Marley and Me: The Puppy Years
| Aug 2nd, 2011

Join us on Saturday, August 13, to celebrate the release of Marley and Me: The Puppy Years in a canine wonderland at The Grove in Los Angeles. There will be dogs available for adoption, contests, giveaways, treats and booths from a wide variety of vendors of dog services and products. All of this will culminate in a free screening of the movie, produced by Fox Studios.

A movie night for you and your dog!
| Jun 8th, 2011

There’s a new documentary coming to Austin called “Worst In Show” that follows 4 dogs on their journey to the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest!

Dog Fancy: Dog Star
| Apr 5th, 2011

The March 2011 issue of Dog Fancy magazine examines the realities of getting your dog into show business. Is your dog the next star? How hard is it to become a movie dog?

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2
| Feb 1st, 2011

Today marks the release of the Disney movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, and we’re delighted that Clyde the Komondor, our Zoom Room mascot, has a cameo appearance!

Two Dogs Celebrated Special Days At The Zoom Room
| Apr 26th, 2010

Chase Chang and Emma Sotelo chose the Zoom Room as their celebration destination last weekend.

Marmaduke – The Movie
| Apr 21st, 2010

Today for the first time we saw the trailer for the new Marmaduke movie. We were delighted to discover that it features none other than our very own unofficial Zoom Room Mascot, Clyde Orange.

“The Back Up Plan” Stars Rescue Dogs
| Apr 15th, 2010

J-Lo’s new movie, “The Back Up Plan” stars three rescued Boston Terriers and raises awareness about adoptions.

Best Dog Video
| Mar 3rd, 2010

This is simply the best dog video ever. A perfect commercial for the Zoom Room with all the joys of dogs jumping. Created by Pleix, with music by Vitalic.

The Fido Awards: Honoring Movie Dogs
| Nov 25th, 2009

Here in L.A., movie producers have the good sense to put talented dogs to work in the movies. We’re not just talking Marley & Me or Hotel for Dogs. Can you imagine As Good As It Gets without the pooch? The right droop of a tail or cock of a head is box office gold. But speaking of gold, where are the statuettes for the unsung canine movie stars?

Turns out they’re in England, home to the Third Annual Fido Awards.

Walking a Dog Celebrity
| Sep 16th, 2009

Pawparazzi are quick to spot a dog celebrity, or a sometimes a dog who’s just so shaggy and bizarre, like our Komondor Clyde, that he may as well be a celebrity dog!

It’s Me or the Dog – Animal Planet
| Feb 28th, 2009

The Zoom Room will be featured as the training locale for the hit series It’s Me or the Dog on Animal Planet, a training show in which dog trainer Victoria Stilwell helps out hapless dog owners.