Very timid dog overcomes her tendencies to protect puppy
| October 4th, 2012

Meet Allie Baba

Allie BabaThis submission is by Deb Smith, whose everyday Hero Dog is Allie Baba, a Afghan Hound.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

Allie Baba did not have much of an early family life.  She joined our family when she was a over a year old, and this exceptionally shy Afghan Hound bonded and depended on Buddy, our resident Afghan. Buddy moved with us to California the year before from Nashville.  Two summers ago, our beloved Buddy died unexpectedly, leaving Allie as a single dog. We found that every bit of bravado she had, had been anchored in Buddy.  She no longer would even go to the corner of the yard, where most likely she caught the scent of coyote.

This May, I went to Charlotte, North Carolina and brought home an Afghan puppy, Buddy’s grandniece. I could not resist the possibility of having a dog as wonderful as Buddy be part of our family again.  However, we were very concerned about how Allie Baba would feel sharing attention, dog cookies, trips to the Village, and life with another dog.  At first, Allie barely tolerated Sheba. This little puppy was full of energy, totally unruly, and constantly wanting to play.  Allie’s pleading eyes clearly told us that this visitor could go home now.

We live next to open space and have had a coyote actually leap over an eight-foot wall and prowl the yard.  Needless to say, I was keeping a careful watch on this little puppy. Every morning at 5, when Sheba insisted her sleeping was done; my laptop, Sheba, and I moved to the patio – me writing a chapter and her exploring her yard.  We soon noticed two very large hawks perched on a nearby pole. They were there all day long, occasionally swooping across the yard. I actually didn’t understand the hawks’ interest in Sheba, but Allie did.  In hindsight we are sure the hawks thought that Sheba was a little white rabbit, just about the right size for dinner.

Allie’s behavior took a sudden change.  She became excessively protective of Sheba, not only guarding her from things dangerous from the sky, but also escorting her to the corner of the yard she had avoided for several years.  Allie no longer let the puppy out of her sight.  She would herd Sheba so she was never the closest one to the edge of the pool and always made a giant fuss when the pair of hawks circled the yard.  She sat for hours gazing at the sky and staying close to Sheba, clearly protecting her from evils that lurked nearby.

After four months, Sheba is no longer the size of the little white rabbit, rather a pretty big Afghan puppy. The hawks have disappeared. Allie Baba, who clearly protected Sheba through early childhood, is still trying to keep Sheba under some control.  More importantly, because of her bravery, Sheba was safe, and Allie now has a companion for life.  Allie Baba is our hero!

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