Zoom Room on Fox Charlotte News!
| December 19th, 2011

Zoom Room on Fox Charlotte News!

Over the A-frame and through the tunnel to the table for a treat we go!  Welcome to the Zoom Room in Ballantyne.  “This makes her a much better family partner, family member,” says east Charlotte resident Juanita Young of her rescue dog.  “Molly” is 2 years old and full of puppy energy.  Working on obedience at the Zoom Room has helped at home, too.  The dog used to run off when she got out of the backyard.  “Now she will come and sit at my feet, wait for her treat and wait for me to put the leash back on her,” says Young.

Zoom Room four-legged clients came out for a fun afternoon and showed off what they have learned in Agility classes this fall. Our stars of the day (in order of appearance):

Miss Trixie Delight Walker (with Alice)
Lizzie Lane (with Janet)
Molly Young (with Juanita)
Jewel & Lync Martinek (with Maureen)
Powder Heiks (with Jimi)
Flurry Knicely (with Melissa)
Sarah Storm (with Suzanne) and Camo Raines (with Steve)

Thanks for coming out everyone and we hope to see you all in the new year!

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