August’s Dog of the Month
| August 14th, 2012

Desert Dachshund Delights and Delivers

Duncan’s life with his parents, Tania and Jeff, began when he was abandoned on the street in Palm Desert when he was about 7 months old.  After what appeared to be several weeks on the run, Duncan was threatened with being hit by a truck that was about to pull out.  Luckily, two nice people stopped to tell the truck driver to brake and saved the little dog.  When they turned to walk away, Duncan followed them until they couldn’t resist bringing him home.

Since they didn’t have room for another dog, they sent a picture of Duncan to their friend, Tania.  It was love at first sight.  While he was still generally nervous around new people, Duncan quickly curled up next to Tania at their first meeting, and he had found his way into his new home.

At first, Duncan was shy, undernourished, and seemed older than he was.  He spent the first week at his new home hiding under the bed.  However, his true personality increasingly began to shine.  At two years old, Duncan is now one of the happiest, most grateful, and most energetic dogs around.  He is constantly bouncing around, taking his toys for sprints around the house, and trying to solicit a playmate in anyone who will listen.

Duncan’s favorite activity is agility class at the Zoom Room.  He has now completed Agility 3, and loves flying over all of the jumps like the big dogs in his class—as long as it means he gets the promised piece of turkey.

He also makes sure that he is always on time for class.  Duncan has figured out that when both his parents are home it means that it is time for agility.  Every weekend, he wakes his parents up and waits excitedly by the door until he is taken to class.  After a long class, even though his instructors often comment that Duncan will be tired for the rest of the day, the car ride home is enough of a rest, and Duncan is ready to run again as soon as he gets home.

In addition to agility, Duncan also enjoys chasing lint around the house, lying on his back to wait for belly rubs, going for long walks in the park, and trying to start howling contests with the other neighborhood dogs.

Congratulations, Duncan!  You are truly a deserving Dachshund!

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