Free Dog Yoga Class
| Dec 28th, 2010

On Sunday, January 2nd, we are offering a completely FREE new Dog Yoga Class for Zoom Room Members and their dogs. You will both be guided through relaxing poses and stretches – a great way to chill out after the stresses of the holidays and a perfect way to begin or end a workout.

New Year’s Resolutions 2011
| Dec 27th, 2010

Five great New Year’s Resolutions for dogs and their owners – plus some exciting coupons and specials to use at the Zoom Room Hollywood.

Pomeranian Party
| Dec 24th, 2010

On December 18, a dazzling group of 20 Pomeranians celebrated the holidays at the Zoom Room Hollywood. All dogs are from the Southern California Pomeranian Rescue, and all owners are adopters and/or volunteers at the Rescue.

Santa Spotted at Runyon Canyon
| Dec 20th, 2010

Only a week before Christmas, Santa Claus was spotted at Runyon Canyon Dog Park, handing out cookies to good little dogs. The Zoom Room was there to snap these photos of dog-loving Santa!

Shy Dog Graduation
| Dec 15th, 2010

Tonight was the last night of our first graduating Shy Dog class at Zoom Room Hollywood. Among the graduates was Zelda, a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and her owner, actor Seth Rogen.

Taylor’s Party
| Dec 12th, 2010

While of course at the Zoom Room we’re always celebrating dog birthdays and adoption anniversaries, we must remember that humans have birthdays, too!

December Puppies
| Dec 9th, 2010

We have an amazing bunch of lovable puppies in class this December including a Great Dane, a Mini Doodle, a Pug and THREE Shiba Inus! From the photos you can see that they’ve all clearly mastered “sit” as well as some wonderful puppy manners, excellent socialization and an A for Adorable.

CGC Test December
| Dec 7th, 2010

On December 18, from 2-3 pm, get your dog tested in the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Test at the Zoom Room Hollywood. Space is limited to only ten dogs, so reserve your spot now!

After Thanksgiving, FREE Open Gym!
| Nov 23rd, 2010

This Friday and Saturday, we’re offering FREE OPEN GYM all day long for Zoom Room Members. No reservations needed. Just show up with your pup!

Autumn Party Mashup
| Nov 19th, 2010

Presenting our photo mashup of three more Autumn dog parties at the Zoom Room Hollywood. Rascal, a spry and sprightly Maltese, celebrated his fourteenth birthday accompanied by plenty of his pals. Milie, ever the Princess (just check out her tiara!), an American Staffordshire Terrier, celebrated her fourth birthday in grand style. And the West Hollywood Pug Meetup Group hosted their first get-together at the Zoom Room Hollywood.

Two Very Special Parties
| Nov 18th, 2010

This past week we hosted another two great dog parties at the Zoom Room: a Doggy Disco celebration for Spencer, and an adoption anniversary party for Izzy.

Dog Teeth Cleaning
| Nov 5th, 2010

On November 18th, give your dog a sparkling smile with non-anesthetic ultrasonic teeth cleaning. Plus we’re also offering low-cost vaccinations and other veterinarian services.

Doom Room 2010
| Oct 31st, 2010

Our first Haunted Hollywood Halloween Party, aka. THE DOOM ROOM, was a great and spooky success, with over 50 costumed dogs and their doting owners in attendance.

Autumn Birthday Parties
| Oct 15th, 2010

Dog birthday parties at Zoom Room Hollywood in the Fall of 2010, featuring Doggy Disco®, free agility lessons, frozen treats, cakes and tons of playtime. Special guests include Amanda Seyfried of Big Love and Mamma Mia.

Haunted Hollywood Halloween Party
| Oct 7th, 2010

Join us as we transform the Zoom Room into the DOOM ROOM for a frightful, furry, fun Halloween party. We’ll have refreshments for spooky dogs and their scary owners, plus prizes in our creepy costume contest!