April’s Dog of the Month 2012
| May 7th, 2012

It’s Bonnie, “Springing into Action!”

Bonnie and her hoop

    Our Dog of the Month is Bonnie, a 15-month old Standard Poodle. She loves jumping through her hoop, which she learned to do in Tricks class. Bonnie is slightly smaller than most Standards, only 22″ tall, which is perfect for her owners.

    Being smart, (like most Poodles), Bonnie knows how to open doors, gates and drawers to get what she wants. Her owners, Russ and Marianna, try to keep her busy. So far she has taken Agility 1, Tricks 1 and Obedience 1 at the Zoom Room. Once considered shy, Bonnie is now more outgoing and friendly thanks to the hard work and dedication of her owners.

    Favorite toy: Long sheepskin that can be used for tug or whipped around

    Favorite snack: Cooked chicken treats

    Best trick: Jumping through her hoop

    Favorite class: Tricks

    Congratulations, Bonnie! She won a $25 gift card for the Zoom Room, where she can find lots of yummy treats and toys to play with. May’s theme is “A-May-zing Tricks” – post a picture of your pooch showing off on our Facebook page!

    Want to know about Tricks or any of our other classes?

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