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Zoom Room Culver City Reviews

Although we're satisfied with happily wagging tails, we love to hear from happy dog owners, too! The Zoom Room is committed to providing you with the very best dog training available.

Here are a few of the reviews, testimonials and class evaluations of our dog trainers.

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JoJo and I always have fun at Zoom Room, and as a first time dog owner, I learn a lot. JoJo already knows everything.. ;)

There aren't many places that a person can go and take their dog with them. There are even fewer places where well behaved dogs can mingle and enjoy each other's company. The Zoom Room is fun, organized, safe for the most timid of creatures and led by people that really enjoy working with people who want to better their relationship with their dog. The best part: my dog is a happier dog because of the Zoom Room. Thank you Zoom Room!!!!

- Kari W., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Puff Puff

My husband and I started taking our shy-aggressive rescue, Sydney, to the wonderful trainers at the Zoom Room location in Culver City, CA a year ago. They worked miracles with her. She is now super friendly with everyone and an all-around pleasant dog to be around. If you live near one, you should definitely check them out.

- Jacklyn R., who enjoyed Shy Dog

Megan is fantastic! We have a very stubborn bulldog, Frank, and Megan has helped us make huge strides in his training. She has also introduced us to agility, and while Frank isn't the most athletic dog, he throughly enjoys the agility exercises. We have had a great experience with Megan and Zoom Room!

- Carrie Miller, who enjoyed Private obedience and agility training with Frank

We love it. Puppy Agility is so much fun. Winston loves coming to the Zoom Room.

- Julie Dixon, who enjoyed Puppy classes & private training with Winston

Great experience - will recommend to my friends:)

Chris is the true dog whisperer ..and people whisperer too! His patience and kindness with Frankie and I has made a huge difference in our 'dog life' at home! A big change for a little dog who used to freak out on every walk!

- MJ, who enjoyed Private training with Frankie

I love this place! We took our dog Sophie there for tricks training. She has learned so much. Jaime is amazing! She made the process fun and easy. She uses positive methods, which we love. It's a fun atmosphere, and she keeps the class sizes small so that all dogs get the same amount of attention.

- Debbie E., who enjoyed Tricks 1 with Sophie

The training was positive but play time was overwhelming for little Jesse. She is only 11 weeks old and hid in the corner. I would love for her to play with other little puppies and feel more confident, less intimidated. Could there be a partition for the younger/smaller ones next class?

- Maria Fantaci, who enjoyed puppy pre-school with Jesse

Looking forward to taking another class soon! David was really great with Frisbee, esp since she is a bit shy. He was very patient :)

Taking Agility One was a very positive and enjoyable experience for me and my dog, Jamie. We both look forward to taking Agility Two! Thank you so much for this wonderful introduction.

- Kent T., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Jamie

We loved the class and learned so much. We can already see changes in ourselves and Riley. We can't wait for what's to come in Obedience 2.

- Jackie H., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Riley

My 2 Yorkshire Terriers had a Wonderful Time!

- Belinda W., who enjoyed Agility 1

Leash Walking Class was great! It really helped Barney and myself and we saw big improvements in just 3 weeks.

- Ashley S., who enjoyed Leash Walking with Barney

Stephanie is great. Abby and I think she is so kind patient warm and caring. We are both learning soooo much

- Susan Schulman, who enjoyed private obedience with Abby

The class was great, learned new handling techniques and there were only 2 of us, so we really reviewed several obstacles a lot.

- Amy Morro, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Dylan

I learned so much from Dave! lWhen I brought Benji in for an evaluation, he was very fearful and aggressive toward everyone there, but especially men. After 4 weeks of private training for Benji and I, he is much more relaxed and starting to trust others. He wouldn't walk on a leash and 4 weeks later we now take walks several times a day. We plan on taking more classes to help Benji and I learn even more.

- Kelly C, who enjoyed Private training with Benji

We had great fun at this class. I tell all the other dog owners about JoJo's agility training and recommend Zoom Room. I guess its ok for a lab to do outdoor training, but JoJo ends up sopping wet in damp grass or filthy from the dirt if its dry. The indoor experience is far better. It also allows the dogs to have great concentration. We will continue to come back for classes.

The facility is extremely clean! They have a very good policy about making sure that the owners clean up after their dogs if there is a mistake and there is a nice little "bathroom" area right outside for dogs to make their business prior to coming into the Zoom Room. Their selection of treats and other odds and ends are great. I bought a nice OllyDog portable water bowl there for about 15 bucks. And my dog seems to love the Real Meat treats better than any other treats I've found at Petco or PetSmart. The trainers are very nice gentlemen (both Kristopher and Dave). I've attended classes from both. They both sincerely care about the dogs and seem to love what they do.

- Emily T., who enjoyed Agility 1

Chopper and I LOVE Zoom Room and all three trainers! Chopper has blossomed and gained so much confidence that he is almost unrecognizable as the scared, shaking rescue pup he was when we started. All three instructors are great and I am glad Chopper and I have the opportunity to take classes from all three of them. Plus, I appreciate how patient they are with me, an older human is a little slow at times. They are always friendly, always helpful.

- Cynthia Hamilton, who enjoyed Agility with Chopper

Princess loved Agility 1 so much, that we're coming back for Agility 2...and hopefully, eventually be part of the competition team. We hear you have a 'Team Chihuahua' and Princess wants to become a part of that!

The class was great as always!!

- Patty O., who enjoyed Agility 3

I rescued a mini-poodle with a traumatic past. Scared of everything - dogs, people, noise. After bad training experiences, I found the Zoom Room and Jaime! A year later Suki is a calm dog, goes everywhere, loves most everybody and is happy, beautifully trained and playful. Jaime is an expert in understanding and working with dogs with a brutal history. I recommend the Zoom Room for troubled dogs with potential! And it was all very enriching and lots of fun.

- Lorraine A., who enjoyed Shy Dog with Suki

This class is so cute and fun for my Border Collie/Australian Shepherd! He's taken to it well and Steph makes the class low key and enjoyable, even when the dogs are "competing" for best times in herding! It's definitely a unique and easier alternative than taking my dog to sheep herding out in Malibu! Thank you for making this class and so many other types of classes available to us!

- Debbie Y, who enjoyed Urban Herding with Yoshi

They helped me train my psycho rescue dog and turn him into a well behaved gentlepooch. They are affordable and their attention to your unique issues is something you cannot get at PetCo or PetSmart.

- Jodi B., who enjoyed Obedience 1

We learn a lot but I find we repeat the same stuff in our classes since there's new people in each class. I get important new stuff by asking Stephanie which is valuable. We have a smart dog that trains quickly so it would be nice to keep advancing him. So it feels to me the last 2 classes were not worth our time and makes me not want to sign up for another class unless I know what we are going to cover ahead of time.

Stephanie is great! She's knowledgeable and can deal with a wide variety types of owners.

- Christina O'Gara, who enjoyed Puppy Obedience with Zoro

Great experience for my Standard Poodle! We took two classes, Obedience 2 and Therapy Dog Training. Bella was an "out of control" 10 month old puppy when we started. Six weeks later, Bella is a calm, well behaved dog who has learned when to be focused on training and when it's OK to play with the other dogs. Can't wait to get us involved in more training, maybe tricks and agility. Great way for humans and dogs to learn together!

- Reggie B., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Bella

Loved the class...thanks!

Great class and great experience! My dog and I will definitely be back to take some of the other classes that the Zoom Room has to offer.

- Kelley Waggoner, who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Ollie

Zoom Room Culver CIty rocks! Kris is fabulous and very patient when needed to reinforce learning new skills - more me than my dog Louie! I notice a huge difference in Louie's overall demeanor if we skip going to Agility sessions. He loves the training and is always a happy, tired dog when we leave.

- Vicki K., who enjoyed Private Training with Louie

This is an awesome facility for pets and owners. A variety of different courses available for any need or want! Dave is extremely genuine and truly cares about the members and their owners. His passion is evident and the members benefit. Paxton loves going there and is learning to be a great dog. I did enjoy Laura for a couple make up classes and was completely happy with her as well. The knowledge base of the specific need is limitless. The ability and willingness to work around my schedule was beyonf helpful!! Thanks Zoom Room!!! Thanks Dave!!

Although JoJo had already had an obedience class, I learned a lot. After all, JoJo doesn't need the training, I do. :=)

Our class had such a great vibe - dogs all got along great and were of same temperament, which made for terrific class.

Jaime is a gifted trainer and dogs love her. The classes are fun and they are a great way to bond with your dog. My Rottweiler, Mojo, and I highly recommend Jaime & The Zoom Room!

- Laura M., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Mojo

We look forward to the possibility of another agility 2 or 3 on a Tuesday in the future. We love you!

- Jane, who enjoyed Agility 2 with JJ

Jaime, you're wonderful and very knowledgeable about dogs and a very good teacher! I would definitely recommend the Zoom Room to my friends... and already have done so!

- Linda M., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Riley

We had a lot of fun at Agility 1 and look forward to future classes there!

My experience at the Zoom Room has been wonderful. The instructor is knowledgeable and very helpful and the people are very friendly too. Every class that Margaret has been in has ben a wonderful experience. I can't wait to start Nellie, my puppy, in the classes too!

I took my sons (7 & 10) here with our new puppy and took an agility training class. It is a great place for both dog and kids to run off energy while learning doggy discipline! Lots of fun!

David was great! He was easily able to handle a class of 8 dogs with very different temperaments without hindering one dog's experience. I found myself looking forward to classes - something I did not experience in Obedience 1 at another training facility. He assigned exercises to do as he went from dog to dog so as not to keep the rest of us idle as he gave individual attention. My dog had particular issue with separation anxiety and David scheduled a private lesson at a convenient time for me (yet inconvenient time for most people) so that we could work on that aspect of the CGC test. I'd highly recommend the class for those owners who want to ENJOY the obedience class experience, as your enjoyment of it will lead to a better experience for your dog too.

- Tamar F., who enjoyed Obedience 2

We plan to continue with agility. Thanks

Not only does my dog LOVE going to agility classes here, but I am learning how to handle my dog to do her best on any agility course. Without these classes she would not have gotten her Novice Agility Jumpers with Weaves(preferred) title in AKC!

- Joy A., who enjoyed Agility4 with Ticket

This class was a lot of fun. My dog has done private training, agility and a tricks class before, which were all great but he really liked this one because he is a scent hound and never has a chance to do that otherwise. Kris kept the class moving along and seems to have a really calm demeanor. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone!

- Mandy F., who enjoyed Scent Discrimination

We loved the class and see a big improvement in Molly's skills and can't wait to start her in another class at Zoom Room!

- Natalie F., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Molly

I made some amazing friends at the Zoom Room during Puppy Preschool classes. We then enrolled in Agility 1, and then Agility 2. I confess that we're addicted! Ony time in my life I've been able to get such a great workout, hang out with friends, and play with my dog all at the same time. Did I mention incredibly affordable, too? It is!

- Sam D., who enjoyed Agility 2

The owners of the Zoom Room are so great with the dogs. I trust them completely. My dog is always extremely happy to go there.

- Jessica R., who enjoyed Agility 1

Agility one was the perfect intro to agility training. My dog and I connected on a different level then ever before and he learned some impressive things. I'm planning on doing agility training with my dog for many many years.

- Juliane, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Charlie Mosebar

If you don't know Tink loves the Zoom Room by now then I am doing something wrong! I love taking her and she loves going to class. She is generally a happy little Chihuahua anyways but she gets so excited and I love seeing her actually run around the course. She has always been a bit stand offish with with new dogs especially the ones that want to get in her face but I have noticed that going to the ZR has really helped her learn to cope with others dogs and to let them smell her. We love the Zoom Room!

Great class. Very patient instructors especially for the owners

- Elaine I., who enjoyed Puppy Agility

We love the Zoom Room. It has been so great for my puppy. He enjoys coming to class and has learned proper social interaction and we both have a blast with the agility classes.

- Julie Dixon, who enjoyed Agility, Puppy Pre School, Puppy Obedience, Dog Tricks, Private Lessons with Winston

We first encountered the Zoom Room when we were guests there at an amazing dog birthday party. The party was hilarious - and we had such a good time, and were so impressed with the owners and the facility that we immediately signed up for their Calm Down! class. Six weeks later, our dog - who we used to nickname "Nightmare" - had become our "Dreamboat," thanks to brilliant classes, easy to follow instruction, and a really upbeat and enthusiastic trainer. We're now signing up for dog tricks classes - we can't wait!

- Warren T., who enjoyed Calm Down

We learned a lot in just three weeks. I've noticed a real difference in Pixie's overall behavior. She seems happier and enjoys learning new things. We can't wait to start trying out all of the fun activity classes!

- Harmony, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Pixie

The classes are great and never get stale or boring. You can tell the trainers and staff really love what they do. They are always super friendly and encouraging. I always feel welcome when I come in and my dog loves it there.

- Charity D., who enjoyed Agility 3 with Darshan

We like how Jamie showed a lot of patience with all the dogs and was very good at managing all the dogs at once in a calm manner. She was also great at working with the dogs on their different levels and kindly answering questions from the guardians. She seems to keep up-to-date on modern training techniques and knowledge. We really like the location of the Zoom Room; there is easy parking and its not a congested area. Also, the prices are great and reasonable at where they are now. We hope those don't change! We will probably take an agility class per her recommendation but have to double check our schedules but we really appreciate her reserving a spot for us a few days before the classes started.

- Michele & Aaron, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Randall

We were so very pleased to have finally found a trainer who knows what they're doing! Jaime has been the absolute best trainer ever! Bar none!

We have had an amazing experience. Meghan was so helpful in training me to lead my dogs better and she gave me tools that i was able to implement straight away and see the difference.

- S Coleman, who enjoyed Obedience Training with Bronte and Emily

We love the Zoom Room. My puppy & I have learned so much. The Agility classes are very fun. We have learned to communicate and he performs so well with the tips & guidance from our trainer Stephanie.

- Julie D, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Winston

I really enjoyed the class and look forward to the next one. Kris is a great teacher and the group was a lot of fun.

- Rima S., who enjoyed Obedience 1

We're in Obedience 2 with David Essex, and wow, is our dog better at a whole lot of things than we thought! Within 2 classes, our little lady is now showing GREAT signs of improvement! We had some issues being afraid of strangers, and that's already gone... Lucy is already running up to our neighbors just waiting for a little attention! Dave, you're awesome! Lucy is great at learning new things, and this class helps keep us and her stimulated & working on improvement. Jessica over at Club Fido recommended this place - and we're glad she did! Prices are in line with the competition and big fat bonus stars for being very close to where we live. YAY FOR ZOOM ROOM!

- Carrie U., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Lucy

Thank you Kris!!! Sierra and I think you are wonderful!

- Monica E., who enjoyed Private Training with Sierra

Maurice looks forward to his Agility class every week. I'm very excited to have found something fun for me and my dog to do together!

- Haven, who enjoyed Agility 1-3 / Agility League with Maurice

Love working with you, thanks!

David is a great dog trainer who genuinely cares about dogs and helping them to live a good life. My rescue guy is a handful. David has gone above and beyond to help him. He has done many events to help the plight of the homeless shelter dog and my guy could have been the poster child of the misunderstood, high maintenance Heinz 57. The Zoom Room Culver City has really contributed to his well being and I have to thank them for that!

- Lisa R., who enjoyed Obedience 1

We started Cooper, my doxie, with the scent discrimination classes after his brother (an aussie mix) started taking agility. Although we take private scent classes, Cooper really seems to enjoy it. All my friends are now calling him our "FBI dog"!! Since we've had him, we've thought of Cooper as our "blondy" - he's a gorgeous English cream that gets a lot of attention but was never to quick to learn any tricks or commands (I've been trying to get him to shake for three years!). Then we discovered two things: one, he loves the Nina Ottosson puzzles and he solves them in record time, much faster than his two brothers, and two, he's a hunter. He has tracked and attacked an opposum and had a nasty fight with a squirrel in the backyard. So, when Kris told me about this class I thought it sounded perfect for him and it has been. We've done two of the private sessions so far and I've been amazed and what he's done and how smart he actually is. All this time, it turns out he just has no interest in tricks - he just wants to solve puzzles and track smells which is what this class allows him to do! We couldn't be happier!

- Melinda J., who enjoyed Scent Discrimination with Cooper


- Cory Sheldon - Angie Thornbury, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Inspir

Thought the class was great.. looking forward to our next ! I thought it was fab all-around!

- Chelsie, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Desi

It's a very fun place to take your dog, for the excercise and the training. It's a proud moment when your dog runs the agility course and "gets it" or at least does the best he/she can do. I've also met nice people who share the same love and care for their dog like I do.

She is great-

- Ronni Massok, who enjoyed private with Bogart

The class is terrific for both the dog and the handler. The dog learns obedience, agility and gets socialization and confidence at the same time. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in agility. It is also a very nice hour to spend with your pet and an opportunity to give praise and encouragement. As a handler, you learn a lot - how to guide your dog and the consequences of not doing it right.

- Judy W., who enjoyed Agility 3

I think Kris is one of the most amazing agility teachers and dog trainers. He is patient, very clear, thorough, breaks down moves to digestible steps for the dogs, gives personal time. He is an A+ instructor. My sheppy also loves him very much.

- Judy B., who enjoyed Agility 1

When I first took Brandy to class she was scared and very insecure. Now Brandy is playful and full of energy. Stephanie is a great trainer and has helped me bond even more with my baby girl! We are now in agility classes and are having a great time! Thank you, Zoom Room!

- Claudia Izaguirre, who enjoyed Obiediance 1 with Brandy

Stephanie is a great teacher/trainer.. My Cooper is a little rambunctious.. Stephanie is very patient with my Cooper..

- Cyndee H, who enjoyed Private with Cooper

We love the Zoom Room. Agility has been a tremendous bonding experience for us. We go as frequently as we can. The staff is fantastic and we really enjoy our time there. I am always recruiting new dogs while at the park because I am so proud of our achievements.

- Julie Dixon, who enjoyed Agility, Agility League, Private Gym with Winston

We really enjoyed the Urban Herding class. It was great fun to watch our dog, Rocco, learning new skills and having fun!

- Jodi, who enjoyed Urban Herding with Rocco

Stephanie was great!!!!!! We will definitely be back for more classes after the holidays! Nala has learned a lot and I have learned even more!

- Jessica Haley, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Nala

I thoroughly enjoyed taking my dog Brooklyn to obedience classes at the Zoom Room. Brooklyn also enjoyed enjoyed her time there and Chris was a really amazing trainer. I learned a lot and am more confident now in my training going forward.

- Jacqueline Barrett, who enjoyed Obedience 1 and 2 with Brooklyn

Stephanie makes it a wonderful experience for ALL. She has a great way with the animals & teaching the owners how to work with them....

- DK, who enjoyed Agility 1 with TC

We love Zoom Room!

We really enjoyed it - as did Rufus. It was great to see Rufus behave in a room full of other dogs, and perform the various commands we learned. We have lots of practice, but this class and Kris gave us the confidence to keep at it.

- Amy, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Rufus

Great class - dogs got along well. A very good experience. Really like that it is indoor facility.

Cali would like to take scent class, but will have to wait until summer session!! She loves the Zoom Room!

I attended one group class and one private.. Excellent experience all around. With my difficult dog I was given hope..

Great class! I can't wait to take it again with Desi. He loves Zoom Room!

I took my 2 year-old American Bulldog, Jake, here and I haven't been able to stop talking about it. Not only is it fun, but you get to bond with your dog and the staff (Kris) is super friendly. I took Jake here for a private agility lesson and thought he wasn't gonna get it very quickly. He can be a little bit ditzy. With in a few minutes he was pausing on the table and going up and down the A frame with ease. He is a genius! (jk) Kris had him try out the weave (I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL JAKE CAN DO THIS ON HIS OWN. EQUIVALANT OF MY CHILD PLAYING THE VIOLIN IN AN ORCHESTRA), running through tunnels and jumping low bars in no time. Jake was so elated from the stimulation he did 3 laps of glory. (lol) It was way too funny. He just started running/hopping around the workout area. We just had to let him run it out. I was very impressed and Jake will be going back often.

- Bianca W., who enjoyed Private Training with Jake

As the chair of a large division at a community college, I hire many teachers. David is a master, His instructions are clear, he is aware of every student, and he offers constructive suggestions in a friendly way. My dog Daniel and I are looking forward to more classes at the Zoom Room.

- Betty J., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Daniel

I think my dog enjoyed it! It was really good for her to get out of the house and even though she (we) had to practice a lot, she seemed to be having a good time!
The class almost needed to be longer than 6 weeks because there were games we played on the last day that we'd never played before. Now I'm not sure what to do since there's isn't a urban herding 2 class - I'd hate for all that practicing to go to waste!

- Kelly, who enjoyed urban herding with Jimi

The Colonel and I LOVE our agility classes! I've seen the difference it's made in my dog's confidence, he's much more comfortable in his own skin now and he really enjoys all the courses, running, and jumping... I think he likes the challenge! It's been a good extra workout for me as well, you definitely need to keep up with your dog. I'm excited to keep him moving up and hopefully trying out a league one day! Stefanie is AMAZING... Her instruction, feedback, and corrections are always positive and easy to follow. I feel like I learn something each time and The Colonel loves her too!

I'm so glad there's a new cooling system in the facility...there have been some miserably HOT days, so THANKS for the reprieve!!!

I wish there were more class offerings during week days, I work evenings so my only option left is Saturday, since my Sundays tend to be busy too. I also wish that on Saturday there could be an earlier level 3 class, 2:00 has been tough to make with it landing right in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, mornings would be much more convenient! It would also be good to be able to know in advance when our usual instructor won't be teaching... It makes a big difference in the type of class experience we've had!

Overall it has been an awesome experience and I definitely plan to buy more classes so we can keep up on our training!!!

- Andrea C., who enjoyed Agility Levels 1, 2, & 3 with The Colonel

Bhajan and I loved the pre-agility class. He is so pleased with himself when he learns something new and it's fun to watch him! We are registered to start with Agility 1.

- Marti, who enjoyed Intro to Agility with Bhajan

If you haven't experienced the Zoom Room - you are in for a treat. It is like a Gold's Gym for your dog - a room, some gear, and a great dog trainer - that's all you need. The owner, Jaime Van Wye, let's you come by if you just want to sit in and watch a class. I went with my dog, and he actually sat and watched the puppy agility class. I signed up for puppy agility last year and it had a great impact on me, being a first time dog owner. This year I am trying out the Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog Training. If you dig your dog and want a long, happy life together - check out the Zoom Room. It has been a true find in the struggle of raising my active dog from puppidom.

- Jacqueline H., who enjoyed Puppy Agility

I enjoyed the classes and will definitely be back.

- Nadine S., who enjoyed Puppy Agility

We left L.A. a year ago and there are few things we miss, but one of the top places is the Zoom Room. My pug Le Mops went through his initial training here with hopes of being a therapy dog and ended up in agility, too! We have not been able to find a dog trainer or facility in Seattle that even compares to the Zoom Room. I didn't realize how spoiled we were to have such a great place so close to us! We met lots of great people in the classes, with a variety of dog breeds!

- Sonia M., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Le Mops

I really enjoyed the experience and will be in touch about signing up for the next session of obedience 1.

- Rochelle, who enjoyed Obedience 1

I walked into the Zoom Room a first time dog owner, who only knew how to get my pup to sit (sometimes), and didn't have the slightest clue on why my 8 month old rescue (German Shepherd/Staffordshire mix) did or did not pay attention to me at ALL times. Dave is an excellent instructor. There was no doubt that he had the skills to get Kiko to follow his commands, but I think his patience with us (the individual dog owners in the class) is what speaks volume of his expertise training. Obedience 1 was an amazing experience. I signed up for the class thinking it was going to teach me how to get Kiko to sit, stay, and come. I walked away educated, equipped with the tools to continue training at home, but more importantly learned how to communicate with my best friend.

- Yohanna P., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Kiko

It was great. Very informative. She was great with the Sammy. Would love to take her home with me!

- Wendy Brooks, who enjoyed private training with Sam

Stephanie was our first contact with Zoom Room and she was very friendly and helpful. I liked the location and available times, too. She and Chris were patient with Billy and explained things well.

- Beverly Toyama, who enjoyed Agility 1 and 2 with Billy

The private classes were great and allowed me the luxury of being able to tailor the training to Maddie's needs.

- Keenya W., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Maddie

Sarah is terrific with th dogs and people as well. Kind understanding effecient and keeps classes fun.
Over last 1 1/2 yrs Meghan McLeod was our trainer. So sad to see her leave culver city location. She offered expert training at times most people could attend such as weekends and later evenings. Plus agility 4 and obedience 3 and tricks class. Her success is her very special caring for our animals and Their owners combined with her great training using different methods to help with each dog who required a different approach. Sure wish you could return her back home to culver city. Please consider since sherman oaks location is under corporate again.

- Barbara Madej, who enjoyed Scent class and agility three with Zoe

Great experience, thanks Zoom Room!

- Jessica B., who enjoyed Obedience 1

Dave is a great teacher and our dog has so much fun....the agility classes are a great way to bond with your dog!!

- Patty O., who enjoyed Agility 3

We love the Zoom Room! Everyone has always been so supportive of Bella. She now enjoys coming to see her friends.

- Joslyn O., who enjoyed Come When Called with Bella

This is a great experience and opportunity to bond with your best friend. I'm telling everyone about it! Dave is terrific!

We had a great time with agility and will continue - maybe take agility 3 again or league or just pratice.

Thoroughly enjoyable! My dog is loving agility and we plan to continue. I like the non-competitive atmosphere. My dog competes against himself, not others. He receives one-on-one attention to help him improve his skills - as do I! We've had many dogs over the years and many trainers. We are finding that our teacher/trainer, David Essex, is among the best. My high-strung dog really listens to him and is able to calm down when he's working with him. Looking forward to Agility 3 and League over the next few months!

- Mollie W., who enjoyed Agility 2

Laika and I have had a great time at Agility - I really like when the classes are small (up to 4 dogs) so that Laika gets a lot of practice (and she's a little impatient when she has to wait too long ;o). Can't wait for the next Agility class.

- Gwen, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Laika

Spectacular! Thank you guys for your dedication GOOD CARE INSTRUCTIONS and attention. Classes were very interesting!! The league on Thursday helped us a lot to evaluate our time. You know we have to travel , when we return we will be back in Zoom Room , having ZOOMING TIME . You are a good team !!
Cesar , Rosemarie & Dartagnan Scottish Terrier

- Puppe Toth, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Dartagnan

Our dog loves the Zoom Room!! Dave is an excellent instructor!!

- Patty O., who enjoyed Agility 3

Kris is the finest, clear, patient and encouraging instructor. We have all been with Kris since Agility 1 and love the camaraderie and support. Go Zoom Room!

I LOVE the Zoom Room. I am on my 3rd round of classes there. My pug Tyson began with obedience, then went into Agility 1 and now we are in Agility 2. I plan on taking more. Jaime is such a great dog trainer and very accommodating. I have a "special" dog that has some issues. She has been really great at training me on how to deal with him as well as give me extra pointers on how to get him to overcome these issues. I couldn't ask for more in a dog trainer or a gym. If you are looking for a fun place to train and nurture your dog, you must go to the Zoom Room!!

- Jody B., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Tyson

We took our rescue Chow to the Zoom Room. Jaime is really great with dogs and was very accommodating of our work schedule. The class was really small and we got very personalized attention. She even stayed late a few times to work with us on a particularly difficult lesson.

- Yen N., who enjoyed Obedience 1

I had a great time at Zoom Room. I signed up for another class already!

We had a great time and learned a lot about our new dog! David was really good with the dogs and definitely knows his stuff. We're looking forward to Agility!

- Nicole G., who enjoyed Obedience 1

Steph is firm but knowledgeable and warm to all the humans and pups in the class. She's great at assuring pet owners on any concerns, correcting any training habits and overall, making the class fun for all!

- Debbie Y, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool with Gizmo

The Zoom Room is amazing! The dog trainers are great and genuinely care about your pup. I have taken a PetCo class before and did not get the level of attention we get at the Zoom Room. Classes are smallish so you and your dog don't get lost in the shuffle, the cost is affordable, you can make up classes at different days/times, total variety in types of classes, oh yeah, and everything is online! I have held private events there and they have been a hit! Try Agility or Tricks class - such a blast!

- Laura S., who enjoyed Tricks 1

I would HIGHLY recommend this place! The Zoom Room offers individual attention in group classes. The training program is not rigidly attached to just one way of doing things. They really "get" dogs, and help owners figure out the best way to train as well as deal with problem behaviors. Plus, there are all kinds of cool classes to take there- new things to do with one's dog.

- Elizabeth C., who enjoyed Obedience 1

Meagan is fantastic, we couldn't be happier with our Zoom Room experience. Frank, our english bulldog, loves agility and Meagan!

- Carrie Miller, who enjoyed Private training classes with Frank

We hade loved culver city for 1&1/2 years and until restructuring were there five times a week enjoying agility and obedience. It is our extended family. Sarah is terrific but
Stretched so thin she cannot accommodate the upper level classes. So many of our old friends eould love to come back but there are not enough classes offered. I am having a party there with my dog and introducing her siblings to zoom room as they wish to be regular clients is
More classes are offered for the working persons schedule.
Every trainer in the past has been wonderful and caring.
Please try to ramp culver up to its previous classes.
I thank you for adding so much to our
Lives. We have met wonder two and four legged friends there.

- Barbara M., who enjoyed Agility 3and 4 and our agility 4 meet up class with no instructor with Zoe

I love both instructors I have had at the Zoom Room. My little Boston Terrier Brooklyn also enjoys going. She is doing so much better since I have had her in obedience training and I just enrolled in four more classes, so looking forward to my next session.

- Jacqueline Barrett, who enjoyed Obedience 1, currently in Obedience 2 with Brooklyn

Good information and positive reinforcement.

- L. Adams, who enjoyed Therapy Dog with Buddy

The classes are great! Simba loves going to Zoom Room and thrives in that environment. The instructors are very good. Sarah is an amazing and knowledgeable trainer; our private session with her netted great results. I have recommended Zoom Room to several people.

- Steven, who enjoyed Agility, Tricks, one private behavior modification session. with Simba

My dog, Bubble, has grown leaps and bounds since we started classes with Stephanie. Stephanie definitely has an innate talent for understanding dogs and helping us learn how to connect even more with our dogs. She always provides helpful feedback and takes time to address specific concerns from everyone in the class. She just makes it fun and easy to learn new techniques. She is patient and innovative with us. My dog Bubble has developed confidence and we have a stronger bond thanks to Zoom Room and the caring attention from Stephanie.

- Mary Hubbell, who enjoyed Circuit training with Bubble

This has been a positive experience. Nova really enjoys her training.

- Esther Kahn, who enjoyed private training with Nova

I learned a lot about how to communicate with my dog Bubble using both verbal and gestural signals. I think Bubble learned faster than I did. Kris always watched us and gave specific feedback to help improve our techniques.

- Mary Hubbell, who enjoyed Agility 3 with Bubble

Incredible!!!!' Staphanie is the best!!!!!!

- Joana W., who enjoyed Puppy Preschool

I recommend Zoom Room to everyone I see with a dog! We love it!

I like how Kris gives feedback on how the dog can improve with a change of cues on my part. He is good at picking up subtleties of the dog and human interaction.

- Alice G., who enjoyed Come When Called & Agility 1

Sarah is fantastic. She's always happy to see Finley when we arrive. She's ready to go and doesn't keep us waiting. She's energetic and flexible. She'll spend time on whatever I want to cover during our session - teaching Finley agility, new tricks, or talk with me about how to help Finley in situations where he needs improvement. She also suggested the Kibble Nibble dog toy, which Finley loves and keeps him entertained when I have things I need to do at home.

We've also started attending the small dog meet ups. It's fun for Finley to meet with the other dogs and be able to practice his agility or just run around the room chasing a ball.

Zoom Room and Sarah are the best! We've tried other training centers in LA, but this is our favorite.

- Cindy Prochot, who enjoyed Private classes and small dog meet ups with Finley

My husband, Lab, mutt and I love this place! We've taken both of our dogs to Obedience 2 (David) and Agility 1 (Kris) and it's a ton of fun. The instructors and knowledgable and very patient. Most of all it's a fun way to spend an hour a week bonding with our little maniacs. Everyone gets very excited when someone's dog makes a little breakthrough. It's very sweet. The prices are reasonable and the facility is nice and clean. The location is very convenient from Venice, Santa Monica, Marina, Playa Vista and Culver City.

- Jen M., who enjoyed Obedience 2

Friendliest dog people I've ever met - both the trainers and the other dog owners.

- Gloria C., who enjoyed Agility 1

Zoom Room rocks! This has been transformative for Kipu. I think she has great potential for so much. I wish I would be more consistent with her training at home. Thanks for being a great dogmeister.

- Barbara, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Kipu

Out weekly time at the Zoom Room has become on of the best things we do with Mac. The staff is supportive and patient, and has helped both of us come a long way. We've taken 3 classes there and signed up for more today. It's a great place to have some fun, get your dog some exercise, and bond as a team.

- Christi, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Mac

Our experience at the Zoom Room has been great! Stephanie is a fantastic trainer; she is incredibly kind and patient both with the dogs and the owners. We are very excited to soon graduate to Agility level 3 and continue our work with Stephanie.

- MP, who enjoyed Agility with Penny

Stephanie is a great teacher, very focused and enthusiastic. Her instructions are very clear and it's amazing to see how well most dogs do at agility class. It has been a lot of fun for myself and my pup and I am looking forward the progress to come! THank you Zoom Room!

- Marina B., who enjoyed Agility Classes with Luna

We have been coming to Zoom Room and working with Meghan for a little over three months and our dog Frank is much more obedient, fit and an all around happier dog. Meghan is fantastic and gives us techniques to work with our stubborn bulldog (who cannot eat any treats) that work really well. Frank loves the agility and I would have never thought he would be going through the weave polls and jumping over the triple jump! Meghan is incredibly patient with Frank and extremely innovative, coming up with great ways to overcome the challenge of not being able to use treats as an incentive. Meghan is a superlative trainer and we recommend coming to Zoom Room and working with Meghan to our friends. We could not be happier with our experience.

- Carrie Miller, who enjoyed Private training with Frank

We have been extremely impressed with the Zoom Room! We're trying to work through some of our little dog's insecurity issues and thought agility would be a great outlet for her. However, we weren't sure she'd be able to handle a group class environment. David worked with us in a private lesson to help familiarize her with the environment and to assess if she'd be ready for the group class. We're now in Agility 2 and David gives us extra attention when needed. They really care about her success and have been more than accommodating of our challenges!

- Joslyn O., who enjoyed Agility 2

The Zoom Room is great place to take a class with your dog. My dog has done private training, an agility class, and a tricks class there. We even had his birthday party there this last year. Dave (the owner, manager and main dog trainer) is super responsive to inquiries and phone calls. My dog has anxiety and taking individual/small group classes with the same instructor has been really great for him and he has made a TON of progress over the last year. They have dog "parties" every few months which is a great opportunity to get to see the facility and meet the dog trainers - that's how I decided to start going (and based on the recommendation of some friends).

- Mandy F., who enjoyed Tricks 1

The classes were catered to each individual dog's level and David gave a personal touch to each dog. It was fabulous!

- Lisa H., who enjoyed Therapy Dog

We have a very hyper pug and after she went through puppy preschool and Obedience 1, she was still very hyper but much more manageable. Both of our classes were with David Essex and we really enjoyed his approach. Our dog is kind of a smarty pants in spite of her spastic nature, so she tends to get the lessons a lot quicker than her fellow classmates. If she got the hang of something before her classmates, he'd give us another behavior to work on while the rest of the dogs were catching up. Overall he did a good job of managing the various speeds at which dogs learn in one group class. There were a couple of "challenging" dogs in our class - dogs that had endured abuse and then been dumped in a shelter - and he handled them well and really helped the new owners to build their trust back up. I found that to be admirable and a true test of the effectiveness of his methods. The other thing that's great about the Zoom Room is they host a lot of events, like holiday parties and adoption fairs. Even if you're not currently enrolled in a class, they're still open to you showing up with your dog (sometimes there's a small fee to cover costs of the event). It's great to have those kinds of additional socialization opportunities outside of classes for the dogs. They also have promotions on a regular basis, so sign up for their newsletter and "like" them on Facebook. You'll probably get a coupon for something if you do! I entered our pug in their "dog of the month" contest on Facebook and she won a $25 gift card. Yay! We'll be using that for Tricks class!

- Jeanette I., who enjoyed Obedience 1

Dave Essex is great! The entire staff was very helpful and friendly. Kristopher Van Over was the first person we met and we loved him too. We expect to enroll in more classes with both instructors as they are very helpful, patient and really cared about our puppy, Penny.

- Andrew C., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Penny

Kimo had lots of fun!

- Jill S., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Kimo

Puppy Preschool has been great, not only for Leo (our Rhodesian Ridgeback), but for us as well. It has taught us the proper training techniques, which means that Leo learns faster. Stephanie has been great in sharing tips on how to handle specific issues.

The puppy playtime during class has also been hugely beneficial for Leo. When we first started classes, Leo was shy and wouldn't play with the other pups - now he loves getting in there!

- Natalie, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool with Leo

Cali and I had a great time in class. She was getting bratty at home, so I wanted to do something that would keep her attention and be new, but fun. This really did the "trick" (ha ha). Lots of fun- see you in Tricks 2.

Zou Zou loves it! NIce equipment, small classes, great instructor

- Robin P-, who enjoyed Agility 4 with Zou Zou

My dog Buddha has definitely had an improvement in behavior after his six sessions in Obedience 1. He also seemed to enjoy the little bit of Agility at the end of class 6.

- Wendy Y., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Buddha

I'm very glad we found Zoom Room. Hunter gets a great workout and I can see that, as a rescue, he feels a great sense of pride when we are proud of his accomplishments and I really feel like he is so much more confident and proud of himself since we've started classes. Now he does something that is uniquely for him (he has two doxie brothers at home) and it makes him feel special.

- Melinda J., who enjoyed Private Training with Hunter

Stephanie was so great... She made all the dogs feel at easy and definitely made agility into something fun, not work. It quickly became the high point of my week.

- Holly S, who enjoyed Agility 1-3 with Maddie

We love Jaime and The Zoom Room!! We have a 4 lb chihuahua, Macie Mae, who is the best behaved, most outgoing, sweetest chihuahua EVER. Thanks to Jaime she is very social, never yapps, and loves everyone - even little kids. Jaime understands the unique personality of every breed of dog in her classes and exactly what they need.... this is not "cookie cutter" training!!! "macie" loves every minute she gets to spend at the Zoom Room, I recommend them to anyone who wants a well behaved, happy dog!!

- Megan S., who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Macie Mae

This was the most demoralizing and insulting experience we have ever had. We went to the evaluation and the person said sure your dogs can skip puppy classes and go to agility 1. They were 8 months old and they are 10 pounds. They were put next to two stupid labrodoodles who were about 150 pounds and the father said that my dogs barking was hurting his ears so we got kicked out. Of course that is after we paid $300 for 10 classes. Now nearly a year later I can't get my money back. Every 3 months when the Zoom Room sends me an email that they miss me I call and get lip service by whoever answers the phone. I have spoken to Dave. He offered to get the money in personal training sessions. I agreed to come to the Valley on Saturday afternoons but he blew us off. I phoned him multiple times on his cellphone but he ignored our calls. Similarly I spoke to the front desk person who said that Stephanie would give us 4 private sessions for the $260 remaining on our sessions. She also blew us off. We will be filing an action in Small Claims court and also going to the court of public opinion. Please refund our money, please? I know that you will never post this on line so I am just letting you know about this even though I am certain that you do know.

- Laurie D, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Remy and Sevi

Loved our experiences at Zoom Room... both Agility 1 and Therapy Dog. I love it overall, thanks for having such a great facility!

David is terrific with my shy dog and my 16 year old daughter who is the handler.

David really wants to make sure that the dogs and their people have fun. We also really trusted his expertise and his care that the more challenging exercises were approached properly so that the dogs (and their people) were always able to tackle the obstacles without any fears. We're looking forward to agility 2 where we get to experience Alvin doing more adventurous exercises.

- Erin & Mike, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Alvin

Very appreciative of Kris' extension of Agilty 3 classes, enjoyed it immensely, agility courses well-planned, learned a lot about strategy from Kris, Zou Zou absolutely loved it, we looked forward to it every week, wonderful classmates too, hope to try Agility League. Thanks so much!

- Robin P., who enjoyed Agility 3 with Zou Zou

Taking classes at Zoom Room has not only been fun for my dog Frisbee (and me), but it has made her a much more confident and social dog :) We've taken classes with Kris and David and they are both excellent!

- Tracey W., who enjoyed Agility 2 with Frisbee

I had no idea my dog had this potential. Laura is great. We've really learned a lot. Zoom Room is part of my dog's life...a part that makes him happy and way more loveable.

- Patti W., who enjoyed Obedience 2

Squeeks and I had a great time learning all the commands and obstacles during Agility 1. Stephanie was an amazing instructor who took the time to get to know us and our dogs!

- Lauren PIvovar, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Squeeks

I have been happy with all of my classes

- LB, who enjoyed 1. Puppy Obedience 2. Novice obedience 3. CGC with Kokette

Duncan's been having a great time. His first class was in Agility I and was promoted to Agility 2 for the next class.

I decided to try out ZoomRoom with a Certificate on Groupon. We love it so much we're going to try classes with the $99 a month program. He can brush up on his behavior and agility. Can't wait!

- Suzanne F, who enjoyed Agility with Duncan

Really enjoyed the class. David is really great with the dogs and keeps it fun. I had a great time and we both learned a lot. We'll be back!

- Tracey W., who enjoyed Obedience 1

Zoom room is great! The obedience class is better than any obedience class or private trainer I have taken my dog. The skills they teacher are practical for day to day life, versus cheap parlor tricks.

The agility has been a great to build my dog's confidence. Great way to get my dog around other dogs and people in a safe and fun setting.

- Grace, who enjoyed Obedience and agility with Bailey

Juno has bonded well to Stephanie - which is great since she is a shy tentative dog with new humans.

Stephanie's enthusiasm and positive feedback on how far Juno has come is so appreciated. i know it contributes to the Juno's success thus far.

- Christy Hachiya, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Juno

The trainers have great personalities, easy to work with. Their knowledge of dog training is great.

- Bruce M., who enjoyed Agility 1

Kris is a great instructor and he really has the patience and understanding to help both canine and human perform at their highest level! We look forward to more classes at the Zoom Room!

Dave is kind, competent, generous and good at teaching. He seems to genuinely like dogs. He is patient and helpful with the slower learners without holding up the rest of the class.

- Marilyn R., who enjoyed Agility 2

Fantastic! I love the entire team at Zoom Room Culver City! We just need to find more time in our schedules to continue training and expand on Kodiak's growing resume. :)

- Michelle Pragnell, who enjoyed Agility 2, 3 and Tricks with Kodiak

David is an amazing instructor! He's firm but kind toward the dogs and always willing to listen and offer extra advice outside of the class. He is helpful with little tips to help us as owners train our dogs better. It's always a pleasure chatting with him and taking his classes.

- Debbie, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Yoshi

Kris has done a fantastic job of working with us to get Jazmin up to speed for joining an internediate group class. He uses consistent guidelines, gentleness, and shares his AKC guideline knowledge in a positive manner.

- Susan A., who enjoyed Private Training with Jazmin

Meghan is a wonderful trainer. She has been very patient with me and Max and I greatly value her insight. She's always upbeat and happy to provide help and suggestions with any challenging issues I'm having.

- Robin O, who enjoyed Package of four private 1/2 hour sessions with Max

Steph is the best. Really great instructor.

- Cody Westheimer, who enjoyed puppy preschool with Milo

love it, love it, love it. Stefanie Lautner is such a pleasure. She doesn't make fun of me when "I don't get it "but my dog does! Stefanie is great on helping me deal with my dog pulling on the leash and not paying attention to me which is difficult as LuLu is not food motivated. I love the time with my dog. I so appreciate being able to have a lesson which is instructive, safe and secure. I can concentrate on the training instead of being anxious about what is going on around us. I feel I am in a place that "loves dogs" and Stefanie's instruction is all about positive reinforcement training. As you can see, I can't say enough good things about my experience. Just I would love to have a site closer to where I live. We would probably live at the Zoom Room. Best use of training $$ I have ever spent.

- JUDY B., who enjoyed Agility with LULU

We love you zoom room!

Our experience at the Zoom Room was fantastic!! The class ended up being private lessons as no other dogs signed up. I could tell that both Chris and Stephanie really enjoy what they do- it comes through and translates not only to me but Bruce. I will definately be taking more classes at the Culver City Zoom Room.

- Pam, who enjoyed Come When Called with Bruce

My dog loves going to the Zoom Room. As soon as I make a turn onto Teale Street, she begins to get very excited! She also likes the instructor. David is very attentive to all of our dog's needs and helping each owner.

- Sammi Maon, who enjoyed Agility Class I with Makana

Best dog birthday party I've ever been to. (Surprisingly, I've been to several!) Looking forward to the Halloween Party this weekend at the Zoom Room. I'm amazed when I meet people who haven't heard of this awesome place for dogs to play.

- Johnny A,, who enjoyed Birthday Party

Had lots of fun, learned a lot and very professional. Can't wait for the next class to start.

- Maureen D., who enjoyed Obedience 2

Milo and I both had fun, even if it did mean getting up earlier on Sunday morning. We are hoping to join the upcoming Agility 1.

I participated in Agility 1, 2 and 3 at the Zoom Room with my two dogs and it was a great experience for us all! I have a timid terrier and I was not sure that she would want to participate in the activities. She surprised us all by becoming "not the fastest" dog, but one of the more accurate dogs. Most importantly, it helped bring out her confidence. My other dog is a shepherd/spaniel mix. She absolutely loved the training. In fact, she loved it so much that she would start to cry as soon as we exited the highway because she couldn't wait to get in there and get started! The Zoom Room allows you to participate in training with your dog, in a safe enclosed area. David is very friendly, and completely invested in making it a positive experience for you and your dog. The agility classes are a great alternative for people looking for a change from basic "obedience" classes.

- Elizabeth E., who enjoyed Agility 3

We always have a great time

- Sophie Duverger, who enjoyed private class with Shadow

Goodbye dog park. Hello Zoom Room! Our chihuahua's favorite place to play. Best selection of dog treats, too. Can I vote for that, too? Zoom Room = Best dog treats in L.A.!

- Michelle C., who enjoyed Agility 1

Ozzie has progressed so well in a short period of time. He's become more confident and more affectionate as well. We've been so happy to see him blossom into a happy, loving, well-behaved dog.

- Julia Bartos, who enjoyed private classes with Ozzie Starkweather

The Zoom Room is a godsend for Westside dogs and their people. They offer a wide range of classes led by a world-class dog trainer in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. My pit-mix Ram and I have seen amazing improvement in our communications and teamwork. Ram's very proud of his Agility League trophy too. Jaime's great at identifying and solving all sorts of behavorial issues, and most importantly, she's great at training the people, who are usually a bit remedial compared to the dogs. The Zoom Room Open Gym weekday evenings is a safe and fun place to practice training, or just to run around silly with your dog. Fun and improves our lives!

- Maria S., who enjoyed Agility League with Ram

Duncan's been having a great time. His first class was in Agility I and was promoted to Agility 2 for the next class.

I decided to try out ZoomRoom with a Certificate on Groupon. We love it so much we're going to try classes with the $99 a month program. He can brush up on his behavior and agility. Can't wait!

- Suzanne F, who enjoyed Agility with Duncan

Loved it. Tons of personal attention, lots of help, no judgement, explanations clear and easy to follow.

- Jeanie B., who enjoyed Obedience 1,2,3 with Beau

We have really enjoyed our experience at Zoom Room. Our rescue dog had suffered trauma and abuse in her past. When we adopted her, the behaviorist said that Bella was one of the most severe cases that he had seen. After working with her for a few months, we took her to Zoom Room's Dog Obedience 1 and Agility 1. Dave was great with her (and us) and Bella began to socialize with the other dogs and owners. Then, we had a great experience in the Scent Discrimination class. She showed so much growth in the 6 weeks. Kris is amazing! At first she was scared to even put her head in the scent box even though we had her favorite dog treat in the box. Kris made just a few modifications for Bella. Kris was so calm, positive and loving that Bella learned to trust him. By the end of the 6 weeks, she didn't want to leave class.

- Janet B., who enjoyed Scent Discrimination with Bella

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