She was the best dog ever!
| October 6th, 2012

Meet Bonnie

BonnieThis submission is by Renae Frances, whose everyday Hero Dog is Bonnie, a Mixed breed.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

We got Bonnie when I was 16. Right from the start, she bonded with me more than anyone else in the family. We couldn’t believe that there was someone out there that didn’t want her – she was so easy to train and listened so well. I was shy in high school and working with Bonnie gave me the confidence I needed. I used to always keep to myself, but not with Bonnie around! Everyone loved to see what she had learned to do next. It was so much fun to show her off to the neighborhood. Sadly, Bonnie was hit by a car the next year. I’ve had many dogs since then, but she will always be my hero.

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