Who Rescued Who?
| September 26th, 2012

Meet Lady

LadyThis submission is by Becky Toney, whose everyday Hero Dog is Lady, a Boxer.

My Dog is My Hero Because…

My dog is a hero because she has brought me such comfort and happiness after being so sad and lonely. After losing my two best furry friends that I had over 10 years (they passed one month apart), I adopted Lady from a shelter. She was very sick with an upper respiratory infection.  With a lot of patience I was able to nurse her back to health and since then she has given me unconditional love.

One day I was on the computer and my cell phone in the other room rang.  Lady brought it to me.  When I took her to Petsmart I noticed how well she walked right next to me and when I stopped she would sit until I made a move then was right back at my side.  It didn’t take me long to realize I had a special dog that had been well trained.  I am retired from the fire service and I took her to see a fireman that also trains dogs. He evaluated her and agreed that she had been trained, but the main thing he told me was that she was completely devoted to me and wants to please me.  She is now my Service Dog and my traveling companion. I take her everywhere with me.

Yes, she is my Hero.  She makes me smile and happy to start each day.

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