Scent Dogs find bed bugs…or just your keys!
| December 30th, 2011

Scent Training provides new purpose for this rescue dog!

Click here to watch a video.

Canine scent training (also called nose work) is used for search and rescue, to sniff out drugs, to identify rogue vegetables coming into the country (the infamous Beagle Brigade), and even to sniff out bed bugs!

While the usefulness to humans of such activities is clear, scent training also provides benefits and fun for the dog! If your dog needs a challenge, but can’t (or just doesn’t want to) handle the physical demands of agility, scent training can be a great alternative. Zoom Room’s scent discrimination class will teach your dog to discriminate between two different scents (birch and anise). Then you can use these scents to have your dog help you find things around the house…all while you dog has a blast!

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