My guardian Angels
| October 6th, 2012

Meet Shadow and Dakota

Shadow and DakotaThis submission is by Sheri Stiebel, whose everyday Hero Dog is Shadow and Dakota, a Husky.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

It was around 6am and I took my boys for their morning walk near the foothills, when we came across two coyotes.  I didn’t spot them at first, but my dogs did.  I proceeded to yell and raise my arms, but the coyotes were not intimidated by me. They kept approaching. My dogs then began to growl at the coyotes.  It was in a way I never heard them growl before.  It was so deep it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  It was a vicious sound they made.  The coyotes then turned and went the other direction. My heroes!

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5 Responses  
Catherine Laws writes:

Sheri – your dogs are amazing…..glad the coyotes were scared of them!!

Sue writes:

These dogs are beautiful. What a great story!

Lisa writes:

I am glad you were not injured or your beautiful dogs.

Teresa writes:

The boys were doing their job…protecting their momma.

Heidi writes:

These dogs are both wonderful and heroes in my book! I have known them since they were pups, both are amazing dogs and they would lay down their life for their masters Rick & Sheri. Very loyal and obedient.

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