I was emotionally and mentally shutting down and my mom couldn’t smell!
| September 13th, 2012

Meet Hampton

HamptonThis submission is by Jodi, whose everyday Hero Dog is Hampton, a Boxer.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

Long story short – after breaking up with an old boyfriend who I dated over 3 years, I also found out I would not be graudating on time because I was 6 credits short of the graduation requirements. Slowly getting over the break up and the fact my 5 year college plan was now a 6 year plan – my apartment caught on fire. Bad electrical wires running through the wall and plug that my TV was hooked up too. My roommate and I lost everything but  our clothes – it took 3 weeks to get the apartment back to move in condition, when it was time my roommate said she would not be moving back in with me – a week later I bought Hampton. I had always wanted a boxer put lived in places that didn’t allow pets or with people who didn’t want them around. I made the 10 hour round trip to pick up a 6 pound licking wiggling machine – prays answered. Hampton made everything easier because now all my attention was focused on “my little boy”, and how to give him the best life. When Hampton was 5 months old my mom had moved in with us. She had her thyroid taken out some years ago and as a side effect she lost her since of smell. She was cleaning up the apartment and baking christmas cookies before we left for vacation – when Hampton came in and started acting werid. He was whinning, poking and pushing her with his nose, running back and forth to the kitchen – this is when she remember the cookies and saw the smoke down the hall. Since she couldn’t smell the buring cookies she had no clue what was going on until he told her. Since our move to North Carolina Hampton has done this two more times and mom has given up baking.  All in all Hampton is one of the best things that has happened to myself and my mom, I wouldn’t trade him for anything!

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Amy Norman (Roxie's Mom) writes:

Hampton gets my vote!

Aleta (Baxter's mom) writes:

Hampton is an adorable hero!!! So happy he passed his Canine Good Citizenship test too! Congratulations!

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