years since we used Guy Yeaman at Lake Tahoe. I feel like anything we need (training for people and pup, scheduling and really good treats, toys & tools) is all at the Zoom Room. We look foreward for Zooming for years to come!

- Kris A, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Klaus

Our experience with zoom room has been great. The class sizes are manageable and having other dogs around has helped me learn how to keep my dog focused on me. The instructors are friendly and helpful. Caesar would say they definitely have the best treats!

- Ariel Brown, who enjoyed Agility 1 and 2 with Caesar

Shy Dog classs was really good for Chico. The class covered a variety of "work" that kept Chico interested. The instructor was knowledgable and patient. Not only was Chico more comfortable with other dogs and people; I am also more at ease when encountering situations where Chico may become nervous. We will be back!

- Rose Z., who enjoyed Shy Dog with Chico

Allie loves it and the instructors are so very gentle and loving to the dogs and patient with the humans too. You can really tell they know there stuff and love what they do!

- Lynn D., who enjoyed private obedience training and agility I, II, III and IV right now with Allie

Love it! Laurel is very knowledgable and patient with the dogs (and the owners!) It is a very positive experience for Mollie and me.

- Cynthia Everist, who enjoyed Agility with Mollie

I've loved my girls' and my time at Zoom Room. It's always positive and I learn interesting things that I wouldn't know on my own. For example, my Neelu was a bit reactive to larger dogs, and my natural tendency when another dog lunged toward her or if she growled back was to slightly jerk her to me. I learned that that compounds the negative attitudes she may have toward another dog. Instead now I always lure her with treats or call her in a happy voice. It seems to be working as she's way better these days! It's silly because it's obvious but it's those little things that we as guardians of our dogs do that really effect their behavior. Thankfully, the folks at the Zoom Room notice those little things and will help you modify your own behavior to directly modify your furball friends' behavior. And Laurel cracks me up. She has a unique personality that makes agility even more awesome than it already is. Michele always seems to have time to listen and give help you figure out how to be a more awesome dog parent, too. We had a great dog about finding dog food that comes from humanely-raised animals.

- Emma, who enjoyed Agility 1-3 with Luna and Neelu

I have been really impressed with Laural and the Zoom Room facility. My only problem has been scheduling on line. I don't use the system as it is not accurate. I have tried to schedule a class the same day and the web site scheduled a class a week out. So when I showed up that day I was not able to take a class. I have found that calling is the best way to schedule a class the same day.

- Keith Uhls, who enjoyed Private Class, Agility 4 with Addie


- Cecelia Burke, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Jake Pickle

My dog and I really enjoyed the Agility 1 class. Laurel possesses great enthusiasm, and I can tell that she wants your pup to succeed.

Stella and I enjoy it so much, we enrolled in the next class. Thanks for being so great. Not only is Michelle terrific, but Amber is, as well.

- Maria S., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Stella

LOVED working with Lindsay in the Obedience 1 Class. She was very patient with Stella, and showed easy to replicate training tips.

- Shelly J., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Stella


- Marcella Carrizo, who enjoyed agility 3 with kurlee

This was a fun and educational class. Jake looks forward to attending future classes at Zoom Room.

- Gayle S., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Jake

We had a great time! It's exactly what I was hoping for and Rruffins has really benefitted from the mental workout. We've already bought another class pass and signed up for more Agility 2 training.

- Kate McCarthy, who enjoyed Agility 1/2 with Rruffins

We really enjoyed the lessons and experience of the instructors.
They were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and respected our training preferences.

- Spartacus, who enjoyed Obidence Training with Einstein

We had a great time! The facility was nice, class size appropriate, and the instructor (Laurel) was awesome.

- Catherine L., who enjoyed Agility 1

Michele is very positive and teaches by showing. You never hear her say "that's not how to do it", rather she takes the time to show all the dog owners the right way. Our pup is learning a lot because of her.

- Joe Doyle, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience with Lexy Leg-o

Wonderful professional experience!

- Pam G, who enjoyed Agility with Murphy G

Zoom Room, Laurel, and Lindsay are nothing short of amazing. I came in as a completely new dog owner, knowing absolutely nothing about pet ownership or what it takes to train a very, very smart dog. Both Laurel and Lindsay made me feel incredibly comfortable, even after my first session, and continued to help me out with positive reinforcement (yeah, it works for humans too!) and get me and Moxy bonded and learning from each other right away.

Everyone comments on how well behaved Moxy is, and it's due to the incredible staff at Zoom Room. You can tell they really care, including taking the time to help me outside of class time by sending me relevant articles, giving me tips on good dental chews, and just being straight up awesome. I'm so happy I've taken Moxy there and will definitely continue to do so because I know how much she loves it. A+++.

- Cole Lakes, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and 2 with Moxy

We love the Zoom Room! Everyone there has been super friendly and helpful. They make Griswold feel special (and us too). Griswold has learned so much from the classes and loves to come and play and meet other dogs. We started bringing him to classes when he was 9 weeks old and it's been an invaluable tool in socializing him with other dogs and people. We just started doing puppy agility and can't wait to move up to the next class. We really look forward to learning more about urban herding because as a border collie/brittany spaniel mix he has already started herding us. I will definitely be taking other classes and I recommend it to my other pet parent friends all the time.

- Michele Evans, who enjoyed puppy preschool, puppy obedience, puppy agility and Valentine's Day Party with Griswold

This is a wonderful class for refining the communication between dog and human. Learning to do fun, silly things together, interacting at a more complex level and learning how to do so enhance the relationship while giving the dogs charming "tricks" to use with humans of all ages and in a variety of settings. Michele is just an amazing instructor; she helped me to teach my dog to do things that I never imagined she would be able to do. So really, in the final analysis, she taught the human the best "trick" of all - that with patience and persistence there isn't much that we can't learn together.

- K.M., who enjoyed Tricks 1

We love it! The instructors are great- super personal, very patient with us and our crazy dog (though she's a little less crazy now that we've taken class). I can ask questions about issues that arise outside of class and someone always has a great suggestion to try. I wish I weren't a student so I could afford to take her there all the time!

- Lindsay Hearn, who enjoyed Calm Down, Obedience 1, Obedience 2, Agility 1 with Lucy

We had a wonderful time in the class. My dog, Stella, is rather shy, but as soon as she got in her "spot" in class she was ready to go. I think she enjoyed the one-on-one attention she got from me during the class as well. At home it was hard for me to do any training as there is always a dog or 2 around that wants in on the action. At the Zoom Room, it was a great environment for her to learn.

The only thing I would have added to the class was maybe a little introduction to other classes the Zoom Room offers like Agility, Tricks, etc. I think we got a little of that from the Jeopardy game on the last day, but I think a lot of people were interested in learning more about those training areas.

- Christina M., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Stella

Laurel and michelle are wonderful. Skippy loves them both and has so much fun in class, he just graduated level 3 agility.

- Krystal Hunt, who enjoyed agility with SkippyJon

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Zoom Room with Michelle as my trainer. She was very knowledgeable and would show my handler the proper way to work with me ie., lease handling, treats, proper turns, etc. I loved meeting all the other dogs in the class because I've never been around other dogs. Turns out, there are some really nice dogs in this world - wish I could meet with them and have a play day.

- N. S., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Jake

Obtained the basic manners I was after

- Lawrence Graham, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Lulu

Laurel impressed with her ability to stay calm with our fearful, aggressive dog Clifford. She had him quiet and following her within minutes. She kept him focused and attentive.

- Yvonne, who enjoyed Private with Clifford

Max & I love coming here. He knows where he is going when I say "Zoom Room". It is such a safe, comfortable place with yummy treats & fun toys. What is not to like? We look forward to more learning experiences.

- Michelle E., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Max

Sully loves agility and the Zoom Room. Michele and her staff are amazing.

- Dale Smith, who enjoyed agility with Sully

I really liked the classes until they allowed 2 very aggressive dogs in the class. That should not be allowed. we go to class to learn not to worry about the dogs attacking our dog. One dog did go after Simon and the other dog went for Riley but luckily I was on guard so neither of my dogs were harmed. The manager got on to me for complaining and said they could not stop these dogs from taking class. Why not?! I don't know of any training facility but ZOOM ROOM that allows aggressive dogs in training classes. it is not fair to the good dogs to have that in class. I was at Austin Canine Central and a dog got aggressive and the owner immediately took her dog out.
So, other than that , I really liked my time at Zoom Room and like the indoors. it is quite small but they are not deterred. I would love to take more classes at Zoom Room, I want calm and a learning environment. the class sizes are good and the facility has all the equipment they need each class.

- Patty Johnson, who enjoyed Simon for Rally and Riley for Agility with Simon Johnson and Riley Johnson

Sully loves the Zoom Room. We go at least twice a week. He gets soooo excited when I say "want go to zoom?"

- Dale, who enjoyed agility 4/agility league with Sully

Great! We both love zoom room

- Jfantechi, who enjoyed Obedience 1&2 with Spaghetti

Katy always has a great time at Zoom Room!!

- Gail Delgado, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Katy

My dog and I both thoroughly enjoyed this class. It was a friendly, relaxed environment, and a great introduction to agility.

- Cynthia M., who enjoyed Agility 1

We love Austin's Zoom Room! The trainers know what they are doing and it is all done with love. No harsh words to the dogs.

- Marsha C, who enjoyed Obedience, agility, meet up with Izzy

I'm very impressed with the facility and the staff. Addie has picked up agility very quickly and we plan to continue to go to classes.

- Keith Uhls, who enjoyed Private class, Agility 1 and 2 with Addie

Great experience! Tug loved going there each week and made great improvement - actually calmed down over the course of the classes (which is saying a lot!)! Will definitely take more classes!

- Carol J., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Tug

I have 3 dogs in agility, on different days of the week, and I drive across town 20-30 minutes each way (some trips in heavy traffic). And it's totally worth it because I love the classes and Michelle. I love that the dogs not only allowed but encouraged to socialize and interact with each other. I've been to training facilities where they make you keep your dogs 10' apart AT ALL TIMES! Michelle is an excellent intructor with great patience and an obvious love of dogs. The rates are very reasonable and I will continue to take classes there and use the open gym.

- Sharon C., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Sasha, Phoenix and Cinnamon

Everything about the Austin Zoom Room is wonderful. I cannot say enough good things. Zoom Room has bee great for my dogs and better for me...and we are all still learning! I don't want to stop...

- Helen Hall, who enjoyed Obedience, agility and agility league with Pirate and Cami

It's met my expectations.

- Ted Wolf, who enjoyed Puppy Kindergarden and Puppy Agility with Tess

We have brought our dog, Madison, to Zoom Room for a couple of months now. Obedience 1 was very helpful and once we graduated, we immediately decided to continue with Obedience 2. The class is a great way to mix the skills learned in Obedience 1 with fun games that challenge each dog. We really enjoy Zoom Room and Michelle is fantastic!

- Wade Y., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Madison

Excellent class, very good interaction with the dogs and humans

- John Zeiner, who enjoyed Agility with Sheba Zeiner

Wow what a blast!! I tell so many people about it and how much fun it is for me and Addie.

- Keith Uhls, who enjoyed Private class, Agility 1 and 2 with Addie

I feel like I have learned some very good basic info for training and that has been enormously helpful. Both of the instructors have been patient even though I am the one that feels like a complete dork and uncoordinated trying to master sequence of the command, click, treat in that order!

- Lynne Wiesman, who enjoyed Basic Obedience with Pepper

We love the Zoom Room! After every class, we walk away having made improvements and learned a lot. Doing the agility and obedience has totally changed our relationship with our pup, and we love her more than ever!

- KS, who enjoyed Agility, obedience, meet ups with Roxy

This class was more about us learning to calm down than it was about our dog. They've changed our minds about discipline and training, that it's more about our proactive positive response and reward and understanding why he does certain things, not our negative knee-jerk reactions to what we once believed to be bad behavior.

- Gary Walker, who enjoyed CALM DOWN I with Gryffyn

Thanks, Michelle for another great class! I like that you are now offering shorter classes for more focused training and plan to take one.

- Jennifer G., who enjoyed Agility 2

Michelle has been the abosolute BEST instructor we have ever had! And that's counting back with all of our dogs!!! Thank you so much! You have a great approach with the dogs, and their owners. It was me that needed some of the extra tips to work w/ Mirka and her pulling, or her not wanting to come in the house and giving me a mini attitude! Thank you so much! We are hopeful to be back again!!!

- Laura R., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Mirka

We had such a great time! Maybell loves the equipment and loves Michelle. She's a wonderful trainer and it was a great experience. We're going to sign up for more classes soon!

- Celia Holm, who enjoyed private agility with Maybell

My dogs and I really have a lot of fun and enjoy going to classes every week. Michelle and Laurel are so good in what they do that it makes us look foward going to classes

- Bob Vehon, who enjoyed Agility and tricks with Kelsie and Cody

I signed up last summer at my vet's recommendation; my dog is small (Pomeranian) and was starting to put on weight. She's already obedient and very social, so we jumped right into the Agility 1 classes and had such a great time! We took a break over the fall but my dog missed the socialization and agility keeps her brain working as well as her body. Also love the small dog playgroups! Laurel is very knowledgeable and, while I have spent a lot of time learning and training on my own, I was surprised to pick up a few new tricks and her advice has been spot on. When we're at home getting ready for class, I only have to say "Zoom Room" and Lulu heads for the door!

- Kelly Love Johnson, who enjoyed Agility 1 and Tricks class with Lulu

I love Zoom Room! Michele is a great teacher & she has tasty treats too. I am now taking my second class, Agility Training 2 with most of my friends from Agility 1 so it's lots of fun. I've learned a lot, but the socialization with the other dogs is the best.

- T.K., who enjoyed Agility 1

We love it here. My dog can't get enough. Every time we're finished with class he doesn't want to go home.

- Idahlia R., who enjoyed Agility 3

We have had a great time with Zoom Room. I love that the focus is on the relationship between me and my furry companion. I like the positive atmosphere, positive training, and the care and concern the staff show about our companions. I have had a great deal of fun working with my pup and feel like Zoom Room is a happy resource for us, hopefully for the rest of his life. Thanks, Zoom Room Austin.

- Rebecca C, who enjoyed Multiple: puppy class, puppy obedience, puppy agility, obedience 2, tricks, started urban herding with Atticus

I started taking Atility-2 at the Zoom Room for something fun to do with "Marisa" this summer. She enjoyed her class and the time I spent with her so much that we continued on to Agility-3. She just loves "playing" on all the equipment. I like that we are in an air conditioned room. Laurel is a really good instructor. She is informative, yet not over-demanding which makes the class fun for me too. I have no interest in competing and Laurel does not push anyone in that direction who does not want to go there. But honestly, if Marissa wasn't having a good time, I wouldn't be here. I love to see her mind and body work through the obstacle courses and the enjoyment that she gets while doing it. Agility at the Zoom Room has been a wonderful experience for both of us.

- Marilyn Iskra, who enjoyed Agility-3 with Marissa

My Dog Sully loves the Zoom Room! We go twice a week and a soon as I say want to go zoom he runs to the back door and waits to get in the car.

Michelle & Laurel are excellent as is all of their staff. They love dogs and they really know their stuff!

- Dale Smith, who enjoyed agility class and agility league with Sully

Katie got such a good experience out of this class! While she had some basic training, we had also fallen into some bad habits that Laurel helped us break, and it has also been a great socialization environment for my normally people-only dog. She gets exercise, we get practice at being good owners, it's a win all around. We're starting another class next week!

- J. A., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Katie

My dog did very well and was so excited every time we pulled up in front of Zoom Room. Jimmy enjoyed himself so much and overcame his Westie contrariness to become a more civilized dog (most of the time)!

- Sandra H., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Jimmy Chew

We love the classes, and the instructors, and all the folks that work at Zoom Room Austin! The classes are challenging for both Zoe and I. I appreciate that the classes are offered at a wide variety of times so we can almost always attend each week no matter how busy our schedule is. Oh, and the shop has a great selection of cool goodies too. Don't change a thing!

- Morgan L., who enjoyed Agility one two and three with Zoe

We have gone from agility 1 to agility 4. Amazing how fast we have been trained and the wonderful fun it's been. Thank you Zoom Room.

- Nancy G, who enjoyed Agility with Annabelle

We looooove the Zoom Room. "We" being me, my boyfriend, and - obviously - our dog, Murphy Brown. We finished the Obedience 1 class a few weeks ago and tonight started agility training. We've had so, so much fun in these classes. Michele the owner/dog trainer is great. Awesome with the dogs and just as friendly with the people. She really gives each dog and owner individual attention/praise/specific tips. You can tell she really cares about the dogs and the best way to go about training them. As an example, we signed up for one of the agility classes and a few days later Michele contacted us suggesting we switch to another night to a class with dogs that were more similar in temperament and training ability to Murphy, so he can stay challenged and we get the most out of our classes. It just really showed me that it's more to her than just getting people and money into her classes, and that she cares about Murph and his training. I just really cannot say enough good things about Zoom Room. It is so fun, rewarding, and entertaining to see your dogs and the other dogs learn, mature and have fun! I leave each class with a huge, happy "proud mom" grin on my face and a worn out, happy, happy dog!

- Mary C., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Murphy Brown

LOVE IT. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. Have been coming to zoom room Austin for 8months now - since my pup was vaccinated - did I mention LOVE IT. As grown ups we don't have time to play so we forget to, then what was fun isn't fun anymore, so we don't know how to play. Agility with my dogs and son - I AM BACK TO PLAY!

- Katy, who enjoyed agility 4 with Hermione Granger

We absolutely LOVE Zoom Room, we have been going to Zoom Room for over a year now weekly and I couldn't imagine not going every week. Colt loves it and it is so much fun but at the same time very productive. We probably won't ever compete professionally but we love learning agility and practicing and getting her focused. She started with Agility 1 and we've been doing private rentals every week and we went straight into Agility 3 with private training and it helped us immensely with transitioning and getting speed and distance training. We love Zoom Room and the ladies that work there. Colt is currently sleeping off her agility from last night - very happy pooch!

- Caroline B., who enjoyed Private Training with Colt

Awesome Indoor Facility! We are about to finish our first round of classes at Zoom Room. It is such a fun place and I would highly recommend it. There is the perfect combination of working on training and patience, they get great exercise (so does the handler) and the dogs get to socialize afterward. We will absolutely be signing up for more classes.....worth every penny!

Lindsay is great. She paces Atticus well and helps me learn how to work best with my wild boy.

- Rebecca Calhoun, who enjoyed Obedience, puppy preschool, puppy agility, parties, dog meet ups, individual training with Atticus

We enjoyed the experience very much. Not only did the dogs gain a new skill my husband and I did as well. Michelle was an excellent instructor.

- Lynn M., who enjoyed Agility 1

Cornchips and I love the Zoom Room! We are now in level 3 Agility training and Cornchips still gets excited every time I mention Zoom Room. When we pull up to the builiding she can hardly contain her enthusiasm. She loves training here and loves both Michele and Laurel the instructor. Zoom Room is a clean and friendly environment and I love spending time there interacting with my pooch. Our relationship deepens with every visit.

- Mark Doroba, who enjoyed Agility 1, Agility 2, Agility 3 with Rita Cornchips Doroba

love the class. the instructor makes it fun and has lots of different exercises in each class.
I have put titles in obedience, rally and agility on other goldens. and hope to do the same with zephyr. He needs lots of work in leash walking and calming down around other dogs--has lots of drive and talent

- A ROBINSON, who enjoyed obedience 2 with ZEPHYR

My dog and I really enjoy the agility classes, and Laurel is fun, knowledgeable and helpful. My only complaint would be the number of dogs in one class. One class had seven dogs and we couldn't get far enough away from other dogs to avoid a "border skirmish."

- patty, who enjoyed agility 1 and 2 with finnegan

My daughter and her toy poodle took this class together. It was great for both of them! He got a lot stimulation, and she got practice interacting with adults and being assertive. She tells me it is her favorite thing about summer so far! We will definitely sign up for more classes as her schedule allows.

- Lili C., who enjoyed Agility 1

Amazing! We love the Zoom Room!

- Katie S, who enjoyed Agility, obedience, meet ups with Roxy

I really enjoyed learning with Michelle! My dog and I had a wonderful experience learning something new, and if I want to continue his education in agility, I feel like Zoom Room is a place I could do that!

- Andrea C., who enjoyed Agility 1

I was looking for a new, special activity to do with my high energy plott hound and my extremely high energy catahoula... and the Zoom Room is the perfect fit. My girls are honing their listening skills and commands, and learning new ones. And I'm learning to be a better handler and communicator. Laurel is a very knowledgeable and helpful instructor, who also injects a lot of fun into the classes!

- Kimberly Theel, who enjoyed Agility 1 & 2 with Lexie, Obedience 1 with Sophie with Lexie and Sophie

It was great! I learned some new techniques to help Betty focus. The class was small enough so that we could get individualized attention to our dog's triggers and recommendations to deal with them.

- Susan K, who enjoyed Calm Down with Atomic Betty

Great trainers who help with positive reinforcement for the basics. Winnie has a great time in class and is exhausted afterwards!

- Holly Deshields, who enjoyed Puppy training 1 & 2 with Winnie

Starr & I enjoyed the class very much and plan to sign up for other classes. Excellent job!

- T.D.S., who enjoyed Scent Discrimination with Starr

Otto and I had a great time in class. Michelle was always a pleasure and conducted a well rounded class, very helpful and knowledgable. We are sad to graduate from that class but excited to start agility and social hours! Thanks so much for the great puppy socialization. I would highly recommend this class to new puppy owners as it provides a safe fun environment to help you on your way to a well balanced dog.

- Kirsten, who enjoyed Puppy preschool with Otto

All of the Zoom Room staff are wonderful. You can tell they love dogs and they're so good with them. Lindsay is a fabulous trainer, very upbeat and enthusiastic and Cricket adores her. She has so many different ideas for getting the best out of each dog in the classes. Lindsay and Michelle have both given us great suggestions for continued work at home and are always available to answer questions before and after class.

- Lyn Rios, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience, Obedience 2, Puppy Agility with Cricket

We stopped in last night for Open Gym and had a great time! Michele welcomed us and the puppies with a smile. She gave us lots of personal attention. They have a large A-frame, a "dog plank," a tube, a hoop, an adjustable hurdle, teeter-totter, and more. As much fun as our boys had goofing off in Open Gym, I get the impression this a pretty serious training facility - for basic training, special needs, agility, tricks, etc. Dog parks are fun - but it's friggin hot outside. Totally worth the $10.

- Walker F., who enjoyed Open Gym

Laurel is great and is full of good advice. We didn't know where to start when we adopted Cody, but Zoom Room has been the best way to get him used to being near other dogs and being focused on us when he needs to be. Our Groupon is all used up now, but we intend to go back for Obedience 2 or one of the other classes.

- Anna Crockett, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Cody

Dallas always enjoys Zoom Room! Dallas has "leave it" down to a "T"!!!! I can't believe it! She's never left a piece of food on the floor in her LIFE! I can say "leave it" now and she walks right over to me! I am shocked! How did that happen!? I remember working on it during class, I guess it's that positive reinforcement that did it! YAY! Thank you, Michele!

- Andrea M., who enjoyed Therapy Dog with Dallas

The instructors are very positive and great with all types of dogs. We are so happy with our experience at Zoom Room! Can't wait to continue taking classes!

- Natalie Golaszewski, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience 1 with Wellington

Cody has always been an anxious dog, but the Agility classes he's taken have given him self-confidence and a great deal of enjoyment. He loves the classes, the obstacles, the people, and most of the dogs. And Michele is great. She offers clear instruction and is patient with both dogs and people.

- Jeanne M., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Cody

The class was very fun! My dog had a great time and it was pretty fun for me, too. The instructor was really friendly and patient with our beginning doggies. I'd highly recommend!

- Sara H., who enjoyed Agility 1

I really love the Zoom Room and Puffy loves it too! She is a happier, better behaved dog and Michelle is great!

- Kari W., who enjoyed Agility 3 with Puffy

Fun Agility Classes! My dog is currently taking Agility 1 at Zoom Room. He loves it! Lots of attention given to each dog. Michele is great she is very positive, and the dogs and the people have a great time. It's so fun to see my dog Quincy having such a good time in school. He' s already learned so much in just a few classes. I cannot wait for him to take Agility 2! Very clean modern facility that also sells top notch products. Highly recommended!

Laurel is the best instructer ever! Sophie was an out of control stray when I first adopted her from the Town
Lake shelter in Austin,now she is a happy and fun companion dog! I highly recommend bringing your dog to any of the Austin Zoom Room classes or events.

- Kathy, who enjoyed Agility and meet ups with Sophie

The trainers are super patient with my big stubborn can't stay focused puppy. We will continue to grow

- Tracy King, who enjoyed Obedience 1 7 times with Peyton the stubborn Pry

My dog had a wonderful time! He really seems to enjoy the challenges and so we'll definitely continue classes. I am enjoying watching him learn too!

- Helen Ingham, who enjoyed Agility 1 and Agility 2 with Kaji

Love, love, love Zoom Room Austin and Michelle, Amber and Laurel. Have 3 dogs and will continue taking classes and recommending it to my friends.

- Sharon C., who enjoyed Agility 3

Both my dogs look forward to going to the Zoom Room. It's entertaining, educational and you can see them think when learning new tricks. The saying is WRONG about not able to teach an old dog new tricks! Sir Joshua is 8 and looks forward finding new tricks he'll be showing off with in the coming week .
The Zoom Room is a place that challenges the dogs. They look so forward getting in the car and going there and are exhausted riding home.

- Dotty Reynolds, who enjoyed Trick class with Sir Joshua and Maggie May

Great facility and instructors.

- Keith Uhls, who enjoyed Agility Clinic/Open Gym/ Private Lesson-scent and agility with Addie

What a fantastic place! Estelle has completed Obedience 1 and we are now doing Agility. The facility is beautiful, the equipment is top notch, and the instructor, Michele, is magic with dogs. She can and does handle anything that comes up with finesse and grace. She helps the owners and the dogs to be successful. They have a small store in the lobby which is unique in that they only sell the very best products available at excellent prices. I've tried other places but this is the BEST.

- Kathleen M., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Estelle

It was great! Both Suri and I loved going to the Zoom Room. We are on a break right now but will be back for sure!

- Nancy House, who enjoyed obidence, Agility 1, Agility 2 with Suri

It was great! Laurel is very knowledgeable and tailors her instructions to the capabilities of the dog and owner. I have a very distractable boxer and Laurel completely understood her limits as well as potential.

- Kathleen Choe, who enjoyed Urban herding with Sadie

Michele is an incredibly knowledgable, patient, kind and present trainer. Amber was helpful and delightfully enthusiastic. This was a fantastic experience!

- Amy L., who enjoyed Obedience 2

Always positive atmosphere. Thoroughly enjoy it.

- Maureen Slabaugh, who enjoyed Laurel's agility 2 with Ellse

We love the zoom room and it's instructors! The classes are always interesting and informative, and our puppy always seems like he is having fun! The instructors are patient and know every dog by name! They truly care about the dogs and teaching both dog and owner! Couldn't ask for a better place. Worth every penny!

- Michelle Hanlon, who enjoyed Puppy I and puppy agility with Elwood

This is a wonderful place to share your time with your dogs. Cody and Kelsie are always happy to be there and are loved on by Laural and Michele almost as much as me. Maybe?
great atmosphere!

- Robert H.Vehon, who enjoyed Privat calss and gym with Cody and Kelsie

Laurel is very helpful. My dog is really challenging as he likes to herd me when we are jumping. I also am fully aware that I confuse him. Laurel is both patient and supportive about this.

- Kare Batory, who enjoyed agility 3 and private lessons with Chief Tiberious

I really enjoyed taking the obedience class with my dog. Ann learned many new skills and it was a great bonding time for us. I would gladly recommend the Zoom Room to others!

- Tracy, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Ann Perkins

Love the Zoom Room and Michelle! Great facility, students (humans and dogs) are happy to be there and I feel that it is a good use of my money. Keep up the great work.

- Jennifer G., who enjoyed Agility 2

Great! Both instructors, although very different in personalities, were very friendly and really know their stuff! Judy has really come a long way since she first stepped foot in Zoom Room. She'll always be a fully energetic, rowdy pup, but she is so much easier to handle and control. So glad I took the classes!

- Jenn Lindeman, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and Puppy 2 and private training with Judy

Very positive experience. Laurel and Michelle are both very friendly and know their "dog stuff."

- Cynthia Everist, who enjoyed obedience with Mollie

Training has helped Clifford tremendously. He is a fearful/reactive dog. Laurel approached him in a calm and welcoming way. He went from day one of barking at passerbys outside the building to becoming a calm dog. He now walks into the training room greeting Laurel by following her and waiting for her instructions. Laurel has gvien Clifford the confidence he needs to start feeling comfortable around people. All in all, the experience for Clifford has been positive and constructive.

- Yvonne, who enjoyed Private training with Clifford

Clifford continues to make progress overcoming his fear of people. Laurel's approach toward him is careful and positive. Clifford now walks into the zoom room ready to learn. It's confidence building for him and me.

- Yvonne, who enjoyed Private session with Clifford

Lindsay is an excellent dog trainer and we have learned quite a number of new techniques to help us calm our relatively new 1.5 year old female Australian Shepherd in stressful situations. She is inherently an anxious dog, and still has some lingering issues with leash reactivity even after the class. However, her improvement is marked and we have learned from Lindsay how to work with her on our own to continue her improvement. Lindsay made the Calm Down class a lot of fun, and one can easily tell that she thoroughly loves dogs and training them. The Calm Down class was a wonderful opportunity for us to begin bonding with our new pup! My wife and I think very highly of Lindsay and look forward to continuing Cassiopeia's training at Zoom Room in the near future with some Agility classes that Lindsay teaches. Thanks Zoom Room and Lindsay! The Calm Down class was $175 well spent!

- Taylor Chonis, who enjoyed Calm Down with Cassiopeia

I've really enjoyed learning how to communicate with Boomer to do necessary things, like control him in public, and fun things, like agility. We always look forward to our next class!

- Alexandra V, who enjoyed Obedience 1, Agility 1+2 with Boomer

Excellent - we (the dogs, the kids and I) are loving it.
As for recommending it, I have already. In Austin, there are plenty of dog training places, but most of them are actually outside of Austin, so if you live in the city - there are few options - Zoom Room is an awesome addition to THE CITY.

- Katy, who enjoyed puppy agil, agil 1,2,3, obedience 1,2 with David and Hermione

We love zoom room. The teachers are all great and we have so much fun going to dog school.

- Deborah Ellison, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Posie

My experience is always positive. My dog loves Michele and has learned a lot from her training

- Tricia H, who enjoyed Private training with Koda

Our dog Savi loves coming to Zoom Room. She is excited from the minute we step in the front door to the minute we leave. Sometimes we have to drag her away! The commands and advice we have gained is invaluable and we are well on our way to having a more obedient, happy (and tired) dog.

- Vicki, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience 1, Obedience 2 with Savi

My dog, Sully, loves the Zoom Room. We go to class often and we compete in the agility league. All I have to do is say Zoom Room and Sully goes running for the door! The staff at Zoom Room are all excellent and their love for dogs is obvious!

- Dale, who enjoyed agility & agility league with Sully

I love everything about the zoom room all the instructors that worked with me and coach were great! We learned so much and had so much fun.

- Amanda Lewis, who enjoyed obedience 1 and 2 agility 1 and 2 with Coach

We look forward to Agility 2. Sir Joshua is 7 and had such a wonderful time using his mind and learning new things. Just to learn how to Tunnel, Dog Walk, Weave, A Frame and jump was an experience for him. We have a long way to go but you can teach an old dog new tricks! Laurel is a wonderful trainer and has been so patient with all the dogs in our class. Sir Joshua gets so excited we get in the car to go to class! Thank you!

- Dotty R., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Sir Joshua

I love our trainer Laurel. She is great and has a lot of patience. Peeno Rue is doing great and really enjoys agility. Sometimes he is a little anxious, but does very well. I hope that one day there will be a Zoom Room closer to our home in Driftwood Texas. We will continue to go into Austin because it is a great environment with great Trainers.

- Rosie Blodgett, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Peeno Rue

Both Michele and Laurel have been great and very knowledgeable. Jack enjoys the classes and meeting all of the other puppies. My wife and I learn something every time we attend.

- Eric Gossling, who enjoyed Puppy Pre-school and Puppy Obedient 1 with Jack

Laurel was absolutely fantastic! She was so patient - even when our energetic dog was the perfect example of what NOT to do. We truly believe Savannah benefited from the class and we hope to enroll her in another in the future. We also loved the encouraging environment, especially since our dog was such high energy. We loved our Zoom Room experience and will continue to recommend it!

- Brittany H., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Savannah

I have loved the three Agility classes we have taken. Joe & I both learned so much! The classes are well-organized and fun and the facility is clean and bright. Michele is a wonderful, knowledgeable instructor - very clear in her instructions and very patient.

- Sally G., who enjoyed Agility 3 with Joe

I am a first time dog owner and I adopted a 4yr old Manchester Terrier Mix (27 lbs) from the shelter. He is a pistol. They have helped me to be a better dog owner and helped me to use up his boundless energy. They always are so supportive and welcoming. It is a great place to just hang out, to get quality training for my dog and for Jake Pickle to make lots of new friends. It is just simply a wonderful place.

- Cecelia Burke, who enjoyed agility 1, 2, 3, 4; birthday party - Jake's and others with Jake Pickle

Michelle is a great instructor. We see the benefits of having been part of this experience.

- Jenny L., who enjoyed Agility 1

Thunder and I love every minute we have spent at Zoom Room. Lindsey is great and so helpful when I'm having trouble or getting frustrated. Thunder is a pit bull, so many people immediately shy away from her without getting to know her. I love that Lindsey and all the instructors at the Zoom Room never treat Thunder Paws differently and it allows other people to see what a loving and fun breed she really is.

- Kathryn Mattison, who enjoyed Obedience, rally-o, tricks, agility with Thunder Paws

Very friendly instructors and staff. Fievel has had a wonderful time playing and we appreciate the additional advice and instructions on how to properly train him.

- Sarah, who enjoyed Puppy preschool and puppy obedience with Fievel

We made it through all four levels of Agility and are now taking private lessons. Then we hope to join the Agility League at the Zoom Room. Agility is a great experience for both me and The Pickle. He is much better behaved, more focused and he loves the exercise. He is really athletic and good at Agility, but I was the one that really needed the training. He also loves the staff and ALL the other dogs. We will be having his birthday party at the Zoom Room again this year. It has become like a home away from home.

- Cecelia Burke, who enjoyed agility with Jake Pickle Burke

All the classes we've attended have been great. The trainers are fun and positive. I like having a place that helped us get training and socialization on the right track from the beginning. The trainers also helped me relax by letting me know my puppy was just being a puppy and not to worry that she wasn't learning on MY schedule.

- Sona N, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool, Puppy Obedience with Wrigley

Allie loves it and comes home so very tired!

- Lynn D, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Allie

I just love this place almost as much as my dog does. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to challenge their dog. It's very rewarding for my dog.

- Idahlia R., who enjoyed Agility 1

Everyone at Zoom Room is really friendly and obviously dog lovers. Michelle, the owner, has taught my dog private lessons for over a year now, and she is always happy, helpful, and genuinely cares about my dog and her progress.

- lauren r, who enjoyed private classes with neko

The instructors at the Zoom Room are excellent, and especially helpful with fearful dogs. I am now enrolled in Rally-Obedience classes and they look very interesting. Also it is great to go to class in a clean, air conditioned space.

- J. Nassour, who enjoyed Obedience 1,2, Rally-O with Peaches

I have a puppy that's currently attending the Zoom Room's puppy socialization class. Michele is an awesome dog trainer, who loves my puppy & has helped her start the process of becoming a great canine citizen. During puppy socialization classes, we work on basic behaviors. Michele is training me & my partner as much as our puppy! The puppy also loves playing in the exercise area & we love taking home a tired puppy. Michele is a good source of information on food, shopping for pet supplies and dog sitters/kennels.

- A.L., who enjoyed Puppy Preschool

Always a fun time with my dog whenever we go to Zoom Room.

- Cheryl, who enjoyed Urban Herding with Rebel

Great class, wonderful instructor. It was definitely a lifesaver for me & my puppy! I found Michelle's techniques to be so much more effective than all of the puppy books. I also felt Michelle put in the appropriate individual time with my puppy to make sure he "got" the command/skill. Lastly, I can't tell you how much my puppy loved the class. If I need to get him in the car, all I have to say is "Zoom Room"!

- Mona P., who enjoyed Obedience 1

Our puppy Jack has had a great time so far in all his classes at Zoom Room. He's learned a lot and met a lot of great dogs, all in the safety of a clean, controlled environment. We'll definitely be back for more as he goes through adolescence!

- Kate, who enjoyed Puppy preschool, puppy obedience, puppy agility with Jack

Taser loves his time at Zoom Room!!

- Gail, who enjoyed Agility league with Taser

We loved Agility class! I have a high energy one-year-old pup and was amazed at how well she took to the obstacles and positive training. I was nervous about out final "course" run because she always runs away from me. She clearly knew what was expected and had a clean run. I am so impressed - our instructor was fabulous!

- Mary Ann L., who enjoyed Intro to Agility

This class was much more helpful than I expected it to be. We really enjoyed it and learned alot.

- Loretta H., who enjoyed Shy Dog

We love agility, I do it with Hermione and my 8 year old son does it with David - we've been coming for over a year - need I say more. Loads of fun for you and your dog.

- Katy O'Brien, who enjoyed Agility 3 and 4 with Hermione Granger and David

Daisy is a shelter pup and had low self confidence when I got her 8 mos. ago. Agility has really helped her gain her confidence. and it has been great bonding for us as well. Laurel is a very patient and loving trainer. She has taught me ways to handle my high energy lil girl. Daisy now cant wait to go to Zoom Room. We will continue with her agility and i would like to do some other classes as time permits too.

- Dawn McDaniel, who enjoyed agility 1 and 2 so far with Daisy McDaniel

Great as usual!! We love Zoom Room and every class we take there, Michele is excellent!!

- Gail, who enjoyed Agility Clinic with Katy and Taser

Overall it's been a really positive experience. Puppy preschool is mainly about playtime, which is really important. We've only attended one of the puppy 2 classes, and it would be nice if there was at least a little playtime either during or before those lessons. Also, perhaps a general agenda of what topics are likely to be covered that day would be helpful.
We might check out puppy agility next!
And we've already had another puppy from Max's litter join a class too, so that was neat.

- Ashley (and Zack) Steele, who enjoyed Puppy Class 1 and 2 with Max

Michelle is a great trainer. I love Zoom Room Austin and all the staff. Such a great experience for Maggie (my chocolate lab) and myself! I have trained and been to many places in and around Austin, and this is definitely my favorite spot! I will continue to keep going and highly recommend Zoom Room Austin and Michelle.

- Sharon D., who enjoyed Agility 3 with Maggie

Loved the class, Zoe and I really had a blast with Michelle. I look forward to more classes!

- Susan W., who enjoyed Urban herding with Zoe

We love Michelle and love the ZoomRoom! They have great meet ups and classes. We would highly recommend joining.

- Kirsten, who enjoyed Puppy agility with Otto

Very positive! We have taken our dog, Barli, to many classes and meet up's at the Zoom Room including Small breed meet up, obedience and agility courses. I have personally recommended the Zoom Room to many people and will continue to do so. The staff is personable as well as knowledgeable. The location is clean and well maintained. I feel the environment is one where my dog can be socialized but also be safe.

- Jennifer N., who enjoyed Meet Ups and Agility with Barli

Dude and I love agility class! Laurel's energy really keeps us going. She really cares about the dogs and makes it fun.

- Michelle V., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Dude

Extremely pleased with all aspects. Fabulous facility and excellent instructor. Not a negative thing to report. I've recommended to many friends and also to my rescue adopters. So glad it's in Austin! Will take future classes.

- Sheila S., who enjoyed Obedience 1

Posey and I drive about 50 miles one way to attend the classes at Zoom Room, and we both absolutely love it. Posey had not had any training before we started and she has learned so much from Laurel and the other girls. We love Zoom Room and hope to continue going for a long time!

- Deborah Ellsion, who enjoyed Agility 1 and Agility 2 with Posie Rose

Michele is AWESOME! Myou is signing up for Agility 3

- Anne D., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Myou

Shy Dog Class was wonderful and helped our dog so much. What really sold us on taking the class was how quickly our very shy dog warmed up to Michele - she clearly knew how best to interact with him to bring him out - and he pretty immediately fell in love with her. Even being in a class with others, Michele made us feel like we were getting one-on-one training. The class was fun, our dog was successful, and he is warming up to strangers much, much (much, much) faster than before. Our dog loves going to Zoom Room so much that we will be signing up for Agility next! Thank you!!

- Abigail M., who enjoyed Shy Dog

We love this place! The instructors are professional, informative and make it fun for the dogs and the humans.

- Buffy Currens, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool; Puppy Agility; private obedience; private agility with Deets

Very positive! We have noticed much better communication with our dog, and we are very impressed with his progress! Lindsay gave us some great practical tips!

- Kaitlin K., who enjoyed Obedience 1 and 2 with Dexter

I've been coming to Zoom Room for over a year with my older dog Izzy and she loves her agility privates with Michele. The classes have helped her develop confidence and increased her overall responsiveness to commands. I now also take my puppy Eli to Puppy Preschool and am very pleased with the class. The combination of instruction and playtime is perfect for helping him develop better social skills. So glad to have found such a great facility with wonderful, friendly instructors!

- Jamie M., who enjoyed Privates, Puppy Preschool with Izzy and Eli

Neko and I have been going to Zoom Room for about two years, and I only have great things to say about their training, management style, and trainers, and owner, Michelle. Neko and I have worked with Michelle throughout and she's always been accommodating, patient (my dog barks a lot) and honest (she recommended it would be cheaper to do league than continue lessons because Neko had pretty much flown through the levels). I chose to continue working with her, but it really showed how she's about what's best for her clients/animal ones too, and not all about making a buck.

- Lauren Reichman, who enjoyed private agility with Neko

The Zoom Room experience has been a great way to build even more of a bond with my Francesca. She loooves going to class and I really enjoy it too.

- Heather N., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Francesca

Classes are not too big and Laurel Carvell spends time with each owner. Asking if anyone question or any problems they would like to work on. She gives suggestions and hints to achieve better results.
"Set them up for success" is her phrase.

- Cecilia Ramirez, who enjoyed Basic Manners and Obidence 2 with Lexie

My heart is brimming with joy! After 4 private sessions, my Khalee graduated from agility 1. She can now do weaves, dog walks, A-frames, teeters, etc., and she picked it up quickly thanks to Laurel. It was her first day in agility 2 today, in a group setting and she did well! There is a really good energy there, and you can tell they really love dogs, and dogs really love them! The moment my dog sees the front door she knows she's in for a treat. Also, everything is indoors. In this 105 degree heat we sure appreciate that!

- Elizabeth H., who enjoyed Private Training with Khalee

awesome, lots of fun

- Karen Miller, who enjoyed Agililty 1,2,3 with Minna


- Marilyn Iskra, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Marissa

Michele Mendoza is AWESOME! She was Ace's instructor for Agility 1, Agility 2 and Obedience 2. Ace passed his Canine Good Citizen test today :) Ace is a rescue that I adopted from Austin Boxer Rescue last December. He has learned SO much from these great classes. Ace and I are both 100% pleased with our experience at Zoom Room Austin!

- Mary S., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Ace

We had a great time and Dean learned a lot, Dean will take so much from these classes. Now I think it's time for him to rest and pick up with what training he's had before we can continue with more classes. Thank you so much Ira for all that you have done for Dean and me.


- Carlos Martinez, who enjoyed puppy classes with Dean

Mollie and I have been in several of Laurel's classes and private sessions, and she is just the best! Very knowledgeable, personable, great sense of humor. What's not to like!!

- Cynthia Everist, who enjoyed private with Mollie

Calm Down! has been very helpful in redirecting our young dog's exuberance into more acceptable behaviors. Lindsay is amazing at troubleshooting and her observations and insights about what is actually happening with Klaus have made a huge difference. This class has truly helped us humans as much as the dog, and I trust Lindsay's and the Zoom Room's training processes completely.

- Kris, who enjoyed Calm Down! with Klaus

Katy and Taser love their time at Zoom Room!! Michele and Laurel make every class fun and challenging so we learn something new each week while having a great time.

- Gail D., who enjoyed Agility 4 with Katy and Taser

Very positive. Bear has been progressing nicely. He's getting ready to start Agility 4.
I think he has a lot of raw talent. Laurel is supportive and candid with her training and I also find her sense of humor quite enjoyable.

- Jane Hayman, who enjoyed Agility 2 and 3 with Little Bear

This has been so much fun for both of us. Johnny feels very proud of himself and seems to be much more obedient at home.

- Sandra H., who enjoyed Agility 3 with Johnny Depp

We have loved every minute of our time at Zoom Room including celebrating the pups birthday party. The girls absolutely love it and they have learned so much so quickly. It's really fun to have a place to take them every week. Michele has been excellent with the dogs and also with us! She even recommended a new food for Gracie and Abby recently that is much healthier for them. She seems to genuinely care about our dogs just like we do. Laurel has also been excellent the times that we have attended her classes. Zoom Room is all around a highlight of our week. :-)

- Elizabeth Dolman, who enjoyed Agility 1, 2, and 3 with Gracie and Abby

Puppy agility has been great for Jack! The obstacles are easy enough for him to navigate, but they still present a good challenge. It's also been great practice on getting him to focus in a room full of excited puppies.

- Ben S., who enjoyed Puppy agility with Jack

Calm learning style and lots of patience in encouraging my dog to overcome his reluctance to go on the teeter has made us patrons of Zoom Room for life.

- Cheryl W., who enjoyed Agility 3

Laurel is an excellent teacher. She has a great rapport with all the dogs. Because of the class size there is a little too much down time for the dogs.

- MC, who enjoyed Agility 1 & 2 with Jasmin

Izzy loves her agility privates with Michele. The relaxed, friendly atmosphere makes it a fun experience and the classes have improved her attention to instructions at home too.

- Jamie M., who enjoyed Private Lessons with Izzy

Zoom Room has been an absolutely amazing experience for us and our dog. We all look forward to agility class every week. In fact, we can't say the word "class" around the house anymore because Dash gets excited and runs to the front door!

- Trevor D, who enjoyed agility 1-4 with Dash

As always, a great class and instruction. Never had a bad exp at the Zoom Room.

- Mark S, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Finley

I noticed a marked improvement week-to-week. Both my dog and I very much enjoyed the classes. Thanks!

- Hunter M., who enjoyed Obedience 1

Daisy LOVES zoom room. She is a shelter rescue so she was a bit skiddish and had low self confidence. Zoom room has increased her self confidence 10fold! And laurel is so amazing w daisy and all the dogs. She loves the challenge of the agility courses and cant wait for her next visit.

- Dawn McDaniel, who enjoyed Agility 1, 2 and 3 and dog tricks with Daisy

A Hound doing agility 4 requires much patience which Laurel and Michelle both have. Lots of fun courses and Annabelle really must "think" her way through (when not trying to clean the floor).

- Nancy G., who enjoyed Agility 4 with Annabelle

Lindsay is a creative and encouraging teacher. She adapts the material so that both the beginning dogs and the advanced dogs can learn at their own levels. The courses are challenging -- you never know what they're going to be -- so that keeps things interesting. You learn how to communicate with your dog so you can work together to do the courses.

- J.N., who enjoyed Rally with Peaches

The Obedience class have been good, they have enough new and old teachings to make it worth wild. The agility classes are also go although I have noticed that as I get higher in classes the less we do because of how many dogs have to go thru the courses. I have taken both full classes and where their is only one other person and would prefer a smaller maximum than 6 for each class at least after agility 3 if not agility 2. Also being at that location is good but it would be nice to have and outdoor component or a bigger space to work.

- Callie, who enjoyed Obedience 1 & 2, Agility 1,2 & 3 with Zane

Fun as always. I wish there were more choices for classes and private gym times on the weekend since we live an hour away and can't come during the week. The weekend times seem to fill up several weeks in advance.

- BK, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Rocky

Michele was very helpful and supportive. I think the training was very good and Michele was very knowledgeable and experienced. We completed both Obedience I and II, back to back. All the people in Obedience I, including us, progressed with their dogs and everyone seemed much happier with the relationship with their dog at the end of training. Michele emphasized working with your dog during the week between training sessions, and everyone took that to heart and trained with their dogs. I could see the difference in the dogs and people from the beginning class to the end class. It was fun and heartwarming to see the dogs and people get better and more trusting of each other. We will recommend Zoom Room to other people who need dog training. We thought the price was reasonable and the location was really good for us. The facility was clean and had good amenities for humans as well as dogs, such as lockers, water, etc. Being able to buy treats there is very convenient, too.

- Susan D., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Rachel

Jimmy Chew, a Westie, is not the most agreeable dog. HE chooses to work or not work. Michelle is very knowledgable and understanding about JC's personality.

- Sandra H., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Jimmy Chew

Tyson and I love our agility class experience. The classes have progressed appropriately and Michelle does a great job of adapting to the needs of each dog in the class. It it challenging and rewarding for both the owners and pets. I highly recommend the Zoom Room Austin!

- Jennifer G., who enjoyed Agility 3 with Tyson

Incredible, affordable, a learning adventure for me and my dog

- Helen Hall, who enjoyed Agility/obedience/agility league with Pirate

It's been a wonderful experience, laurel is great and does a great job. She is always cheerful and motivating.

- Keith Uhls, who enjoyed Agility with Addie

The class has been very helpful for us. Hondo is definitely making improvements in his behavior.

- Sandra, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Hondo

Michele is AMAZING! Her knowledge and patience made the class fun and informative. We had 2 dogs in the class. Xena (7 year old rescue dog) and Myou (1.5 yr old - Xena's daughter). This was a great socializing experiment for Xena. Although she is not motivated by treats and is very distracted - I feel she benefitted greatly from the class and being able to socialize with other dogs and people in a safe environment. After all, she spent 6 years in a crate at a puppy mill before she was rescued, so for her this was remarkable! Myou did very well and we have signed her up for Agility 2! Can't wait to see her progress through each level! Thanks Zoom Room!

- Anne D., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Xena & Myou

The best of the best. We have thoroughly enjoyed our three classes with our knowledgeable, patient, clever and funny instructor Michele. The facilities are top notch, the products sold in the lobby shop are high quality and reasonably priced and we plan to take many more classes. Anyone who thinks their dog can't be trained should come to the Zoom Room. I scoped out a lot of different places before I found one that was "just right". The wonderful experience has even added a new word to our vocabulary; when I ask Estelle if she's ready to go "Zoom", she just flies to the door, wagging and smiling. That's the best testimonial of all! Zoom Room Rocks!

- Kathleen M., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Estelle

Good suggestions from the instructor for time outside the class. We never stayed on one exercise for a long period of time which I appreciate. It was not a boring class and everyone was engaged all the time rather than waiting around while the instructor worked with one dog for a long period of time.

- Cindy K., who enjoyed Shy Dog

I love taking Michele's classes, she always makes the courses fun and challenging.

- Gail D, who enjoyed Agility clinic with Katy

I can't say enough good things about Zoom Room-Austin. Everyone that works there is so nice and truly cares about the progress of my dog. It is a very welcoming place and its so nice the care they put into training. Honeypot has flourished at Zoom Room and we will continue to attend classes. Thank you Laurel, Linsdey, Mary and Michelle.

- Kate Parker, who enjoyed puppy obedience, obedience 2, tricks, puppy agility, off-leash meet up with Honeypot

We loved Agility 1 with Michele! The class was fun, Dallas loved the other doggies, and Dallas' cooperation at home was noticeably better. Thank you for letting her be in the group, even though she was a little younger than the other dogs, and thank you for letting Kirstin be her 'leader,' even though she was the youngest "owner" of the group. The relationship between Dallas and Kirstin has been much better. By the way, Dallas LOVES LOVES LOVES that teeter - I think we may have to get her one for Christmas! We'll see you in Agility 2. Thanks again!

- Andrea M., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Dallas

Laurel was great! She really knows how to work with the owner's so we can get great results and have great fun with our dogs.

- Linda Murphy, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Bravo

We are so glad we found Zoom Room! The staff there is AWESOME!

- Jennifer Z., who enjoyed Agility 1

Scruffy and I enjoyed our experience at the Zoom Room at the recent Agility level 1 class. Scruffy is a bit shy and I think this class got him out of his shell and he really enjoyed it. We will definitley be back in the future! Also, we really enjoy being able to take advantage of the open gyms.

- Lisa G., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Scruffy

Agility training gives my dog Annie a great outlet to get out some of her extreme energy. Not only is it physical, but she gets so much mental stimulation! You can actually see her thinking about what she is about to do, but of course with extreme speed.

- Jody S., who enjoyed Agility 3 with Annie

Obedience 1 was great. Scout learned all the essential commands and it's been an overall great bonding experience for us with our new rescue. Laurel was incredibly patient and adapts to every dog in the class - whether they're high energy and need focus or whether they're a little shy and barky like ours. We appreciated the extra attention we got, including ways to refocus Scout when she's barking or showing aggression - it's made a huge difference in what all we can do with her!

- lauren smith, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Scout

We have loved bringing Brownie to the Zoom Room. Brownie is fairly shy, and coming to class for the first time was intimidating for her. Lindsay and Michele have taken a personal interest in her, and have really helped her to come out of her shell. She has gained a lot of confidence, and we enjoy all of our classes. Lindsay's guidance has been invaluable in helping us teach Brownie new skills, and in working on day to day behavior. We are very happy with the instruction and support we have gotten at the Zoom Room Austin. The level of responsiveness and service has always been very high as well.

- Julia Jonas, who enjoyed Puppy preschool, obedience 1 and 2 with Brownie

Love it!

Pancho loves it and looks forward to it every weekend. The tips are very useful and it's great to have a regular weekend social hour for Pancho.

- Lindsey Fine, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool with Pancho

Michele is fantastic! Agility was fun for Rayon and for me, and I think that it was a great opportunity for Rayon to become more social with other dogs. Looking forward to other Zoom Room classes.

- Melanie B., who enjoyed Agility 3 with Rayon

Love it! Laurel is very knowledgable and patient with the dogs (and the owners!) It is a very positive experience for Mollie and me.

- Cynthia Everist, who enjoyed Agility with Mollie

Daisy has progressed to Agility 4. She is a shelter rescue and came to Zoom Room a very scared, shy, girl. Now, she cant wait to get the Zoom Room!! I have seen her confidence level increase greatly!! All of the instructors are wonderful but Laurel in particular is amazing!! We love Zoom Room!!

- Dawn McDaniel, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Daisy

We have learned so much from Laurel. Annabelle just moved up to Agility 4 after starting at the very beginning. Amazing for a scent hound to be able to concentrate on the obstacles and course work.

- Nancy Grossman, who enjoyed Agility 1, 2 and 3 with Annabelle

Aussie loves to come to the Zoom Room to see all his furry friends.

- Starr West, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Aussie

Wonderful! Our instructor was SO patient and made changes based on Kixie's needs. Great improvement was made with our doggie.

- Felissa, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Kixie

Jasper and I have been attending aglity classes at the Zoom Room Austin for over 2 years.
Going to agility is the highlight of the week for Jasper and I enjoy it very much also!

- Elisabeth Horvath, who enjoyed agility4 with Jasper

We have so much fun at ZoomRoom. The trainers are always so patient and the facility is wonderful. It has really helped my very active dog have a good outlet for his energy and has built a great bond between us.

- ELM, who enjoyed Agility classes and agility league with Chapstick

Had a great time at Zoom Room! The classes were fun and informative! Great teachers, a great way to bond with your dog and good exercise for both of us! Millie and I will be recommending this to all our friends! Thanks for fun!

- Rebecca C., who enjoyed Agility 1 & 2 with Millie

My dog and I loved Agility 1. Laurel was a very encouraging and fun instructor. The 3 pooches in our class were very different in age, size, and temperaments, and Laurel was great with all of them. Gilda and I can't wait to take another class at the Zoom Room!

- Stacy F., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Gilda

I love this place so much! As a first time dog owner, I have learned so much from coming to Zoom Room. I highly recommend Zoom Room and I tell everyone I meet with a dog about it.

- Carol K., who enjoyed Obedience 1, Meet and Greets, Puppy Preschool, Come when Called with Champ, Skye

We have loved our experience at Zoom Room so far! Otto has learned so much from puppy preschool, and we have learned how to communicate better with him. As an only dog, the socialization process during classes was invaluable and FUN! We love the classes and plan to do more.

- Evan Jones, who enjoyed Puppy preschool, puppy obedience with Otto Jones

Laurel is the best trainer! She knows what she is doing and makes sure that everybody learns and has fun at the same time.Sophie loves her and the classes!

- Kathy, who enjoyed Agility 1 and 2 with Sophie

Zoom Room Austin was intstrumental in helping me to bond with my then 5 month old Cairn puppy, Pirate. It had been many years since I had a pup and I admit, I was very nervous about taking him on. I was looking for Austin private trainers and I basically just walked into Zoom Room. Michele Mendoza said that Pirate basically needed a "job." So I took him to "work." Obedience was a chore for me, but it was the beginning of a career for Pirate. He misbehaved and was a mess, but somewhere along the line he decided agility was great because you got extra goodies along the way. In addition, being around other dogs helped to socialize him. Pirate is now in agility 4 and runs off lead. When we head out to Zoom Room, I tell Pirate were we are going. We live 4 miles away and he squeals with delight all the way there!! We were fortunate to acquire Pirate's mom, Cami, earlier this year and she now attends classes at Zoom Room. She is a bit shy and Zoom Room activities have helped her to socialize better as well. I am grateful to the staff at Zoom Room and support them wholeheartedly. I even purchase my food there! One stop shopping!

- Helen Hall, who enjoyed Obedience and most levels of agility. with Pirate and Cami

Everything at Zoom Room is top notch. We attended Obedience 1 with Michelle and she is fantastic. She's very aware of each dog and how they're progressing. Even in class, she'll offer individual tips and feedback. We enjoyed each class, saw LOTS of improvement and would definitely recommend Zoom Room to others!

- Wade Y., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Madison

Great way to exercise and have fun with your pups.

- Gail, who enjoyed Agility League with Taser and Katy

Jake and I had a ball. His behavior has improved considerably over the past six weeks and I credit Zoom Room with that. The owner and our trainer are excellent and they truly love dogs. Jake can't wait to go every week. The atmosphere is welcoming, healthy and fun. Zoom Room in Austin is a treasure.

- Cecelia Burke, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Jake Pickle

Lindsay is the best trainer I and Cody have ever had and believe me I have met a lot. She is tuned in to Cody and me, that it makes me look foward to our class every week. She is so easy to get along with and makes the training for Cody and I easy to understand. She knows dogs and she knows how to train the owner to train their dog. By doing our homework and coming to class, Cody's Leash Aggression has now become manageable and I am sure at some point Cody will be so much easier to handle when he see's a trigger.
Lindsay is a very valueable asset to your company and you should do every thing possible to retain her.

- Robert Vehon, who enjoyed Private with Cody

Aussie loves the Zoom Room. Zooming, playing with friends and getting excellent treats - what more could any dog want?

- Starr W., who enjoyed Agility 3

Zoom Room is tons of fun for me and my dog. The instructors Michele and Laurel and both very good. Sully gets so excited when he realizes where we are going. He loves it there!

- Dale Smith, who enjoyed basic and agility I - III with Sully

We love it at Zoom Room! Chewie gets so excited when we show up, that he sprints to the door. He knows when I grab the Zoom Room stuff and he jumps in the car without hesitation (unlike usual). Everyone is super AMAZING and helpful too! I've already recommended it to lots of friends

- Giuliana Carra, who enjoyed Agility and Obedience with Chewie

We love our classes! Laurel is a great, high energy teacher. We are very glad we started our classes!

- Deborah elllison, who enjoyed Agility1 with Posie

Love everything about Zoom Room!

- Bonnie O., who enjoyed Agility 2

Laurel is great--when we adopted Roscoe, he was timid and shy and couldn't really handle the focus needed for an obedience class. Laurel saw that he liked to run and climb so we started off with Agility to boost his confidence. He has a lot of fun in classes and we could see a huge difference in his confidence and happiness after just a few classes. He's starting Obedience now and is doing great! The dog who would roll over and cry when asked to sit is heeling and staying and doing all sorts of things happily under the wonderful guidance of Laurel and the others at Zoom Room.

- Jessica Wall, who enjoyed Obedience, Agility, Meet ups with Roscoe

We both love the Zoom Room - the people, classes and other dogs there are always great. Working with Laurel has been a pleasure, her patience, advice and obvious love for the dogs is great to see.

- Mark Schaffer, who enjoyed Agility 1, 2 and 3 with Finley

We have really enjoyed our experiences at Zoom Room. The Staff there is always friendly (to both the owners and dogs) and encouraging to all parties involved in getting the best training practices while having fun at the same time.

- Patrick Krefting, who enjoyed Obed 1&2,Agility 1-4, Rally-O, Tricks, Meet-up, Private Gyms & classes with Shep

Laurel is a fantastic instructor. She is knowledgeable, has a knack for helping dogs feel at ease and is always enthusiastic. I would recommend her to anyone.

- Daniel L., who enjoyed Agility 1

Another fantastic class at the Zoom Room... Both Klaus and I have so much fun! We both are getting a better understanding of agility coursework, and the classes are getting more challenging with more distractions.
The best parts really are the fun, the laughing and NEVERENDING PATIENCE from all of the Zoom Room instructors. The tired, well behaved dog we enjoy for the rest of the day is just a bonus!

- Kris A, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Klaus

We had a great class once again!! Michele is helping us take our agility to the next level.

- Gail D, who enjoyed Agility clinic with Taser

The trainers and atmosphere at Zoom Room Austin are great. Rex has made great progress and graduated from Obedience 1 today. Looking forward to taking more classes.

- Dave, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Rex

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