Therapy dog visits hospital and reads with kids
| October 6th, 2012

Meet Donut

DonutThis submission is by Grace Chen, whose everyday Hero Dog is Donut, a Old English Sheepdog.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

Donut is a therapy dog that was rescued from a local shelter. He visits the children’s hospital,¬†convalescent home, and local library on a monthly basis. Everywhere he goes, he puts smiles on people’s faces. He listens to the children that read to him, which has allowed them to gain confidence and improve their reading skills. He enjoys bed-visits at the children’s hospital, and even allows the children to hug him like a big teddy bear. He visits a convalescent home every month. The elderly do not have visitors often, and they are always happy to see him. He makes people laugh wherever he goes, and that’s the best medicine a doctor can prescribe!

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