Beautiful Bella Becomes January’s Dog of the Month
| Jan 14th, 2013

Big, beautiful Bella is honored as the first Dog of the Month for 2013.

2012′s Last Dog of the Month
| Dec 5th, 2012

Mini Aussie takes major strides and earns December’s Dog of the Month title.

November’s Dog of the Month
| Nov 12th, 2012

November’s Dog of the Month, Hudson, serves as Chief Entertainment Officer, Chief Security Officer, and main affection giver at his dad’s work.

October’s Dog of the Month Rises to Occasion
| Oct 15th, 2012

Sierra has climbed a mountain of obstacles to become a charming little lady and October’s Dog of the Month.

Scarlett the Skateboarding Pyrenees!
| Sep 12th, 2012

Scarlett is a a recent graduate of Tricks 2, can Hang Ten on a skateboard and especially enjoys “play dead.”

Have You “Herd” About September’s Member of the Month?
| Sep 9th, 2012

Border Collie Mix, Zoey, loves doing Agility as much as she loves watching the Raiders play football.

August’s Dog of the Month
| Aug 14th, 2012

Duncan was abandoned in Palm Desert as a puppy. Fortunately, he was smart enough to follow someone home and into the hearts of his parents.

Introducing August’s Dog of the Month!
| Aug 2nd, 2012

August’s Dog of the Month will melt your heart. Gertie is a cute 4 month old German Shepherd puppy and she captured the “Get Wet!” theme really well.

July’s Dog of the Month Runs Circles Around … and Around
| Jul 13th, 2012

July’s Dog of the Month will make your head spin.

July’s Dog of the Month!
| Jul 9th, 2012

Dreamer, a Golden Retriever, is one of the Dogs of Summer – as our dog of the month for July. She really loves her tennis ball!

Pazuzu, the Amazing Diving Dog!
| Jun 20th, 2012

Pazuzu Hatch, Zoom Room Austin’s Dog of the Month, is a one-year old Snoodle who looks a lot like a teddy bear. She excels at Urban Herding and loves to swim!

June’s Member of the Month
| Jun 10th, 2012

June’s Member of the Month is a small dog with a bundle of energy.

May 2012 – Dog of the Month
| Jun 7th, 2012

Our Dog of the Month is Vera, a rescued two year old Border Collie mix. She loves doing tricks!

April’s Dog of the Month 2012
| May 7th, 2012

Our Dog of the Month is Bonnie, a 15-month old Standard Poodle. She loves jumping through her hoop, which she learned to do in Tricks class.

April’s Dog-of-the Month Contest
| Apr 25th, 2012

Spring is here, and summer’s not far behind. While you are out and about enjoying the gorgeous spring weather, take a photo and share it with us!