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Although we're satisfied with happily wagging tails, we love to hear from happy dog owners, too! The Zoom Room is committed to providing you with the very best dog training available.

Here are a few of the reviews, testimonials and class evaluations of our dog trainers.

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We love training at the Zoom Room. I love being able to make our own schedule and book online, we walk to class, classmates have all been friendly and supportive, Cooper has learned faster than we expected, instructors have all been able to help with any sticky points and we love the products available for purchase. We're so lucky to have had the Zoom Room open so near us not long before getting a dog.

- Melissa W., who enjoyed Obedience 1 and 2 with Cooper

The class was very well run, organized and well controlled. I'm moving out of the area so will not be continuing at the Zoom Room.

- cathy Boe, who enjoyed Agility 4 with kitt

We all had a great time with this class, and Hope was so tired after each class. She loved going to the Zoom Room every week. Andrea was a wonderful instructor who made it easy and fun for everyone.

- Stella Hwang & Phil King, who enjoyed Scent Workshop with Hope

Andrea was wonderful with Buttons, but especially with me who needed most of the training. I learned alot.

- Suzanne Boedeker, who enjoyed Training with Buttons

Good class and is challenging.

- Raymond Lee, who enjoyed Obedience, Agility with Roxy

My husband and I enjoyed the class and it was very beneficial for our dog. We liked learning the positive reinforcement techniques with treats.

- PAT, who enjoyed puppy training 1 & 2 with JACK

We had an excellent experience and highly recommend Zoom Room!!

- George Vorpahl, who enjoyed Obedience1 and 2 with Brody

Andrea literally has my dog eating out of her hand. I learn something important and new about how to be good at training my dog every time I go -- no kidding! She works with me on Milo's particular problems ... like his fondness for chasing skateboards ... and her solutions are practical, easy and effective. Milo also finds his favorite toys at the zoom room. Milo and I both look forward to spending time together at the Zoom Room and we are able to use the things we learn there when we are out in public. It has been a great experience for both me and my dog.

- Sonia Pollitt, who enjoyed Obedience 1, 2 & 3 with Milo

The classroom is clean, the staff is friendly, and the trainer is awesome. Whether it's a shy dog, a fearful one, or an over-excited one, Andrea knows how to help each dog differently. The wide variety of classes provides different metal and physical stimulation for the dogs. Besides tiring out everyone, it's a great bonding experience for the handlers and the pups.

I also like how the courses are designed, so I can walk in to any class as long as my dog passed the prerequisite. I don't have to sign up for a whole series of classes nor worry about missing anything when I can't make a single class. Works great for me, who need to go on business trips or get super busy at work on occasion.

Going to training classes at Zoom Room is super addicting! Highly recommended to every dog and its owners!

- E. L., who enjoyed Agility 1, Agility 2, Scent Workshop, Urban Herding Workshop with Maya

It's all been positive. Everyone in Belmont is knowledgeable, attentive, adaptable and, most important, patient! Abby and I have received terrific service, instruction and advice.
Big fan.

- Wendy L., who enjoyed Obedience 1-3, agility with Abby

Love. We always have a great time. Andrea has a very positive energy and knows her stuff.

- Tina Shakour, who enjoyed Agility, Scent, Urban Herding with Zuko

The class was great! Our dog was a rescue and is very scared of people. The class gave us a variety of tools to help his comfort level around people. It is still a work in progress. We are really encouraged with what we have seen though.

- Hugh, who enjoyed Shy Dog with Bandit

Andrea's great! Gilhooley and I love working with her. She's terrific about understanding Gil's quirks and helping us work with others.

- Sara O'Brien, who enjoyed Scent Workshop with Gilhooley

Andrea is an excellent instructor. She is patient, funny and non judgemental when the dogs misbehave. If something isn't working with Ginger she calmly comes over and shows me how she does it and inevitably Ginger follows her command. I learn best by being shown so this method is perfect for me. I am confident that I will have a very well behaved dog that will be enjoyable for me and the people I am with. We still have a lot of work so I will be signing up for more classes. Ginger loves the agility class and we look forward to doing more tricks.

- Lisa Hills

I have taken a number of dog classes through the many years and Zoom Room in Belmont is one of the best experiences I have ever had. The staff is always polite and very knowledgeable and I enjoy the spacious room and class size is not over whelming. I would encourage others to try it out. Thank you all at Zoom Room in Belmont, Calif.

- Barbara Clarke, who enjoyed Obedience 123 with Shayna

Andrea is awesome! She took the time to research the best approach on how to handle my dogs issues then explained how to handle it to me. Then we did hands on training to help me identify my dogs thresholds and use the tools I'm learning so I could practice and use them at home! She's a lifesaver!

- Sue L, who enjoyed Private training with Lexie

Digby loves these classes and has more self confidence now. Everyone at the Zoom Room is so nice and friendly.

- Ginny, who enjoyed Agility with Digby

Excellent!!! Andrea is very caring, and overall very professional. Princess Bella loves her. I have hired trainers and paid a lot of money however this the first time that Bella has learned all the commands so quickly. I am very pleased that Bella is taking more classes and she will continue going, even just to hang out.

- Hilda Oebegozo, who enjoyed Obidience 1 and Shy Dog Workshop with Princess Bella

The group classes were very enjoyable! The classes were well organized and all participants (humans and dogs) got some individual attention.
My dog and I learned a lot and had lots of fun. Thank you Zoom Room!

- Lori, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and 2, Agility 1 and Tricks with Bindi

Had a very good time. Very one was very pleasant and helpful. the only thing that I didn't like was the afternoon time 3:00 or late evening 8:00 time. Have you ever had a Sat. morning classes ?

- JOY C., who enjoyed ob 1 with DASH

We had a lot of fun and a good taste for what the scent works is all about. Andrea was very accommodating for my dog, who needs to be behind a screen to keep his arousal in check. We would love to do more and build on the skills he learned in class.

- Colleen Kaiser, who enjoyed Scent workshop with Nicklas

Moose and I really enjoy the classes that we have been taking. The emphasis on training ME, as opposed to directly training my dog, is very helpful, since I can use these skills and practice at home. The teachers are excellent. They communicate strategies very well, clearly love dogs, and seem to genuinely enjoy their interaction with clients.

- Cathy R., who enjoyed Obedience 2 and 3 with Moose

This place is great! We've learned a lot and our dog loves it. We will definitely continue to attend classes here.

- Sheila Munini, who enjoyed Obedience 1 & 2, Agility 1 with Lucy

Kamea and I have really enjoyed all of our classes at the zoom room! The facilities are great and Andrea and her team are very well informed, helpful, and awesome people all around. I am currently taking my dog for puppy school, but I know I will be continuing taking her to the zoom room for adult obedience, tricks, and agility!

- Nicole T, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool, Puppy Obedience with Kamea

Callie and I have a lot of fun learning tricks. She came to me as a shy little rescue; her confidence level has increased and she found that working is fun and people are friendly. Great experience.

- Vikki Ogden, who enjoyed Tricks class with Callie


- Jan Chavis, who enjoyed puppy preschool, Puppy Obedience, Obedience 2, Puppy Agility with Gus

What a fabulous experience. Andrea is awesome and has great common sense tips for dealing with frustrating training issues. Our 75 pound puppy, Edie, is a wild beast, and Andrea trained BOTH of us so that we could all have more fun. We all benefited from her straight forward, well organized, simple training. I would highly recommend Andrea and her friendly team to any prospective customer.

- Amy King, who enjoyed Obedience 1 & Obedience 2 with Edie

Really good, as expected. Caddie got individual attention, despite there being 6 or 7 other quite active dogs in the class. Good opportunity to combine all apparatuses. The instructor kept the chaos to a controlled exvitement

- Liz Silver, who enjoyed Puppy Agility with Caddie

Very good
Classes are good fun for the dogs and for us.
Like the build up of skills and challenge for the dogs - they always come away tired but having had fun and been challenged.

- Peter Walmsley, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Calix @ Eres

Great positive training experience

- Jill Sands, who enjoyed Shy Dog with Sierra

We have had a fantastic experience at Zoom Room (Belmont). Andrea has given the whole family the skills to begin training our puppy. We have made huge progress in the few lessons we have had...I say we as it is very much a case of training the human how to interact with the dog :) Highly recommended!

- Luna's family, who enjoyed Puppy 1/private/gym session with Luna

We love the Zoom Room! Classes are great, fun, and the entire staff is wonderful. I love that the whole focus is on making learning fun for the dogs and positive reinforcement. I've already recommended Zoom Room to both friends and my mom's dog trainer. Can't wait until our next class!

- Melissa Bruce, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool, Puppy Obedience, Puppy Agility with Axel

Chewy and I love the Zoom Room. He eagerly looks forward to both the classes and the Agility League. It is great exercise for both of us!

- Barbara Tallent, who enjoyed Agility with Chewy

Turbo loves agility training at Zoom Room!

- Janice S., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Turbo

Fantastic! Always fun and the instructor is excellent. Looking forward to many more classes.

- Don Scrivner, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Catcher

Mia, my boyfriend and I love attending to the private agility classes. Andrea makes it a fun and enjoyable experience, being patient with us when showing how to train Mia and very loving and respectful of Mia's physical limits and well being. I have gone through 5 classes so far and I am totally getting a new package of classes.

- Camila Egidio, who enjoyed Agility private training with Mia

Andrea is the epitome of positive reinforcement. Bella is a herding dog that listens to her own drummer. Andrea was creative and figured out how to work with Bella and to always make it a positive learning experience. Bella always loved to go to "school" and learned even when she didn't know it. Front desk was always very helpful, Liz helped us pick out toys and treats that were very appropriate, and the computer system never failed me. Thanks

- Richard Nicewonger, who enjoyed Half Hour Individual Training with Bella

Always fun. Great tools to help both young and old! Our older dog felt left out that the puppy was getting all this special attention so she too, quickly advanced to be in Obedience 3 with her partner in crime!!! I only wish I had more time to spend with the pups here! As a local veterinarian, I am very impressed, and I refer all my clients - there's something for everyone! Favorite trick we still use ..."Touch!"

- Jessie Y, who enjoyed Obedience 1, 2, 3, private gym with BZ, Magnus

Fun and helpful.

- Linda Ferguson, who enjoyed Basic manners and agility with Corky

I love Zoom Room, and all the trainers are very nice and supportive! Jazzy is an Aussie mix and a bit high strung. The agility has enabled her to use her considerable energy and smarts in a constructive way. I think it has calmed her down, and helped with her confidence. I would recommend it to anyone!

- Beth Kabala, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Jazzy

Andrea is awesome and professional every time. She is patient, kind, and has a sense of humor. She is an excellent teacher. She really seems to understand my dog and how to train him. These are the reasons most classes have waiting lists.

- Tracy Schwarz, who enjoyed Obedience 2, Agility 2, private session with Finley

Fun class, and Max is always excited to get there and start. Lot's of tail-wagging. I like seeing how he remembers things from one week to the next. I'm very glad you moved into the neighborhood!

- Julie B., who enjoyed Agility 1 and 2 with Max

As someone who has raised and trained dozens of puppies, fostered and placed difficult adoption cases, and competed with and bred champion dogs, to say that I'm a tough client is an understatement; I'm an impossible one! I think of myself as someone who definitely doesn't NEED to take my dogs to a training class, but I do so regardless because I value the socialization, as well as the dedicated training time my dogs receive from the experience. I do however, normally find major fault with most trainers and their programs, and in the worst cases have actually walked out on trainings that were just a complete waste of my time; that has not been the case with the training we've done with Andrea at the Zoom Room in Belmont. I have a very shy, and sensitive, rescue case who has pushed my training abilities, and my patience, to it's limits. I signed us up for the Shy Dog Workshop as a last resort before having her evaluated for medication, and, am overjoyed to say that not only did I not leave the class in disgust, but I've actually learned new techniques to help my shy girl overcome our biggest challenges. Andrea is observant, patient, and understanding with these shy dogs, and if you can learn to do the same, and follow the process, you can help your shy dog overcome her fears as well. Andrea celebrated our wins with us, and came up with additional suggestions when we were stuck. When we started this class, our shy dog refused to come out from under my chair, shook uncontrollably, and dreaded other human interaction, but after the 6 sessions, she explores the Zoom Room on her own, kisses and lets the other people in class pet her, and is a happy, waggy-tailed little girl who is proud of herself for completing agility challenges. She is a very difficult case, and helping her overcome her fears will be a lifelong challenge, but with the new tools we learned from Andrea, I'm confident that we can do it. We will be returning for more lessons and programs with my shy girl, and I will bring all of my dogs to Andrea at the Zoom Room for training. Thank you Andrea!

- Dana Mortenson, who enjoyed Shy Dog with Kira

We love the Zoom Room! We are so happy that the sign caught our eye one day driving down El Camino and later we stopped in and checked it out. It's been such a wonderful experience for us and our dog. Great fun, good bonding, and he's learning cool stuff and has been become better behaved overall since attending. Everyone else is nice in the classes, and all of the instructors are top notch. All the staff at the Belmont Zoom Room are super friendly, helpful and nice. It's always a pleasure to attend class, and our dog Elvis looks forward to it all week :) We can tell by how excited he is when we pull up out front!

I also enjoy the well-chosen treats, dog food and toys offered at Zoom Room. At first, I thought they would be crazy marked-up because it was such a specialized store, but after comparison shopping with the prices at Pet Food Express, we were happy to see the dog food was the same price at both locations. Even the squeak tennis balls are the same cost. It makes it really convenient to pick up food and toys when we're already at the Zoom Room for class. The dog food and toy selection is really well-thought out and they have great products, such as the hide-a-squirrel squeaker hut and the special agility length slip-over leashes.

We recommend Zoom Room frequently to our friends at the dog park and to people who stop us on the street to comment on what a handsome and well-behaved dog we have!

Keep on rocking on.

Hugs and tail wags,
Courtney, Earl and Elvis the Corgi/Basset

ps- Earl would like to mention that he really appreciates the hot coffee at class. :o)

- Courtney G, who enjoyed Agility 3, "Doom Room" Howlween Party, Obedience 2, private lessons, open gym with Elvis

I plan on continuing training with zoom room. Hiccup has learned a lot; so have I. Definitely worth it! Thanks for understanding he's a young anxious dog with an inexperienced owner.

- Bertha delanda, who enjoyed Personal training with Hiccup

We always have lots of fun at Zoom Room! One quick suggestion: more puppy playtimes (for pups under 4 months) would be nice. Before Petunia had all her shots, I was really starved for chances for her to get her wiggles out playing with other pups in a safe environment. A Dog's Life in Palo Alto has a nice group on Saturdays, but a regular Sunday (or weekday!) time at Zoom Room would be appreciated, and a nice avenue for class recruitment as well.

- Jessica, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool, Obedience, Agility, Tricks, Meetups, Private gym with Petunia

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