Heidi – my personal Hero
| Sep 19th, 2012

March 8, 2010 I lost my best friend. Katie, a collie mix, was given to me by one of my students when I started working at Bloomington High School. She was truly my soul mate for 15 1/2 years. I was devastated when she died – I do not know to this day how I made it from one day to the next. After she left me I was in a haze. Somehow I managed to finish the school year and get through the summer vacation.

The Loving Bond
| Aug 23rd, 2012

Join us for a special session with Dr. Aubrey Fine as he discusses the human animal bond and how our animals profoundly affect our lives. Refreshments will be served. We love dogs, but please leave them at home for this engaging lecture.

Dr. Aubrey Fine will be speaking at the Zoom Room!
| Aug 21st, 2012

Engaging lecture with Aubrey Fine on the Loving Bond: Human-animal relationships. Held at the Zoom Room Claremont.

Introducing August’s Dog of the Month!
| Aug 2nd, 2012

August’s Dog of the Month will melt your heart. Gertie is a cute 4 month old German Shepherd puppy and she captured the “Get Wet!” theme really well.

July’s Dog of the Month!
| Jul 9th, 2012

Dreamer, a Golden Retriever, is one of the Dogs of Summer – as our dog of the month for July. She really loves her tennis ball!

May 2012 – Dog of the Month
| Jun 7th, 2012

Our Dog of the Month is Vera, a rescued two year old Border Collie mix. She loves doing tricks!

Take Your Dog to Work Day – The After Party
| Jun 1st, 2012

Take Your Dog to Work party for dogs and their owners at indoor dog training facility in Claremont. Guests have fun and help raise money for Humane Society.

April’s Dog of the Month 2012
| May 7th, 2012

Our Dog of the Month is Bonnie, a 15-month old Standard Poodle. She loves jumping through her hoop, which she learned to do in Tricks class.

Western University Open House
| Apr 19th, 2012

Join us for some fun at the Western University’s Open House on Saturday. Free stuff, pet adoptions, vaccines and microchipping – fun for the whole family!

Announcing the winner of March’s Dog of the Month Contest
| Apr 3rd, 2012

Crazy 10 year old Tigger wins contest for the best “After the Zoom Room” picture!

Dog of the Month February 2012
| Mar 15th, 2012

It’s Donut, the Old English Sheepdog! Playful and intelligent, Donut charms us all.

Zoom Room is the place to PARTY!
| Feb 23rd, 2012

Valentine’s Day party and dog birthday parties provide food and fun for humans and canines alike.

And the winner is…
| Feb 7th, 2012

Dog of the Month winner announced! January’s theme was to have your dog in a bike hoop (like our logo). February’s theme is “showing the love” – post a picture of your dog’s sweetest “I love you” face on our Facebook page!

Valentine’s Day Party 2012
| Jan 24th, 2012

Get your dog’s portrait taken by local professionals at our fun Valentine’s Day party. Food, fun and prizes too!

Our very first Dog of the Month contest!
| Jan 2nd, 2012

Announcing Dog of the Month. This is a photo contest held each month, winners will receive great prizes!