Atten-shun! Everyone, Salute October’s Dog of the Month!
| October 2nd, 2013

The Colonel Commands October

Meet The Colonel, October’s Dog of the Month, brought to you by the Lange Foundation. The Colonel is a mixed Border Terrier, allegedly six years old, but probably closer to five. Never one to saunter, The Colonel marches his way through life, living up to his “title.”

The Colonel, sometimes referred to as TC, found his way into his mom, Andrea’s, life at a pivotal time.  Just over two years ago, Andrea and her beloved fur child of 16 years, Taxi, saw a picture of TC’s mug on Petfinder. There was something about that face that she couldn’t turn away from, so she went in to meet him in person.  On the second visit, she brought Taxi with her to see if they clicked.  Taxi and Andrea both agreed that they had a new addition to the family.

TC ScarfAs Andrea tells it, “What’s special for me about The Colonel is the journey he’s been on with me.  I had my first dog, Taxi, for 16 years and The Colonel came on board in the last eight months of Taxi’s life.  He was completely different than my first pup — needed a lot of training, a lot more attention, and simply didn’t want to ‘get with the program.’  But ultimately we worked it out and I learned a lot about patience and sticking it out with a dog.  There were MANY times I thought about taking him back and that we just weren’t a match, but at about the six-month mark he really turned a corner and so did I.

I think we reached some sort of mutual understanding that we were in it for the long haul. He was a great comfort to me when Taxi passed away and in many ways we grieved together.  Today I can’t imagine my life without him and we have new traditions and different activities (ie: agility) that I would never have thought to do with Taxi.  It’s a whole lot of fun and he’s SUCH a sweet, sweet boy.”

Now an established member of the family, The Colonel has distinguished himself in Agility and earned a special place in the hearts of the Culver City crew (he loves the ladies!). When he isn’t running the courses, The Colonel can be found taking 3.5 mile strolls throughout the week. A pile of toys make a comfy pillow for a post-walk slumber.

Andrea says it best: “[The Colonel] is truly a lesson for anyone who adopts a pet… it takes time, investment, and effort but it’s well worthwhile… and every dog is different!”

Congratulations to The Colonel and Andrea!  It is an honor to serve you, sir.

Check out more pictures of The Colonel on Facebook.

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