She is my demon chaser
| October 4th, 2012

Meet Annie

AnnieThis submission is by denise funk, whose everyday Hero Dog is Annie, a Rottweiler.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

Multiple Sclerosis is my demon. Annie, my 18 month friend is my motivation to stay strong so that I can walk her, train her, play with her. She rests her head in my hands when they are hurting so bad  I can’t move them. She is happy just lying down beside me when I am tired. Annie’s eyes talk to me: “Don’t give up, keep going.” And I do, so I can go places and do things with her. Annie and I are not attached by a leash, but by our hearts!

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Denise Funk writes:

Congratulations to all winners! Thank you, Zoom Room Claremont, for picking Annie!

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