Baby and Dog
| Nov 15th, 2010

Bringing home baby can be an exciting time for everyone in the household. The one exception may be your dog. A new baby, thrilling for parents, can be a source of tremendous anxiety for your dog, who may find that his world has been completely upended. However, with a little careful planning, most dogs adapt quite readily to the new arrival, and some absolutely adore babies.

Dog Digging
| Nov 12th, 2010

Digging dogs can cause all kinds of problems in the home, which can range from mildly irritating to downright dangerous. While wrecked flowers and ruined landscaping is expensive, a dog that digs to escape the yard can easily become lost or even killed.

Skateboarding Dog
| May 10th, 2010

Jaime Van Wye, founder of the Zoom Room, is interviewed on the popularity of the Skateboarding Dog. Teaching your dog to skateboard is part of Tricks Training class, and also something you can try right at home.

How to Give a Dog a Pill
| Oct 9th, 2009

Has this ever happened to you? You need to give your dog a pill – a vitamin, heartworm, aspirin – some sort of repulsive-tasting pill. You think you’re clever. You hide it in your dog’s favorite food. Your dog happily gobbles it up. You think you’re brilliant; you’re feeling relieved. Then your dog spits out the tiny pill and trots away.

Get him off of me!
| Oct 3rd, 2009

Jumping is one of the most common behavior problems seen by dog trainers, and it can be an irritating habit to break. While cute – or at least seemingly innocuous when your dog is small – once your 80-pound Labrador leaps upon the house guests while you scream, “Don’t worry! He’s friendly!” things can get quickly out of hand.

Clicker Training
| Oct 1st, 2009

Just what is clicker training? Many dogs owners are hearing about this “new” style of positive-reinforcement training, and it’s become the training style of choice for most puppy classes, but few really know what it’s all about.

Introducing a New Dog
| Sep 28th, 2009

Bringing home a new dog can be exciting for you, but your resident dog may have a differing view on the new arrival. Just as human babies can disrupt the balance at home and create behavioral issues for younger children dealing with a new sibling, a new puppy or dog can wreck havoc on your home’s serenity. Introducing a new dog into the household appropriately can go a long way toward making sure the transition is a smooth one.