| September 25th, 2012

Meet Darcy

DarcyThis submission is by Laura, whose everyday Hero Dog is Darcy, a Chihuahua.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

My husband and I really wanted to start a family. Unfortunately, it was taking longer than we originally anticipated. Needless to say, things were getting kinda lonely around the house. My husband suggested that we go down to the pound. I agreed, on one condition, we would only look.

That’s when we met Darcy.

Ever since that day Darcy has been one of us. It’s our little family. We can’t remember a time without her. During a weekly toddler event I used to host she would become the star of the show. The toddlers would practice using their words to talk Darcy. Those toddlers that were hesitant learned how to overcome that fear and become friends with a dog. She was also a good role model for listening. The kids would practice giving her commands and she learned to listen to them. Darcy has made our house a home. For that reason she is our every day hero.

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Olivia willingham writes:

Darcy!! Oh my sweet little niece! She’s the only one in the chihuahua pack of 3 that actually listens to commands!!!

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