July’s Dog of the Month!
| July 9th, 2012

It’s Dreamer, doing her favorite summertime activity!

Dreamer at the beach
Dreamer is a 7 year old Golden Retriever. She was born in Phoenix, Arizona on December 14th 2004, and went to live with Diana and Wayne when she was 8 weeks old.

She loves to go swimming, play with the ball, go for long walks, and most of all eat. Recently, she has starting doing Agility and was in her first trial two weeks ago. She is finally conquering her fear of the teeter totter.

Her favorite thing to do with her Golden sister Cami is play tug of war. She also treasures her stuffed toys and loves to run around the house squeaking them and flipping them up and down and hitting them on the floor until they make noise.

In April, during massage time at her Senior Stretch and Agility class at Zoom Room, Diana found a large black lump on her back. She rushed her to the vet and the next day she had surgery. It turned out to be Dermal Melanoma. The vet got it all, so she is our cancer survivor. Dreamer is a fun loving, happy girl and the Maberry’s are very proud that she is a member of their family.

Favorite toy: Air Squeaker tennis ball

Favorite snack: Moo Tube

Best trick: Bow

Favorite class: Senior Stretch and Agility

Dreamer Congratulations, Dreamer! She won a $25 gift card for the Zoom Room, where she can find lots of yummy treats and toys to play with. She also gets a free session of Private Gym and a movie where she’s the star! August’s theme is “Get Wet!” – post a picture of your canine companion doing his favorite water activity on our Facebook page!

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