Announcing the winner of March’s Dog of the Month Contest
| April 3rd, 2012

It’s Tigger, all tuckered out!

We picked Tigger for this month’s winner, since he showed us what happens when you bring your dogs to the Zoom Room! In this picture, he’s exhausted after our Valentine’s Day party. Tigger, a Golden Retriever, is around 10 years old. He was rescued by the Holm family at the age of 5. He came from the Southern California Golden Rescue, and had already learned his favorite pastime – stealing! Tigger also arrived with a lot of anxiety, not even being able to walk down the street without wanting to run home. After a lot of training and hard work, he became more confident. Tigger has come a long way in the 5 years of living with the Holms, although he still loves to steal. Don’t leave your stuff unattended with him around!

Favorite toy: Anything with stuffing to rip out

Favorite snack: Kong ball stuffed with peanut butter

Best trick: Sneaking out and stealing from the neighbors

Favorite class: Come when Called (but will be taking more, so who knows?)

Congratulations, Tigger! He won a $25 gift card for the Zoom Room, where he can find lots of Kong toys and stuffed animals to play with. April’s theme is “Spring into Action” – post a picture of your pooch in action on our Facebook page!

Want to know about our Come When Called or any of our other classes?

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