CNN Money
| November 20th, 2012

Black Friday deals you wouldn’t expect

Zoom Room

CNN Money

CNN Money reporter Parija Kavilanz contacted our very own Gretchen Kabler of Zoom Room in Milwaukee to talk about Gretchen’s triumphant success on Black Friday in 2011 and what she was planning for 2012. Last year, Gretchen logged over 10 times her usual Friday sales, and 2012 saw similar success! It sure looks like owners and their pups are looking to shed those Thanksgiving pounds right away with some fun dog agility training, and Gretchen is an expert at getting them in the door.

I think people who came to us on Black Friday were looking for a different experience. Maybe they’re the folks who can’t don’t care much for malls but they wanted to go out after Thanksgiving and still do something fun.

Read the full coverage here.

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