The Roxinator helps dogs learn to be dogs
| September 29th, 2012

Meet Roxy

RoxyThis submission is by Diane, whose everyday Hero Dog is Roxy, a Chi/Jack Russell.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

Roxy is a hero dog in many ways.  He brought much joy to my mother in the last two years of her life. Always happy and always there when she needed a hug.  Three years ago Roxy came to live with my family of two kids, two cats, one parrot and two dogs, not to mention a slew of foster dogs.  It is with the foster dogs that Roxy is the hero.

Many of the dogs I receive to care for are not socially adept. They don’t quite know how to be a dog.  They are shy or fearful at home and at the dog park, unsure how to play like a dog, or what to do when around other dogs.

Enter Roxy.  He takes every new foster under his wing.  Slowly  and patiently he works his magic to bring each dog out of their shell. He seems to know just what it takes to get a dog to play.  I have watched as a foster dog will stand off to oneside and watch the other dogs play, not quite knowing how to fit in.  Roxy will come over and start gently nudging and coaxing the dog to engage with him.  In a few minutes, the foster dog is attempting to play.  It is pretty funny to watch. By the end of a month, the foster dog is engaged in full play with the other dogs and his true personality is showing.

Roxy has also taken a shy dog, who has always been an outdoor, neglected dog, and taught him how to enjoy the companionship of other dogs and people.  He often shows them that the indoor world is fun (that ususally includes jumping on the funiture when the master is not in the room) and by running back and forth between the foster dog and people, he demonstrates that people have treats and lots of loving pats and belly rubs.

Just being the happy, secure dog he is, he makes sure all the critters are happy and that being a dog is the best.  He has helped many foster dogs come out of their shell and become adoptable. Roxy (know as Roxinator to us) is truly a hero to dogs.

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