Blue and Red Sing the Blues
| January 13th, 2010

Blue and Red Sing the Blues

Mike in Tacoma, Washington, has created a great “music video” for the America’s Best Dog Trick Contest, featuring his two dogs: Blue, a Blue Heeler mix and rescue dog, and Red, a Border Collie.

Blue is 13 years old and a retired frisbee dog. Blue and Mike have performed canine freestyle disc throughout the United States and Canada. About five years ago, a photo of Blue was a semi-finalist in a competition that almost landed his handsome mug on the large-sized Milkbone box. One day Blue decided that he liked to sing along to the harmonica. The rest is history…

Red has a penchant for chewing on Blue. He also likes to hide under the furniture, but jumps out when he thinks there might be a cat in the backyard. Mike has this to say about Red:

Lots of guys get fancy red automobiles during their midlife crisis, but I settled for a red Border Collie.

Red’s moment of fame came about recently as he appeared in a video chosen by the Microsoft Corporation for telecast on Current TV.

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