May 2012 – Dog of the Month
| June 7th, 2012

It’s Vera, doing her “A-May-zing Trick!”

Our Dog of the Month is Vera, a rescued 2 year old Border Collie mix. Vera loves doing tricks! One of her favorite tricks is to “beg” for things she wants (usually cookies and squeaky toys). She can even “beg” while sitting on the wobble board during open gym.

A real world traveler, Vera has already been to 12 states as well as Europe. She is happy to call California home though, because it means she gets to play agility all the time at her favorite place in the world, The Zoom Room.

Vera has taken many classes at The Zoom Room, including Obedience 2, Therapy Dog, Scent Discrimination, Come When Called, and Shy Dog. Though Shy Dog was her first class, she is really blossoming into a social dog since starting to go to doggy school.

Favorite toy: Air Squeaker tennis ball

Favorite snack: Tricky Trainers

Best trick: Beg or Jumping into her owner’s arms

Favorite class: Urban Herding

Congratulations, Vera! She won a $25 gift card for the Zoom Room, where she can find lots of yummy treats and toys to play with. June’s theme is “Dogs of Summer” – post a picture of your best friend doing their favorite summertime activity on our Facebook page!

Want to know about Tricks or any of our other classes?

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