Zoom Room Appleton Grand Opening Celebration
| Dec 19th, 2014

Grand Opening January 17th! $5 Agility classes, Doggie Disco Party

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway
| Dec 5th, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Join us from December 10th – December 23rd while we celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas (minus Friday because we are closed.).  We are offering several ways to take home goodies from Zoom Room Longmont for just shopping with us! Each day we will post on our Facebook page the […]

Zoom Room Grand Opening in Orange County
| Aug 15th, 2013

Brand New Dog Training and Social Center Opens in Orange County. Grand Opening August 24th-25th. $5 Agility Classes!

Pet Product News International
| Mar 11th, 2013

Reporter Wendy Bedwell-Wilson spoke with Zoom Room founders Mark and Jaime Van Wye about the company’s history, concept, services offered and future plans.

Pamper Your Pup This Sunday
| Apr 30th, 2012

Come to Spring Fling on Sunday, May 6. Enjoy pizza and drinks while your dog is pampered with grooming and massages.

Eight Days of Chanukah, One Day of Christmas
| Nov 22nd, 2011

Come see us and take advantage of our “Eight days of Chanukah, one day of Christmas” sales! Also, check out our stress relieving classes through the holidays.

Importance of Oral Hygiene for your Dog
| Nov 14th, 2011

Keeping your dogs teeth clean is a vital part of keeping them healthy. Dental disease, which includes plaque and tarter build-up, can damage the teeth and gums and eventually affect the whole body. Bacteria from inflamed gums can enter the blood stream and affect major organs.

Traveling and Your Dog
| Nov 9th, 2011

Traveling during the holidays can mean planning ahead to provide accommodations for your dog whether you are leaving them at home, kenneling them, or taking them with you.

Life is Better With A Little Dog Hair
| Nov 9th, 2011

Turn your dog’s excess hair into a luxurious and warm sweater, scarf, or pair of mittens.

What Not to Share: Turkey Day Don’ts
| Nov 7th, 2011

Thanksgiving is a great day to enjoy with your family and your best friend. Be sure to watch what your dog consumes as many holiday foods are not good for your dog.

Fastest Growing Dog Sport
| Oct 31st, 2011

The sport of Dog Agility is one of the fastest growing dog sports in the world. It was not too long ago that the idea of Dog Agility was born. In 1978 at the Crufts Dog Show in London, John Varley, was given the task for coming up with the entertainment for the audience between the obedience and confirmation competitions. Varley along with dog trainer Peter Meanwell presented a jumping-style course similar to something of the equestrian world.

Importance of Dog Seat Belts
| Oct 30th, 2011

Most dogs love to go for a ride in the car! For humans there are laws that require us to wear a seat belts, unfortunately that’s not the case for our dogs. A loose dog in a car can become a major distraction for the driver. The split second a driver takes their attention away from the road to focus on their dog could lead to an accident.

Low Cost Microchipping? Absolutely
| Sep 30th, 2011

Zoom Room Culver City now offers low cost microchipping!

Microchipping…an added piece of mind
| Sep 14th, 2011

One way to help increase the chances of a safe return of your lost dog is to consider having him microchipped. A microchip is a very tiny electronic chip (about the size of a grain of rice) that is injected just under the skin between the shoulder blades with a small hypodermic needle.

Surfs Up!
| Sep 8th, 2011

Traveling to South Florida and looking for dog friendly vacation spot? Sunny skies year round, S.Florida beaches and hotels are perfect for your next get away.