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Zoom Room Claremont Reviews

Although we're satisfied with happily wagging tails, we love to hear from happy dog owners, too! The Zoom Room is committed to providing you with the very best dog training available.

Here are a few of the reviews, testimonials and class evaluations of our dog trainers.

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It was great! The instructor was super helpful and the one-on-one time was perfect. The last obedience class I had been to does not even compare to the class at Claremont. I will be recommending this place to anyone.

- Kelly Fortney, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Roo

Very positive, enjoyable and insightfull. Learned and experienced first hand the value of positive re-enforcement.

- Virginia Corral, who enjoyed Come when Called with Mia

As a handler I enjoyed the class size because I felt I was receiving personal instruction every week. The activities were challenging and fun. Angela was very helpful and her postive feedback and encouragement was very important for me. I learned a great deal about myself and my dog during these sessions. The most important is that my dog and I are a better team now. Thank you!

- denise funk, who enjoyed Therapy Dog with Annie

We love zoom room, so sorry our location is closing!!!

- Melissa, who enjoyed Obiedence, Agility with Kenzie

Learned a lot. Thank you!

- Nancy Morales, who enjoyed Obedience 2-3 with Dogo Morales

Ellie and I had a great time participating in Agility 1. She learned so much and it was a great outlet for her high energy level!

- Amy, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Ellie

Agility 3: Mochi loves the A-frame! He ran a perfect course and he is actually building speed. Gia is a great instructor and she has no problem cheering the dogs through the course. Angela is patient and she gives special attention to detail. Both instructors are knowledgeable and kind. Private 1/2 hr.: Gia is patient as I prepare to take AKC's CGC test. She's given me some great tips to help Mochi succeed in passing. CGC class: Gia focuses on problems areas that need work and she makes the classes fun for both owners and dogs.

- Ellen, who enjoyed Agility 3, Private 1/2 hr., CGC with Mochi

Angela is very patient with us. I don't feel a lot of pressure and we are learning and having a fun time.

- Ann Davis, who enjoyed Agility and Come When Called with Paddy

We have taken our dogs here for the large breed meetup and for reserved play time. Both of my dogs, large and small enjoyed their time here. They played with the agility equipment, met friends here, and found some great items in their store. Angela makes the most scrumptious doggy donuts. There were different types, soft, and obviously delicious based on how much the dogs loved them. We have a friend that likes this place too. His dog is taking classes. We are all looking forward to the Halloween party.

- Jason S., who enjoyed Meetups and Private Gym with Billy

It's been a great experience. Abby is responding to the clicker commands more quickly than I expected she would. She is still trying to over come her anxiety that she has had in class - but I think that Gia has given me some great ideas of how to help her over come this. My grandson(9 yr old) has noticed that Abby responds to him in class with the clicker/treat idea. He really enjoys her training time more now.

- Kathy Backhaus, who enjoyed Basic Manners with Abby

My dog Sophie is a shy dog. The Shy Dog Workshop really brought her out of her shell. Since the workshop, she moved on to taking Obedience classes and is now enrolled in Agility training. She really enjoys going to the classes and seems to be having fun. I highly recommend the Claremont Zoom Room to anyone looking for classes for their dog(s). The instructors really know what they are doing.

- Kathie Watkins, who enjoyed Shy Dog Workshop, Obedience, and Agility with Sophie

My puppy and I attended various puppy classes and we both enjoyed every minute!

- Jenn, who enjoyed Puppy classes with Gertie

In addition to taking Obedience 1, I also did a private lesson with my dog, Zoey. She is an 85 pound German shepherd. She is a dog that was in desperate need of socializing with everything. She is naturally afraid of things and was getting aggressive because of it. Angela, her trainer, worked very hard to accommodate her and gave several options for us to get past her fears. Zoey has made great strides and is doing much better with everything. I am so glad that Angela helped because Zoey was to the point of me being afraid to take her out of the house.

- Cristy R., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Zoey

We brought our 14 month old doberman here for obedience/manners classes with Gia.


She has a great communication style with pets and owners and her recommendations for our dog worked like a charm. Within a week, after incorporating some of Gia's suggestions into our daily routines at home (which were effortless and took little to no time), our dog's behavior had been powerfully impacted.

We hope to continue classes with Gia and are very confident that she will teach us and our dog all of the behaviors, tricks and discipline listed on their website. This place is definitely worth looking into!


- Keara D, who enjoyed Obedience 1 & 2 with Kcayla

Zoom Room is amazing!! Very friendly staff, clean and welcoming environment. Angela is a fantastic instructor and does great work with the dogs.

- Melissa Gran, who enjoyed Puppy preschool and puppy obedience with Cali

Angela is GREAT!! So good with all the dogs and people. It is a big loss to Zoom Room to have the Claremont store closing at the end of this month. I responded "Yes" to the next two questions if there was going to be a Zoom Room close to me; however, that will not be the case by the end of the month.

- Linda Vance, who enjoyed Shy; Agility 1 & 2; Scent; private gym with Kayla

Really enjoyed it. Plan on continuing just for the fun of it.

- Beverly, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Sampson

Excellent training programs, and instructors. Dave taught Agility 3, and Angela taught Agility 2 before that. These were excellent classes for Sallie, who is a very loving but hyperactive grown-up puppy ( almost 1 year old). Both of these instructors know how to read animal behavior and were often able to prevent any negative interactions among the dogs. Sallie always announced her presence with excited barking when she arrived for class, but calmed down to do her routines.
It would be better to have the Agility Classes earlier in the day, because of fatigue after work. However both Sallie and I really enjoyed classes, and I may have learned more than Sallie.

- Sandra Stuckey, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Sallie Muddie Paws Stuckey-Hulll

Paddy and I enjoy learning agility together. Angela is a patient and great instructor.

- Ann Davis, who enjoyed Agility and Come When Called with Paddy

Diva looks forward to her classes as do I. She is a rescue dog who has gained focus, new skills, and confidence since she has gone to the Zoom Room. She has learned so much! Gia has been her trainer and she is able to help Diva and me in positive ways. She makes the classes fun and purposeful. I have learned so much also.
Angela is a wonderful leader and has provided a variety of interesting classes. The Zoom Room is a clean, attractive place with well chosen products for purchase. Our community benefits greatly by having the Zoom Room in Claremont. I am thankful to Angela for the opportunity to go to the Zoom Room. There is no better place for learning and fun.

- Kathryn Vickers, who enjoyed Obedience 4 and Agility 4 with Diva

We enjoyed coming to this class. It was never boring and did not feel repetitive. I really enjoyed the individualized attention to correct my handling, and the extra support in training my dog on the equipment. As a teacher I differentiate instruction for my students, and for the first time feel like I received the same style of instruction here.

- Hollie, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Lola

Gia has a true passion for working with dogs, she is able to effectively coach me to get my dog to complete the tasks accurately. My dog really enjoys attending the classes, thanks Gia.

- Lisa Nicely, who enjoyed Agility with Crikit

We LOVE the Zoom Room! Each class gives us valuable information that we are able to take with us and practice at home. Kobe loves going there and so do we!

- Laura Van Dran, who enjoyed 3 levels of obedience, calm down workshop and Friday meet ups with Kobe

Great experience - knowledgeable instruction, patient with owners -who need as much training as the dogs do! Excellent with the dogs - professional and personable.

- Pauline, who enjoyed Obedience, Agility, Pet Therapy, meet ups.... with Cinta

We love puppy preschool. Especially Romeo! The is our second week and it is an enjoyable time for both of us. Our teacher is knowledgeable and encouraging. Romeo is ready for obedience next. Can't wait to come back again next week.

- Pamela Simpson, who enjoyed Puppy pre school with Romeo

All is great. Thanks.

- Deb Smith, who enjoyed puppy preschool with Tazi

Zoom Room has been a great experience. Gia has been very helpful in helping me understand Batman's behavior. Gia thoroughly explains what is expected of my dog and of myself. Her calm demeanor has been very beneficial in the dog training process. Thank you Zoom Room

- Nancy Burbott, who enjoyed Obedience 2 and Agility with Batman

We have had a wonderful experience here at the Claremont Zoom Room! Instructors are great and it's nice to have agility equipment for the dogs as well as the retail store all in one place! My dog loves coming here.

- Elaine Hulderman, who enjoyed Obedience 1, 2 and Puppy Play and Learn with Hank

I see tremendous improvement in my weimaraner puppy, Lucia. She is gaining confidence and she is excited to go to class. I'm also confident that she will be well-mannered when I take her to public places.

- Q. L. P., who enjoyed Come When Called

It has been a great help to ozzy and me. He has begun to blossom into the dog that his spirit meant him to be. We are both happy.

- randall vickers, who enjoyed Agility and obedience with ozzy

Just a few days ago was Abby's class and Gia remarked that she could see a big improvement in her behavior! We have been working hard with Abby to get her to the point she is now. I give Gia all the credit for helping us with her & giving us the direction that was needed to calm & train Abby. Yeah! It was all worth while & I proudly recommend Zoom Room to everyone at the doggy park!

- Kahthy Backhaus, who enjoyed obedience 1 & 2 with Abby

Joi had a great time in agility. She seems to enjoy the courses, and it has given us a way to bond with our shy adopted rescue dog. Joi had a lot of fears and anxiety, and she has become much less suspicious of people and other dogs. She has become more outgoing and social with other dogs after attending agility 1 through 4 classes. The staff at the Zoom room are great! I would recommend agility for those who want to work on strengthening their leadership skills with their dog, and to help build a trusting relationship with their dog.

- Debbie H, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Joi

Great job , Bobby - but really I learned allot

- Steve & Kathryn Hammitt, who enjoyed beginning with Bobby

We have attended classes at the Zoom Room for one year. Each class has been excellent. I have learned so much and Diva has enjoyed each class. Angela is very professional and makes each class a learning experience and fun, too.
My husband has had the same positive experience taking our other dog Ozzy to classes for one year.
I am deeply disappointed that the Zoom Room in Claremont will not continue. There is nothing else in the area that meets the excellence of the Zoom Room directed by Angela Sousa.

- Kathryn, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Diva

Gia was great and Cerberus and I learned alot!! The training room is kept very clean and the staff are always professional.

- Juanita Amaya, who enjoyed dog obedience with Cerberus

Pleasant experience, very helpful for Ozzy. Gia is kind, and well organized. Good socialization with the other dogs.

- Randall Vickers, who enjoyed obedience, agility with Ozzy

Bubba is our first dog which is considered a bully breed and we have grandchildren and small dogs. Our American Bulldog is so socialized because of this class and the advice I have gotten from the instructors..WE LOVE THE ZOOM ROOM

- Debbie Golden, who enjoyed Puppy obedience with Bubba

It's always a great space to do some dedicated training work with my dog. It's harder to do this on a daily basis,so the classes allow guided work. That's what I like best about it. Trainers are great and clear in their instructions and rationale for how to communicate with my dog. I've enjoyed being part of this community since starting in September 2013.

- Dionne Espinoza, who enjoyed obedience 2 with Pochacco

We are very happy with our experience at zoom room. We love Gia. Gia has given us very good tips & ideas to help us with our pit. Very satisfied. THANK YOU Gia

- M'Liss & Charles Hill, who enjoyed obidence 2 with Terrah

Very positive experience. Gia was very helpful and gave good suggestions that helped me understand how to help Diva and Ozzy improve. The dogs enjoyed the classes as did my husband and I. When we say "training" they run to the door ready to go to class with enthusiasm. Gia is an excellent teacher and gives specific suggestions that work well and quickly.

- Kathryn Vickers, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and 2 with Diva and Ozzy

We are having a blast. Gia is the best!!

- Sandie Alford, who enjoyed scent and agilitiy with Harvey

We just love zoom room! We go there with both of our goldens to buy all our food and toys. We have also done the "come when called" class and the "senior agility class". But the best part is the parties, they are the most fun!! We get to meet all the other puppies (dogs) and their owners.

Angela is always a BIG help when we need counseling with our dog, Tigger on his various "issues", anxiety, stealing,etc. I always suggest Zoom Room to my friends and to strangers I meet with dogs. GO ZOOM ROOM!!!!

- Dorene H, who enjoyed Come When Called, Intro to Agility, Pup-lates and tons of parties and meetups with Tigger and Cali

The Zoom Room is the Nordstrom's of dog training! The training space is huge unlike some of the pet store training areas. We took our boxer puppies to puppy kindergarten and they learned (or should I say, we learned) their names, how to relax, and overall socialization with other dogs. Our puppies graduated with flying colors, or should I say flying collars!

Since that time we have taken them to obedience classes (they really needed this one) and often take them on a Sunday to the Gym. Yes, gym. You can rent the space for 30 minutes for $10 and your dog or puppy plays in the gym. It is really cool. Oh, they also have "meet-ups" for dogs. This is like networking for your pet.

I can't say enough - the Zoom Room is the place to take your dog, if you love them. No other place compares.

- Arvee, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool, Puppy Agility, Meetups and other events with Zeus and Zoee

We learned several techniques to correct problem behaviors. Really enjoyed the class!

- Ann Davis, who enjoyed Control Unleashed with Paddy

It was a pleasure. We are moving on to level 2.

- Dawn S, who enjoyed agility 1 with Kaya


- Kristen Hagstrom, who enjoyed agility classes with Zoey

Merlot and I have lots of fun in Agility 4!

- Janet Stoeckert, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Merlot

The classes were a good introduction to what my dog is going to need to do to pass the Therapy Dog test. I will need to do some follow-up to make sure we are a good owner/dog team so we can be of service to the people we would like to visit.

- Rosemary Tanner, who enjoyed Therapy Dog Training with Bailey

Great class that integrates real life situations with competitive games. Gia is an excellent instructor that is able to individualize training for each dog in a group setting. I will definitely be taking more classes when I return to California in the fall.

- B. S., who enjoyed Therapy Dog with Shelby

Erin White is an awesome instructor - so sad she is leaving for med school.

Erin does a great job pointing out minor issues, such as position and use of hands, positioning of the handler near obstacles, etc.

- Steve Casper, who enjoyed Most recently, Agility 2 with Misty

Benji goes to Zoom Room for his puppy agility class. He likes it a lot because it means he gets to eat plenty of treats. I like it because he (and I) get a good workout.

Because he's a puppy, he's not exactly weaving through the poles; he just walks down the middle. He is also not that fond of the tunnel (although a few treats is all the encouragement he needs). But I get so excited when he jumps over the bar with his short little legs or goes up and down the A-frame.

- Yi Z, who enjoyed Puppy Agility, Private Gym with Benji

It has been GREAT! I look at the Agility Training as an extension of the Shy Dog class for my timid Kayla, and her confidence is growing by leaps and bounds. Kayla enjoys the class time and I really like that it is a group class with other dogs and people.

- Linda Vance, who enjoyed Agility 1 and currently attending Agility 2 with Kayla

Love it! It is a clean and safe environment, small classes. We have been attending various venues for the past year. Enjoy the meet and greet small dog gatherings.

- Virginia Corral, who enjoyed Puppy, Agility & Agility 1 with Mia

We loved it! Love seeing Cali make progress in class!

- Melissa G, who enjoyed Obedience 3 with Cali

Love it! My dog's slow but he's getting it. The trainers are very nice, they know their stuff - great staff too.

- Amanda Didier, who enjoyed obedience 1 with Ziggy

Kasey & I really enjoyed the class. Angela made it fun & seemed to be able to improvise additional learning experiences when needed. Overall a great experience!

- Sheila K., who enjoyed Come When Called with Kasey

Jack was not socialized when we rescued him and was in serious need of training. Over the last 8 months the variety of classes with Gia have been great for us and Jack. He responded amazingly to the training and not only passed the CGC training the first time but is also going to test to be a therapy dog. Zoom Room has been so amazing for us!

- Melissa, who enjoyed Obedience1-3, therapy dog & come when called with Jack

Gia is a great instructor! Keeps the class moving and provides tons of fun.

- Annmarie & Amber, who enjoyed Agility level 3 with Athos

This class has been great. I especially enjoyed agility league. It complemented what we have been learning in class. I am excited to play agility blackjack as well. Cinch has enjoyed his time at Zoom Room and is learning so much from the instructors.

- Alina Amaral, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Cinch

I love your training classes, Jack is doing great!

- Melissa, who enjoyed Obedience with Jack

I had a great time! I was amazed at how well Nia responds when I work with her.

- Debra Figueroa, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Nia

It's been a great learning experience for Dreamer and myself. She has far exceeded my expectations on all that she has learned and everything is positive reward based. Our instructor is excellent and he makes the class fun for Dreamer. She loves to come to class and I enjoy it as much as she does.

- Diana Maberry, who enjoyed Pup-lates with Dreamer

I have loved coming to the Zoom Room in Claremont with Hank. Love the training.

- Elaine Hulderman, who enjoyed Obedience 2 and 3 . Agility 1 with Hank

These are great programs, great instructors, and benefit dogs and owners. Love the challenges in the higher level agility classes.

- Pauline, who enjoyed Obedience 4 and Agility 4 with Cinta

I've been coming with Sully to puppy classes since October and I've recently started bring him and my Westie over for private gym time. The puppy classes are awesome, they work with you to address any struggles you may have in your dogs' training and my puppy has been doing great.

My puppy aged out of the puppy agility class and I don't feel entirely comfortable with him going on to another agility class until he's at least at some more obedience training so we stopped those classes but we've been going to private gym time where they always leave us some agility equipment out so we can practice and Sully doesn't forget what he's learned. So far I've only worked with Angela, who is awesome, but we'll be starting Obedience 2 with Gia soon. I thoroughly enjoy bringing my dogs here and they love it too!

- Vivian, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience, Puppy Agility, Private Gym Time, Puppy Meet Up with Sullivan

We have been pleasantly pleased with all the classes and instructors at the Zoom Room.

- Ann Davis, who enjoyed Agility and Come When Called with Paddy

We had a great experience and Angela was very calm about Cooper being so anxious in class. We need to work on her social skills more and take more classes. Perhaps Cooper needs private lessons. Or perhaps me :)

- Sophia Valentine, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool with Cooper

Dreamer and I love this class. It is really fun and a good bonding experience for us. She has gained so much confidence with the equipment and always has fun. There is a nice combination of agility, games, massage and stretching. I like that this is something I can do with my senior dog. Angela has a lot of patience working with Dreamer and has got her to overcome many fears she had of the equipment.

- Diana Maberry, who enjoyed Pup-lates with Dreamer

I wish I had known about the Zoom Room when I had my previous dog. His life would have been much happier with this positive method of training. Titus is an extremely strong, high-energy Golden Retriever and a real challenge to train and control. But thanks to weekly classes at the Zoom Room, we are bonding, as owner-and-dog. I am learning a lot about how to motivate and train my canine companion. Titus is making progress with learning to be responsive and obedient, and we have made many dog and owner friends. I have recommended the Zoom Room to countless people---friends, casual acquaintances and people I meet at the dog park. Thank you, Angela, Gia and Jacob for the great help you are giving to people like me and to dogs like Titus.

- Judy Heffron, who enjoyed Obedience 1 & 2, Agility 1 & 2. Several Large Breed Meet-ups, 2 birthday parties, the Scent Class, the Calm Down class, and possibly other things I can't now remember with Titus

We have had a wonderful time at Zoom Room. Even though Sriracha is headstrong and inconsistent, she is the best dog and we know the training we underwent at Zoom Room is a huge reason why.

- Melody C, who enjoyed Puppy preschool/obedience, obedience 1/2/3, puppy and small dog meetups with Sriracha

Angela has been amazing! She really understands our dog's individual needs, and works with us to help us get the most out of each class. We will definitely take more classes with her!

- Matt E., who enjoyed Agility 1

We had taken our dog to Petsmart and did some training there. The training at Zoom Room is far more knowledgeable, professional, and friendly.

- Susan Liptak, who enjoyed Intermediate training, Canine Good Citizen, Therapy dog with Cinnamon

Very satisfactory. Angela is a true professional with a great deal of sensitivity. My dog loved the training!

- Barry Rich, who enjoyed Agility private with Shayna

Angela has done a wonderful job over the past four months getting my dog to overcome some of his issues. He has improved a lot and I am hopeful it will continue.

- Christi, who enjoyed Private Training for Shy Dog and Agility with Tucker

It was helpful. We've done two classes and are going back for two more.

- Lisa, who enjoyed beginning obedience with Daisy

We are making steady improvements under Angela's tutelage. The dogs have a blast and we all get some exercise and bonding time.

- Maggie, who enjoyed agility 4 with Zami & Desi

Both instructors are knowledgeable, consistant and patient. The facility is clean and well maintained. The experience is fun for my dog and he's learned a lot.

- Ellen Woods, who enjoyed Obedience 1, Obedience 2, Agility 1 with Mochi

Great experience, good step by step instruction

- Erin, who enjoyed therapy dog training, level 4 with Zeus

My dog took the Therapy Dog Class and it was presented in a fun way, which she enjoyed. There is a great offering of classes that are not held anywhere in this area. The facility is state of the art. There is also a nice store that carries high quality dog foods, treats, toys and accessories that are hard to find. My dog loved her trainer, Angela. She is very patient and caring with the dogs and the training is always positive. I will soon be taking my other dog there for a class. If you are looking for a unique place to train your dog, go and check out Zoom Room. This area really needed a place like this!

- Diana M., who enjoyed Therapy Dog

My dogs and I love the Zoom Room. We have taken the obedience and agility classes (tunnels, jumping through tires, climbing, etc.). My dogs and I have learned so much from these classes and the learning was actually fun.

The "calm dog" workshop really helped my golden work through his anxiety issues. We have also attended the "obedience games" and "large breed meetup" events which the dogs just love.

The room is large, air conditioned and clean with lots of equipment, toys, fresh water and treats available. They also sell dog supplies including some unique "brain" training toys", raw goat milk, healthy food and treats and other cool training tools. I got some bowls to help my dogs slow down their eating and some no pull harnesses that work great. (They even helped me fit the harnesses.)

The trainers are quite knowledgeable and very patient. They are dog owners and lovers themselves and frequently have one of their dogs attending the classes. I am amazed at how well their techniques work and how easily the dogs learn in the classes.

I am amazed and appreciate how clean, safe and comfortable the environment is. As you can see, we really love the Zoom Room and attend as frequently as possible.

- Jean L., who enjoyed lots of classes and events with Jazz, Jeep and Izzy

We were wanting to treat the boys to something new and fun in honor of Ramsay's birthday, and found out that Zoom Room will let you rent their gym space for 1/2 hour increments. So on this hot Saturday afternoon, an air conditioned gym/play space sure beats the dog park! We signed up and had the whole play area to ourselves for 1/2 an hour! There's lots of agility equipment and toys (even skateboards!) that the dogs can use, as well as lockers, bathrooms, and coffee for the humans. Charlie did well going through the tunnel and up and down the platforms. He wasn't so thrilled with jumping hurdles. And Ramsay liked chasing the tennis ball around and up and down the platforms. Then I took out the treat bag, and suddenly they were circus dogs and could do anything for a treat (except skateboard)!

Unless your dog is hyper (or you), 1/2 hour is about the right amount of time. We were all pretty pooped out, especially me! It was a good workout! And they have a nice shop with lots of great doggie supplies. We picked up a cute treat canister and of course, more treats! Looking forward to coming back! Arrrrooorooroo!

P.S. Charlie started to get an attitude, so i enrolled him in some obedience classes to refresh his memory. He did great! We enjoyed the classes and working with Angela and Erin. Also did some agility classes too! Lots of fun!

- Danmo H, who enjoyed Private Gym, Obedience 1 & 2, Agility 1 & 2 with Charlie and Ramsay

We love our classes. Paddy always has a good time while learning.

- Ann Davis, who enjoyed Agility and Come When Called with Paddy

Merlot and I love our class, learning new things and making friends at Zoom Room!

- Janet Stoeckert, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Merlot

We love going to class. A really fun way to spend time with Zero.

- Linda Williams, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Zero

It was a very informative class. Gia explained and demonstrated how to properly trim a dog's nails and at the end of the course I felt confident to trim my dogs' nails. I ordered a Dremel tool through Zoom Room and received it within a few days. I highly recommend this course to dog owners.

- Ellen Woods, who enjoyed Nail Trimming 101 Seminar with Mochi

We love Zoom Room, and especially Gia. Casey was a little nervous the first class and stayed away from the other dogs. After the first class with Gia she was ready for more and gets very excited to go to class. Casey has learned so much, and we look forward to obedience 2, and spending more time learning with Gia. Thanks Gia for all your help, you have made life much more enjoyable!

- Janice P, who enjoyed obedience 1 with Casey

Nicky loves her Agility class!

- Janet Stoeckert, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Nicky

Great experience. I'm learning a lot - my dogs are smarter than I am.

- Dorothy Egbert, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and 2 with Buddy and Pup

We attended first a Basic manners class then the following week Agility I very impressed with trainers knowledge and approach to training dogs. The equipment was utilized with all size dogs. The trainers used encouraging techniques to introduce the dogs to the new equipment.

- Susan Liptak, who enjoyed Basic Manners and Agility I with Cinnamon

Excellent and fun class. Patient teacher.

- Ann Davis, who enjoyed agility 3 with Paddy

Niko & I have enjoyed a great experience so far. We have moved on to Obedience 2, with Gia as the instructor.

- Craig V. Halcromb, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience with Niko

I just absolutely love their training facility and trainers. They are so supportive not only of my dog, but me too. They have provided amazing support and knowledge. When we, Lulu and I, have struggled, the trainers have gone out of their way to troubleshoot problems and be super supportive. For example, learning to down for my dog was difficult and we didn't know if it was a breed issue (doxies) or just this dog's issue. So, Gia searched out information outside of class and provided us with additional information to help us achieve this and move on. The staff and facility are amazing!

- Kris Barker, who enjoyed obedience 1, obedience 2, agility 1 with Lulu

Bella has fun, awesome class!

- Dale long, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Bella Blu

Just finished Agility 1 and moving on to Agility 2. Loving the classes. Angela is a great instructor. She is great with the dogs and truly wants all of us to be successful. I am also considering some of their other classes!

- Sylvia, who enjoyed Agility 1 and 2, Private Gym with Pepe

After having a good experience with the Canine Good Citizen test at the Hollywood Zoom Room, I found out about the new Zoom Room in Claremont, which was much closer for me. I was excited to continue Coco's training for the Therapy Dog certificate. I was not disappointed... The trainer covered many of the situations which we may encounter in the field, and the classes were fun for both of us. I'm happy to report that we passed our Delta Therapy Dog test the first time, with flying colors! Thank you Angela (& Stanley) for preparing us so well!

- Sue L., who enjoyed Therapy Dog with Coco

Wonderful experience

- Jodi smith, who enjoyed Obedience 1, obedience 2, puppy agility, doom room with Daltrey

Love this place. Staff are very friendly and caring of all dogs. They offer a large variety of classes for my pups needs. Right away they got an A+ for not discriminating against my dog a pitbull like most other places did. I will definitely continue to take my dog with Angela and Gia for as long as possible. Thank you in advance for all your help.

- Marcos, who enjoyed Puppy preschool with Whiskey

It was a great experience and could not ask for a better place to start dog training. I will definitely be telling everyone to take their dogs here.

- Bailey Hall, who enjoyed obedience 1 with Sydney

I have a very sweet but neurotic aussie mix who has been a challenge - previous dog training classes have told me that I needed to establish dominance; this has never worked. Gia's approach from the beginning was completely different - she approaches everything positively and her techniques worked. I have learned that my attempts at being "stern" or "dominant" have only riled him up and that he responds much better to a calm approach. I have also learned some basic techniques to help him walk better without getting so upset at every dog he sees and to attend to me better on a regular basis. Thank you Zoom Room and Gia for a happier dog and owner.

- Laurie, who enjoyed Obediance I, Controll Unleashed, Reactive Rover with Cajun

I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the Zoom Room. My shy dog is getting used to the space and trainer. We will even be attending the puppy socialization on Saturday.

- Cheri Sauter, who enjoyed Basic Manners with Bella

I was very impressed. We did a variety of simple exercises that gently engaged the dogs and educated the owners. The exercises built on each other and, with plenty of treats and positive verbal support, my Lucy became more confident and less "suspicious" of the humans in the class. Once the dogs were comfortable Angela introduced "surprises" and helped each dog adapt at her own pace. By the end of the class all the dogs and handlers were friends. Lucy is less skittish around strangers and she continues to improve as we practice what we learned in class.

- Q. L. Pearce, who enjoyed Shy Dog with Lucia

My dogs love the Zoom Room and so do I. We have learned so much and have had a great time while learning. We have enjoyed every class and event we have attended.

- Jean, who enjoyed Obedience, Calm Dog, Agility, Games, Free Play with Jazz & Izzy


- Pauline, who enjoyed agility 1 with cinta

Gia is an excellent instructor, providing lots of tips and tricks to help you and your dog master the tasks.

- Lisa, who enjoyed Agility with Crikit

I loved the Zoom Room and my Dog Harley did too! I took her there to try an agility class, and it was tons of fun. We plan on signing her up for more classes in the very near future. The trainers were very nice and helpful, they have a cute little shopping area with treats, toys, food and accessories. I bought a few cute little alligator treats that my dog loved. Over all a very pleasant experience: if my dog is happy then I am happy!

- Mallory L., who enjoyed Intro to Agility with Harley

Enrolling in formal classes and choosing Zoom Room was one of the best decisions I ever made in regards to my dogs. Even though I took Sully through pretty much all the obedience and agility classes, I still had my really stubborn 2 year old Westie at home. I dubbed him the "lost cause". But I took a chance anyway and brought him to Obedience 1, not really expecting much other than embarrassment (and maybe an accident). The first class was tough, he was really as stubborn as could be, no recall, nothing. In fact, I almost gave up after 1 class. But with practice and Angela & Gia's guidance, I've seen significant improvement between the 2nd and 3rd class. He actually listens now and comes when called! I love coming to Zoom Room, it's always a fantastic experience.

- Vivian, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience, Puppy Agility, Obedience 1-3, Agility 1-4, Small Dog Meetup, Private Gym with Sullivan & Finnegan

Wonderful staff, professional, organized, patient, creative, and thorough

- Pauline A, who enjoyed Obedience I,II, III small dog meet up, obedience games, agility with Cinta

Erin is great and a lot of fun. Joi enjoys agility, and has become more comfortable with things in her environment that previously made her fearful. Joi has become more confident and comfortable in class as well as out of class.

- Debbie, who enjoyed Agility 1 & 2 with Joi

We had a good experience. Sarai is a rescue from the pound, so it was a little difficult training with other dogs since this causes her anxiety. But Gia worked with her, a couple of times one on one. She is definitely better, and with a little more training I think Sarai will be more comfortable around other dogs. I am planning on enrolling her in the calm down class.

- Felicia Borrero, who enjoyed obedience 1 with Sarai

The Therapy Dog course was geared toward helping dogs and owners prepare for the Delta Society certification. The instructor was very knowledgable and has a therapy dog that volunteers at a local hospital. The instructor is firm and friendly and I felt I gained the skills to work with my dog with confidence. Agility was great fun for my dog and she has gained a lot of confidence and we have continued on with Agility 2. Agility is great for shy, timid, submissive, mild, meek type dog personalities because it really brings them out of their shells. I could really see my dog's self confidence growing every week, enjoying herself, literally smiling from ear to ear, and just being proud of her ability to navigate around and on objects.

- Denise, who enjoyed Agility 1, Therapy Dog with Lily

Angela is an amazing instructor! We have taken the Shy Dog class and Agility 1 with our dog, Riley, and Angela always goes out of her way to address individual concerns with us. She really understands dog psychology! We plan on taking many more classes with her. The facility itself is in the Old Schoolhouse in Claremont (right by Trader Joe's), so it is in a very safe area with easy parking. The storefront has lots of great toys and treats, which are perfect for a reward after a challenging class!

- Rebecca O., who enjoyed Shy Dog & Agility 1 with Riley

GREAT trainer!!! My dog loves his agility classes!!!!

- D.C., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Donut

This has helped my shy dog's confidence and continued socialization. She enjoys going to this weekly class.

- Denise Hurtado-Ruelas, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Lily

A fantastic experience - I have learned a great deal and my malti-poo has come to enjoy the experiences -so much so that she begins to show excitement before we drive in the parking lot. There is no where comparable for an excellent training experience in a safe environment that offers such a broad range of social and structured learning opportunities. Thank you Angela and Gia - you are great!!

- Pauline, who enjoyed advanced obedience and Agility (1,2,3 &4), pet therapy and basic CGC obedience with Cinta

Great instructor! Each dog is given multiple opportunities to find the treat that is hidden in one of the boxes spread out across the floor. Mochi enjoys sniffing out the prize!

- Ellen, who enjoyed Scent Class with Mochi

This class assured me that I was basically doing the right things for Kayla and helped me better understand a shy dog. I think using the techniques taught and time will help Kayla and me alot.

- Linda Vance, who enjoyed Shy Dog with Kayla

Delilah and I enjoy coming to our weekly agility classes. The classes are fun and relaxed at the same time. The instructors are very knowledgeable as well. It has been a very pleasurable experience.

- Lisa, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Delilah

Fred has taken many classes at the Zoom Room and we have participated in numerous special events. Fred lost his eyesight at the first of the year, the scent classes have been a godsend for all of us. He loves his classes and his new pals! We are looking forward to Missy's anniversary party on Sunday, Missy is Fred's new classmate and pal.

- Linda Washington, who enjoyed Recently we have participated in scent discrimination 1 and currently in scent 2 with Fred

Wonderful experience. Ozzy is so much happier. Very patient, and understanding

- randall vickers, who enjoyed Obedience, agility with Ozzy

The instructors are amazing, we've learned so much. The special events are always fun for Fred and I. We love the great products sold at the Zoom Room. I have purchased many interactive games for Fred, he is the master! The Primal beef bones are a favorite as well as the great tug toys, babble ball and my new collapsible soft sided dog crate.

- Linda Washington, who enjoyed Agility 1, CGC, Scent Discrimination, Doom Room Halloween Party, Winter Holiday Party, Photos with Sonjia Stump Photography with Fred

We love our trainer Angela and Zoom Room!!! We have learned so much and have met so many wonderful people.

- Melissa, who enjoyed Obiedence, Agility with Kenzie

We love the classes. Hans was a rescue and he is doing better with the classes

- Melissa Pickering, who enjoyed obedience 1 with Hans

Erin is a fantastic instructor. She is also something of an expert on Aussies (of which Misty is one). Misty is a high energy puppy, and we have seen a major improvement in his doggy citizenship skills through these classes. I can't wait to take her next Agility 1 class!

- Steve Casper, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and 2 with Misty

Mochi takes scent training very seriously. He enjoys looking for and finding the birch scented little box hidden somewhere in the obstacles. He signals his find by looking straight at me and sitting down. His efforts are rewarded by a tasty treat. Good dog!

- Ellen, who enjoyed Scent 2 with Mochi

Enjoy the environment, the trainer is experienced and the classes are not intimidating

- Monique Ramos, who enjoyed Puppy preschool with Gracie

First off, ZoomRoom is a terrific concept and facility with a great environment. I took my puppies there for their first puppy meet-up and socialization as I knew it would be safe, controlled and a great experience for all of us. Next came some basic obedience for my litter mates and I chose Angela as the instructor because of her competence and personality, as this was as much about training me as my dogs. Excellent value overall!

- Nikki Coulas, who enjoyed private obedience with Molly, Braun

Our dog loves going to the agility classes.

- A. Augustine, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Athos

I am so thankful I found Zoom Room! I am first time puppy owner and have learned so much from Angela and Gia. My puppy is 3 months old and loves to work on her obedience with the clicker and treats I got there. She loves her raw food and goats milk which also came from Zoom Room. Angela and Gia are so informed, helpful, kind, and understanding. I am so happy I have found a fun and safe place to take my puppy for training and socialization.

- Christine Acker, who enjoyed Puppy preschool, puppy play and learn, and small dog event with Margot

Sully and I have been by for puppy obedience and for puppy agility and I have to say I really enjoy the time I spend there with Sully. Sully passed puppy obedience in 4 classes and we're just starting in Puppy Agility to build his confidence.

This is truly a place where they train you to work with your dog and not just train your dog. The more you work with your dog outside of class the quicker they learn what you're asking for (of course). The classes are a little bit more free-flowing, it's drop-in and not based on a set schedule/curriculum, but you still get a lot out of it.

Zoom Room is one of a kind in this area and Angela is great, Sully loves her and I would definitely recommend Zoom Room.

- Vivian, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience, Puppy Agility with Sully

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