Beat the Heat at the Zoom Room!
| August 26th, 2010

Air-conditioned is better!

Happy Dog at the Zoom Room!Did you know that dogs only have sweat glands on the bottoms of their feet? According to the Health and Human Services Department of Travis County (HHSD), dogs can only cool down with some very limited sweating and of course, panting.  The HHSD has some excellent tips on caring for our pets during these summer months. You can check out their article on how to avoid heat-related problems.  As pet owners, we need to ensure that our pets are always well-hydrated and protected from the heat.

Here at the Zoom Room we love to brag about our modern and clean facility, but we also consider the fact that we offer an indoor, air-conditioned setting to exercise your dog to be of critical importance during these hot summer months. Exercise is essential to a dog’s fitness and emotional well-being, but it can certainly be a challenge to get out of the house and get some physical activity in the Texas heat.  Here at the Zoom Room Austin, our agility training classes and Open Gym provide the perfect solution to maintaining your dog’s activity level while keeping him comfortable during the “dog days” of summer.  Become a member and join the fun!

See you soon!

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