Zoom Room Charlotte’s first Dog of the Month…
| February 7th, 2012

Meet Eloise…

Zoom Room Charlotte’s 1st Dog of the Month!

Eloise with Spinny

Eloise, showing off how fast she can learn the Spinny game

Eloise closeup

Do we have to leave, Mom?

According to owner, Christina, Eloise LOVES Zoom Room! She is a 1-1/2-year-old Jack Russel/Beagle mix, who likes┬áher Galileo bone and chew treats…especially Himalayan Yak Milk chews! Her best trick is “Gimme Paw” (at least until she comes back for Tricks class).

The prize…

Eloise will receive an assortment of chew treats (including a Himalayan, of course) for her prize!

Thank you for all the adorable submissions…you made it hard to choose!
(Don’t forget to include your answers to the questions with your photo.)

Diesel Grant (Shy Dog)
Allie Scruggs (Obedience 1)
Edgar Johnson (Shy Dog)
Hope Dupuy (Obedience 2)
Goldie Thomasson (Puppy Agility)
Jewel Martinek (on break after Agility 1)

February’s Dog-of-the-Month Theme:

February’s theme is “Zoom Room Aftermath”…just post a photo of your dog in their favorite relaxation pose after class on our Facebook page, along with answers to the following questions:

  • What’s your dog’s favorite toy?
  • Favorite snack?
  • Best trick?
  • Favorite class at the Zoom Room?
  • Breed
  • Gender
  • Age (your dog’s, not yours!)

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