March Agility Madness
| Mar 5th, 2013

Join Zoom Room to celebrate your two favorite passions college sports and your dog. Our March Agility Madness event will be held on Sunday March 24th from 3:30 to 5:30 .

My “Always” Friend
| Sep 13th, 2012

Always greets me, hates it when I leave, knows when I am upset or not myself….and always has that beautiful smile waiting for me each and every time I come home. I truly hate leaving for either an over-night visit but the return surely makes up for it!

Milli’s Birthday Party
| Feb 6th, 2012

If you have ever been to Zoom Room Coconut Creek then you have undoubtedly met Milli. Milli is considered to be our very own mascot, but most importantly she is apart of our family. So come and celebrate her birthday on Sunday, February 12th 2012, 5pm. The party is Valentine’s day themed and guests will be treated to food, drinks and Doggy Disco®.

Zoom Room Gives Back
| Jan 30th, 2012

This past week Zoom Room Coconut Creek held a free seminar at the Parkland library. The seminar focused on puppy obedience, housebreaking, nipping, chewing, and jumping problems. This seminar was a great starting point for new puppy owners. Our Seminars will be held once a month over the next three months.

Agility League
| Jan 13th, 2012

Zoom Room Coconut Creek will be hosting their first ever Agility League starting on Monday nights in January. All graduates of Agility 2 and Agility 3 are eligible to compete in this friendly competition. Each team consists of 2 dogs that will be running challenge courses, while being timed.

Adopt-A-Bull Rescue
| Dec 12th, 2011

Zoom Room Coconut Creek hosted an English Bulldog meet up for Adopt-A-Bull Rescue this weekend. This fun filled event included pictures with Santa by the Christmas tree, a Holiday costume contest and a raffle. Some of the raffle prizes included four tickets to the Metro Zoo, a Betsy Johnson handbag and much more.

Reasons to Adopt
| Nov 28th, 2011

Each year millions of animals are euthanized due to over population in animal shelters. By adopting a dog instead of purchasing one from a pet store.

Importance of Oral Hygiene for your Dog
| Nov 14th, 2011

Keeping your dogs teeth clean is a vital part of keeping them healthy. Dental disease, which includes plaque and tarter build-up, can damage the teeth and gums and eventually affect the whole body. Bacteria from inflamed gums can enter the blood stream and affect major organs.

Fastest Growing Dog Sport
| Oct 31st, 2011

The sport of Dog Agility is one of the fastest growing dog sports in the world. It was not too long ago that the idea of Dog Agility was born. In 1978 at the Crufts Dog Show in London, John Varley, was given the task for coming up with the entertainment for the audience between the obedience and confirmation competitions. Varley along with dog trainer Peter Meanwell presented a jumping-style course similar to something of the equestrian world.

Event Inspires New Adoptions
| Oct 31st, 2011

The reunion event held by Tri-County Humane Society was a huge success. In one day an incredible 26 dogs were adopted! Zoom Room contributed with an agility demonstration and even allowed curious dogs to come try out the course.

Spooktacular Success
| Oct 31st, 2011

Zoom Room Coconut Creek held it’s first annual Doom Room Halloween event with great success. Those who attended were treated to good food, good music and great people.

Importance of Dog Seat Belts
| Oct 30th, 2011

Most dogs love to go for a ride in the car! For humans there are laws that require us to wear a seat belts, unfortunately that’s not the case for our dogs. A loose dog in a car can become a major distraction for the driver. The split second a driver takes their attention away from the road to focus on their dog could lead to an accident.

Tri-County Humane Reunion
| Oct 21st, 2011

Zoom Room Coconut Creek will be doing an agility demonstration at the Tri-County Humane Society. Other activities at this event include:The ‘Animal Care and Kindness’ team which helps teach children the correct way treat dogs.

Adopt-A-Bull Rescue
| Oct 12th, 2011

Zoom Room Coconut Creek will be hosting a fundraiser for Adopt-A-Bull Rescue. Adopt-A-Bull is a English Bulldog Rescue organization that is based here in South Florida.

Doom Room
| Oct 12th, 2011

Zoom Room Coconut Creek will be hosting a spooktacular Halloween event. Join us for a frightful, furry, fun Halloween party. Prizes will be awarded to dogs for Best Costume, Scariest Costume, Silliest Costume, and Best Trick.Dressing up is always fun, it is not required but we encourage all to dress up for this festive event