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Although we're satisfied with happily wagging tails, we love to hear from happy dog owners, too! The Zoom Room is committed to providing you with the very best dog training available.

Here are a few of the reviews, testimonials and class evaluations of our dog trainers.

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We just love the Campbell Zoom Room! We've been going since it opened in June and it's been really good for my high energy cattle dog mix Summer...and me. All the excellent training and mental stimulation has really paid off and strengthened our relationship. Now, she actually listens to me! (most of the time) and follows me around the house wondering what fun thing we're going to do next. :). The quality of the training is outstanding - only positive reinforcement with an emphasis on fun, and enjoying your dog's company in a low stress environment. If you want to build a stronger relationship with your dog (and thus get rid of many common behavioral issues) then come to the Zoom Room. You and your dog will have a blast and fall in love all over again.

- Nina T., who enjoyed Agility, Tricks, Scent Workshop with Summer

I think Zoom Room is a great concept - allowing flexibility in the schedule while offering a variety of courses. Metrik is great - patient, calm, knowledgeable, wonderful with the dogs and owners. I have taken obedience courses from another trainer - while it was helpful, Delta is making much more progress at Zoom Room. We are hooked!

- Donna, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and Agility 1 with Delta

I am really impressed with everything about the Zoom Room. Kim Rappaport is wonderful with the dogs and I love her gentle way of training. My dogs both think she is great. The flexible scheduling works for me, especially since I have two dogs. I am looking forward to qualifying my dogs to take the agility training classes.

- Mary Watt, who enjoyed Level 1 training for both dogs, currently in level 2 training for both dogs with Diva and Faolin

We love the classes. Zoom Room Campbell provides a comfortable and supportive environment for training. Murphy and I both learn a lot and benefited greatly on our partnership.

- Monica C., who enjoyed Obedience and Agility with Murphy

Excellent. Friendly staff, great facilities and atmosphere.

- Simon Holden, who enjoyed Agility (currently on #2, working our way through them) with Hey Mei

Really great class. All the dogs are are similar level and it was great to be in group environment.

- Monica Chan, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Murphy

Metrik did a great job, each time of helping my 8 year old son work with our dog, on obedience and agility. He is patient and understanding, explains techniques well, and deals with the different personalities of the pets and owners in his group classes with expertise and a calm demeanor.
My son has had such a great time working with our dog in the classes- and he was initially fearful of the group situation. It has been really rewarding.

- Laura Dawson, who enjoyed Level 1 obedience and Level 1 agility with Mo

This was a great experience for my family and my puppy! Metric gave great advice and instruction on training a puppy, understanding a puppy and socializing a puppy. The price was quite reasonable and we got a great deal out of the classes.

- Karen Gumaer, who enjoyed Puppy preschool with Delilah (Lilah)

My experience has been positive and even though I have had many dogs, training techniques change over the years. I plan to return for more training.

- Alysse Ohara, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience and Puppy Agility with Ami

I think Zoom Room is a great concept - allowing flexibility in the schedule while offering a variety of courses. Metrik is great - patient, calm, knowledgeable, wonderful with the dogs and owners. I have taken obedience courses from another trainer - while it was helpful, Delta is making much more progress at Zoom Room. We are hooked!

- Donna, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and Agility 1 with Delta

We had a wonderful experience! We always looked forward to attending class. Metrik was a great instructor and was very encouraging. Love that they record and send our best run. Good times!

- Anna, who enjoyed Agility 1-3 with Mizu

Fozzie loves coming to class! The instructor (Kim) is very kind, patient, and helpful. She really knows her stuff, and the store is very convenient also.

- Shannon, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool and Obedience 1 with Fozzie

Very friendly environment - helpful for continuing training at home! Classes are fun! Both, dogs and parents are enjoying! :-)

- Lara, who enjoyed Agility and obedience with EV

Both trainers are FABULOUS! My oldest dog is 9 and I have been to many classes as well as private trainings and there isn't really any place that compares. I am so grateful to find the ZoomRoom and their flexible schedules. However, it's these two amazing trainers that make it the best place.

- Ashley, who enjoyed Obedience 1 & 2; Agility 1 & 2; Pup-Lates; Puppy classes with Harry, Tabitha, and Huxley

We found ZR through a promotional 3-class + evaluation special offer. We live in the Oakland Hills so it was a commitment coming down to Campbell each week. But we are so glad we did!

First thing hubby and I liked about ZR was Metrik. We both agreed he had a "Zen" calmness about him that we liked. We knew he would be good with Moka's training -- and patient with us since it's about training us as much as the dog.

Metrik is indeed a patient, calm and low key instructor. He is always encouraging and makes any dog/owner feel good about their progress. He keeps the class going at a brisk pace but always mindful of each dog's individual learning pace. He is constantly moving to make sure each part of the Agility course is quickly adjusted to the size of the dog. Consequently, he is exerting himself as hard, if not harder, as we are throughout the class.

The facilities are well-thought out and very clean. The equipment is sturdy, colorful and varied. The location is easy to find and parking is easy.

My only "negative" is that the room can get very warm and stuffy on a hot day. As I'm no spring chicken having to run the course with Moka, I got very dehydrated. But it was really good exercise that I needed!

And maybe the music volume could be nudged down a bit. But that's it.

Love the whole ZR concept!

- Marilyn, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Moka

Great place to train your dog. Wooly loves to see Kim. *****

- Larry T., who enjoyed Obedience, Agility, Good Citizen with Wooly

Murphy loves classes at the Zoom Room! Each class we've taken has been a positive experience. Class sizes are usually small, so one-on-one attention for any issues isn't a problem. It's also nice to learn strategies to use outside of class.

- E.X., who enjoyed Agility 1, obedience 1, shy dog class with Murphy

Our experience at Zoom Room has been wonderful! My family and I couldn't be more happy with the classes, trainer, results and other employees of the Zoom Room. Our household is much happier with a well trained dog. Thank you Kim and Zoom Room!

- lola fahlen, who enjoyed private lessons with radar

Great facility and staff Kim is excellent. They emphasize positive reinforcement and really do train the owners. Varied class and special events schedule. This is my second trainer group and I'll stick with Zoom Room. So much better than the last one.

- Lynne J, who enjoyed Basic 1 & 2, Come When Called with Pepe

Classes are fun and you progress at your and your dog's pace. Instructor also helps with training your pet's guardian (i.e. You). Maddie and I had failed twice before in other classes. This time, we passed. Thank you, Metrick and Zoom Room!

- Janet H., who enjoyed Obediance 1 with Maddie

Classes were very enjoyable as well as informative. I have been to several puppy classes over the years, but I appreciate some of the new techniques that were taught as well as reinforcing the ones I already knew.

- Barry Shilman, who enjoyed Puppy pre-school with Izzy

It is always a wonderful event to adopt a puppy into your home, and it is even more wonderful when that puppy learns how to be a good citizen. When I take my puppy to the various classes, I feel like I am going to a friend's home and they understand that puppies and dogs should know what is expected of them. They are treated with kindness, patience, and praise when learning new things. The trainer and assistants all love what they do and the pups pick-up on their genuine emotions. I have recommended the Campbell site to several friends that have recently acquired new pups and they have also given me wonderful feedback. Thanks for being there and loving what you do!!!

- Sheila Canter, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience and Puppy Agility with Marshall

great way of spending time with my dog as well as socializing her in a safe environment.

- Sheri Z, who enjoyed Agility with Abigale

Kolohe loves Zoom Room! We've taken eight agility training classes so far and every experience has been great. Metric is patient and has practical approaches that have helped Kolohe get comfortable with the different agility courses.

- Mike Asercion, who enjoyed Agility 1 and 2 with Kolohe

Kim does a great job explaining the training philosophy to you so you can effectively understand and execute the commands with huge success.

- Angela Scott, who enjoyed puplates with Posey

I can't say enough good things about the Zoom Room. We have fun every time we go and Bogie (mini Aussie) is always good and tired afterwards. We've taken the scent training workshop, a few tricks classes and lots of agility. Being an Aussie, Bogie found his true calling with agility and is going to start urban herding next week. Metrik has been an awesome trainer and has been very patient with the handler part of our team. The staff is friendly and helpful and it's a chill atmosphere. I highly recommend the Campbell Zoom Room to anyone looking for a fun place to train and play with your dog and Bogie gives it two paws up!

- P.P., who enjoyed Scent training, tricks, agility 1, 2 & 3 with Bogie

This class was so much fun. Maddie was grinning from ear to ear. Can't wait for Scent 2.

- Janet Hamm, who enjoyed Scent workshop with Maddie

Kim has given us a lot of tools to work with Scotty so we could enjoy him more at home.

- Jacqueline Walters, who enjoyed pre-obediance with Scotty

I like the classes, but I feel like the facility is optimized for upsells over training outcome. The meandering path and register at the door mean that there's no way to get in and out without meeting multiple dogs at close quarters, mostly untrained, so the longer dogs go to zoom room the more engrained the habit of out of control greeting is. Once in class, many dogs are stressed or aroused and lose training time or never settle in. Since it's probably hard to change the layout, it would be great if staff would encourage o owners to keep short leashes or use other strategies to keep dogs under control on the way in and out.

- Amy, who enjoyed several with Lackey

I enrolled my 1 year old standard poodle puppy in Agility 1 classes at the Zoom Room location in Campbell. I appreciated the cleanliness and appearance of the physical environment. I knew remedial obedience training would be required for my energetic puppy. Our instructor, Metrik, exhibited an engaging manner with Ryder and focused on basic obedience requirements. I believe the 6 lessons with Metrik achieved an improvement in obedience.

- Kathy Giancola, who enjoyed 6 Private Lessons with Ryder

We love the Zoom Room! Bailyee has learned tons of new great skills and tricks, and Metrik is great with all the dogs and always keeps it fun. We recommend the Zoom Room to all dogs that want to have a great time while learning.

- Bronte Reed, who enjoyed agility, urban herding, dog tricks, private training with Bailyee

The obedience classes have provided my Airedale and me yet another fun way to spend time together, while also helping her behave better the rest of the time too! I'm really looking forward to her getting her CGC award, and moving on to some other classes like Agility or Urban Herding.

- Mary Ann May-Pumphrey, who enjoyed Obedience-1 (twice) and Obedience-2 (three times) with Charlotte

Wonderful! My mom took me to another place that pulled me up the A-frame. Metrick and my momma made me like doing the A frame again! I love learning at Zoom Room Campbell. Everyone is friendly. I am not pushed or rushed. I am taught in pieces a little at a time. They even taught momma to clean up after me if I made a mess! And where to go. Sometimes you just HAVE to get a drink you are working so hard and there is always clean water for us athletes. Metrick is patient and gives my momma cues for me and her. They also send her videos of our run it is awesome!

- CJ Jones, who enjoyed Agility 1, 2 and 3 with Don Angelo aka Gello

Great experience! Morgan and I are coming along in our training but still have lots of work to do. Kim was very patient with us and with her help Morgan finally learned down today! I'll continue to work with Morgan on what we've learned. I highly recommended the Zoom Room. Kim is great!

- kathy grimes, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience 1 and Obedience 1 with Morgan

We have a 12 week old Australian cattledog puppy. She is deaf. The trainer Metric has been very helpful in teaching us how to train a deaf puppy with hand signals, tactile praise, and treats. She is learning very quickly. We are very pleased.

- ETF, who enjoyed Puppy preschool with Nina

our overall experience was one of frustration. We interacted only minimally with the instructor. In fact, we don't even know the names of the the instructors. It would have been nice have the instructor come and talk us at least once during the class to help us understand what we were doing correctly and where we need to work on things. the class is too long for both the instructor as well the students. most of the time, the instructors hung out at the cash register and did other things.

- A.G, who enjoyed obedience 1 with J

Wonderful, fun, focused, efficient, professionally handled and effective. My dog and I have moved to a better relationship growing in confidence and calmer behavior.

- Spike Russell, who enjoyed pup-lates and OB 1 with BOOM'r

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! The Agility class is seriously fun. And a good workout - it could be classified as a fitness class for owners and their dogs :)

- Kathleen Watson, who enjoyed Obedience 2; and Agility 1 with Chenery

We have had a lot of fun and it has helped us along a lot!

- Marla Britt, who enjoyed puppy preschool, puppy agility, puppy obediance with Athena

Murphy and I love taking classes at Zoom Room. He has grown so much in his confidence and agility.

- Monica Chan, who enjoyed Agility 2, Obedience 2 and Obedience 3 with Murphy

good experience.

- Lorrie, who enjoyed agility 3 with Cocoa

I really enjoyed the class and was most appreciative of Metrik's accommodation for my dog Digy's anxiety. Metrik went out of his way to create a screened off area for Digy and me to work so Digy wouldn't be distracted by the other team in the class. Metrik is a very patient and encouraging trainer, which helped me a lot in working through Digy's anxiety in the class. While Digy didn't perform that well in the class, he does quite well when we practice at home. I'm glad we took the class because it gives us both skills to work on at home.

My only recommendation for the Zoom Room in Campbell is to put in some fans to circulate the air because it gets pretty warm and muggy, which adds stress to dogs like Digy who are already stressed by just being there.

- ConnieDowler, who enjoyed Urban Herding with Digy

We enjoyed all of our classes at Zoom Room. Instructor was very knowledgeable and well organized.

- Stacey Kazan, who enjoyed Puppy play group, puppy obdience, puppy agility with Maxwell

Lucky have improve a lot, she is more confident and seems really happy coming to her classes...after class she don't want to go home. Kim, Max and the staff are very nice.

- Teny & Melvin, who enjoyed Ob1/Ob2/Agility 1 with Lucky

Fantastic - I love it, the dog loves it. we learn a lot. It is an accelerated learning for us both.

- MAry Napier, who enjoyed Obedience II, Puplates with Cesiium

Zoom room was a wonderful experience. Learned a lot and had lots of fun! Kim is am amazing instructor.

- Jessica, who enjoyed obedience 1 & 2, agility with savannah

We love Zoom Room! Nice facility, easy going and well paced. Very friendly and gentle instructor. Highly recommended. Wrex will be a long term member! I tell my friends and family about Zoom Room and enjoy sharing videos of Wrex's progress, great fun!

- Judy and Matthew Moreno, who enjoyed Agility with Wrex

All of the instructors that we have worked with are fantastic! Our dog loves them and loves going to classes.

- Renee L., who enjoyed Obedience 1/Agility 1 with Harrison

We have a 12 week old Australian Cattledog. She is deaf. The trainer Metrik was wonderful in teaching us how to train our deaf puppy. We have been instructed to use hand gestures, tactile praise and treats. She is very smart and learning quickly thanks to the fun and positive lessons.

- ETF, who enjoyed Puppy preschool with Nina

We love zoom room and Metrik! The classes are fun and engaging for us and our dog. We hope to continue our agility training at Zoom Room.

- Krysta, who enjoyed Agility with Chowder

We have had a great time at the Zoom Room. My dane loves the place. Lots of toys to reward him with after a job well done. He knows exactly were the fresh water is and is always interested in the new challenges Metrik presents him.
The place is friendly to my husband who loves to take photos/videos of the class and/or private gym sessions.
I wish Metrik the best of success for his Zoom Room. Love it.

- Dora McCleeary, who enjoyed agility 1 & II with Caius

Amazing! Metrik is great and very helpful. Murphy and I loved the added attention and practice!

- Taylor Kikuchi, who enjoyed Agility 1, Obedience 1/2 with Murphy

Good experience! Class was small, which made it easy to work with my dog. Velvet is starting to respond at home, with the commands and teaching methods we are using in class. Metrik is a good trainer

- Ransom Landon, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Velvet

It's been a wonderful experience overall. I love Kim's approach and her style. We can't wait for our next class!

- Kathleen Watson, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Chenery

I love the concepts, except for I'd like to see the group work be a little more active, but I understand it is a small room. They are helping me socialize my dog however. The private lessons have been very helpful and Kim has given this veteran some great tips and helped me achieve my goal with my overactive (physically and mentally) young dog.

- Brenda Albrecht, who enjoyed Level 1 and private with Seely

Metrik does a wonderful job of giving very personal and focused advice on ways to improve my communication with Callie even when the class is full. He always patient and listens as well as he instructs. If you want to challenge your dog, you need to attend classes at Zoom Room.

- Fred G., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Callie

We have learned a lot and Athena loves class!

- Marla britt, who enjoyed Puppy obedience with Athena

Lots of fun! I particularly liked the level of activity and pacing of the class - not too slow with a lot of "talking", as some classes can end up suffering from. Not this class, which had the right amount of instruction and activity and was, as such, well suited to my dog! I would recommend Urban Herding for toy motivated, energetic, or dogs who love to work!

- Jen, who enjoyed Urban Herding with Mort

I thought 50 minutes wouldn't be enough to learn very much, but was pleasantly surprised at how much fun and how many things my dog and I learned! The instruction was kept low-key and up-beat and there was absolutely no pressure to meet too high of an expectation. The whole focus was to let the dog have fun while learning new things and because of that, my happy, but sometimes cautious little pup was very successful and we both had such a great time! Thank you!

- Debbie, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Gizmo

Metric is a very professional trainer with great attention to detail and wonderful customer service. He is very calm and obviously a great dog lover. Great trainer. Plan on taking more classes with him.

- Terrie Ritter, who enjoyed beginning and intermediate with Cooper

Enjoyable class. Instructor is very encouraging and knowledgable

- Susan Pipkin, who enjoyed Puppy preschool with Hazel

Excellent class! Was shown how to work up to several exercises in small steps so the dog can have positive experiences.

- Ann Patterson-Hine, who enjoyed CGC with Carly

We love the instructor, Metrik, he is patient and kind and makes you feel at home. He also seems to love what he does and the dogs which makes the experience even better. We like the way he incorporates some agility into obedience classes to make it fun for the dogs as well as the owners.

- Kim Owens

We found this class very informative. Kim helped us understand how dogs think and how to get Daisy to do things we didn't think she would trust us or any one else enough to do. Since Daisy is very food motivated, we were able to get her to spin, roll over, run over ramps, etc. She also trusted others to give her food.

- Pat Moore, who enjoyed Shy dog class with Daisy

Bella and I enjoy Zoom Room very much. It's great when we can do things together like this; it strengthen our bond. Metrik is a great instructor who is always patient and very consistent with training the dogs and us humans. I wish I would have started her on this sooner.

- Lisa, who enjoyed Agility 1,2,3 with Bella Rose

I like the location of the center, and I love the flexibility of scheduling classes one at a time when it is convenient. The equipment is new and clean and classes are small so lots of individual attention. Just opened and saw it in the paper so decided to try it out.

- Cindy Castillo, who enjoyed orientation, obedience, agility 1, agility 2 with Coco

It's been great. I'm able to practice what we do in class at home. The classes are affordable and I love that they have treats and toys at the studio.

- Jena, who enjoyed obedience 1 with stella

Zoom Room is a very positive and friendly environment to spend time with your dog. Our dogs always look forward to going to class , and they love doing their "homework".

- Sybil Slavin, who enjoyed Scent, urban herding, Pup-lates, agility, private gym with Corbu & Zaha

Very enjoyable. The instructor always was in control. I felt very relaxed & so was Charlie. I highly recommend the Campbell location.

- Gene Ammon, who enjoyed Obedience with Charlie

My pup gets super excited every time we drive into the parking lot. He absolutely loves the Zoom Room! We definitely feel apart of this community and I love that they offer a variety of classes at different levels.

- Abby, who enjoyed Obedience 1+2, agility 1, small breed meet up with Fluff

The classes were fun and work BUT so helpful to my dog,me And Our relationship. The instruction went by so easily it was surprising that they flew by. Great mix of exercise with regular water breaks-different than other places in a GOOD WAY!

- Spike Russell, who enjoyed Pup-lates with BOOM'r

The intro and 5 classes we've taken were fun. Kella seems to have an aptitude for agility. I hope to continue with classes, and try new ones soon. The staff are warm and helpful. Very easy to get information or make changes when needed.

- M. M.

We have been going to Zoom Room for a while now and it seems to only get better with every class we take. It is nice to have the same instructor all the time because he gets to know you and your dog which makes the whole experience more personal and fun.

- Kim Owens, who enjoyed Scent with Otis

Ginny LOVES agility and Kim is a wonderful instructor: focused, caring, attuned to each dog's personality, and she always trains with positive reinforcement. Ginny and I look forward to more training at Zoom Room in the future.

- Diane Dreher, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Ginny

Kim is very knowledgeable instructor. I like her class a lot.

- Dimitry Ivensky, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Hogan

Robin is such a great instructor! She is great with the pups and humans as well =) The class is easy going and a relaxed pace, which is perfect for me and my dog. She keeps it fun and interesting. Sunny seems more well behaved in general when we regularly attend classes, it is a great exercise for her mind & body.
We look forward to more classes and more learning.

- Kimmy, who enjoyed Agility with Sunny

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