Dog of the Month February 2012
| March 15th, 2012

It’s Donut, the Old English Sheepdog!

Donut showing the love

We have a new Dog of the Month, and it’s Donut! February’s theme was “Showing the Love” and he always shows his love for his owner, Grace. Donut is an Old English Sheepdog that was rescued from the Inland Valley Humane Society.  When he was first rescued by the Humane Society, he was filthy,  matted, and extremely hyper. Additionally, he had no training or manners. Even so, he was an intelligent and fast-learning dog. After seven months of training, he was awarded with the Canine Good Citizen Certificate from the American Kennel Club (AKC). Yet, his hard work did not end there. Within two months of obtaining the Canine Good Citizen Certificate, he became a registered Pet Partners therapy dog. As a therapy dog, he has alleviated each individual’s pains and sicknesses by providing them with his cheerfulness and delight. Donut has been a regular at the Zoom Room since we first opened in October. Besides taking three agility classes, he is also taking Scent Discrimination with us!

Favorite treat: Plato Duck Strips

Favorite toy: Hide-a-SquirrelPlato Duck Strips

Favorite trick: Rollover

Favorite class at Zoom Room: Agility

Congratulations, Donut! He won a gift card for the Zoom Room, where he can get puzzles and duck strips to his heart’s content. March’s theme is “After Zoom Room” – post a picture of your dog after class along with answers to all the questions on our Facebook page!

Want to know about our Therapy Dog, Agility or Scent Discrimination classes?

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