Murphy, the Wonder Lodgedog, saves the day!
| October 8th, 2012

Meet Murphy

MurphyThis submission is by Tom & Julie Beckwith, whose everyday Hero Dog is Murphy, a Keeshond.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

We are innkeepers at a large B&B ski lodge in Colorado, consisting of a Dining Lodge, where we live; and a Guest Lodge, where our guests stay.  In January, 2011, when we (thankfully) had no guests in the Lodge, our son and his girlfriend came to visit us.  We were enjoying our coffee and conversation in the Dining Lodge one cold morning when Murphy detected something not right, and started frantically barking at the front door. When we let her out, she ended up running over to the Guest Lodge, and barking down the outside passageway towards the Library.  Our son went to see what was up (“What is it, girl? Did Timmy fall down the well, again?”) and discovered that a pipe in our furnace room had frozen and split, and water had drilled through the drywall in there, and through the drywall into our Library, which was being sprayed with water!  Books, furniture, and the carpet were sodden.  We guessed that Murphy heard the water spraying into the Library, and since it’s in a separate building from where we were all enjoying a lazy morning, who knows when we would have discovered it?  It was a mess, but not nearly as bad as it could have been an hour or two later in below zero weather.

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