Is Agility Training good for…?
| November 21st, 2011

Dog Agility FAQ’s

Dog AgilityIf you are wondering what the benefits of agility training are (besides FUN), keep reading…

Is agility training good for… my high-energy dog?
Yes! Agility training is great for burning off energy because is exercises them mentally as well as physically. If you have a high-energy dog you know that a tired pup is a lovable pup! Try out an agility class and see the results for yourself!

Is agility training good for… my rescue/shy dog?
Yes! Agility will help a shy or timid dog gain confidence. We use only positive reinforcement training methods (i.e. lots of treats) at the Zoom Room. When a timid dog conquers a new obstacle on their terms it can be an extremely rewarding and confidence-building experience for them. If your dog is extremely anxious or fearful we might recommend our Shy Dog class first, which also incorporates some beginning agility.

Is agility training good for… my really smart dog?
Yes! Agility is a great mental challenge for you and your dog. He will learn to take cues from you, completing obstacles and courses, while you both have a great time!

Is agility training good for… my small dog?
Absolutely! Small dogs have as much fun as large dogs, maybe even more! Just wait until you see them flying over jumps, shimmying through the weave poles and prancing down the dog walk!

Is agility training good for… my large dog?
Once again, yes! Agility training can help your large dog with coordination. So if you have a gentle giant or a clumsy lab, give it a try!

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