And the winner is…
| February 7th, 2012

And the winner is…Cami!

Cami is our very first Dog of the Month winner! January’s theme was to have your dog in a bike hoop (like our logo). Cami is a Golden Retriever and she was born on April 26, 2008. She was named for her owners’ favorite vacation spot, Cambria, California. Currently, Cami is taking Therapy Dog at the Zoom Room and always has a big smile for us! She loves to go swimming and hiking in Cambria, and she really enjoys meeting new people (that’s important for a Therapy Dog).

Favorite treat: Moo Tube

Favorite toy: Whatever she just took away from her sister, Dreamer

Favorite trick: Rollover

Favorite class at Zoom Room: Therapy Dog

Congratulations, Cami! She won a gift card for the Zoom Room, where she can find lots of Moo Tubes to chew on.¬†February’s theme is “showing the love” – post a picture of your dog’s sweetest “I love you” face along with answers to all the questions on our Facebook page!

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