Chicago Animal Advocacy Examiner
| March 26th, 2012

Chicago Animal Advocacy Examiner

Max A Pooch gives Zoom Room four barks as the best new dog franchise idea!

Keith Sanderson, Sidekick of Max A Pooch, the famous Chicago recycled pooch who recycles himself, interviews Zoom Room Founder Jaime Van Wye about looking for a local franchisee to bring the Zoom Room brand to Chicago. Sanderson tells readers that the novel idea is “well thought out,” and said he bets that Chicago will soon be home to a franchise.

Zoom Room franchise owners must do more than just love dogs. Franchise owners who love dogs but who have poor people skills is a business model that’s a recipe for disaster. Working with dogs is working with people. It is more about teaching people than it is about training dogs. It’s a teach the teacher process, not a teach the dog process.

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Joan Eisen writes:

I am trying to find a therapy dog training facility in Connecticut.

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