Birthday Parties Sizzled Over the Weekend
| June 28th, 2010

Birthday Parties Start Summer Off Right

Happy birthday to me!

The Zoom Room had the pleasure of helping three dogs celebrate their birthdays in two days last weekend. 

On Friday, Dutch invited his friends in to play on the equipment, eat dog-bone shaped cake and play with each other and their people.  Dogs weren’t the only ones having fun, however.  Some of the kids discovered the hula hoops that are usually used to train the dogs.  They enjoyed some hula hooping and even using them as jump ropes to skip across the room.

The well dressed pair wish each other happy birthday

On Saturday, Ruby celebrated her birthday with Marty, one of her best friends.  Both pups were dressed to the nines.  They were so well dressed some thought that they might go to a prom on their way home.  Ruby was dressed in a black skirt while Marty was wearing a tuxedo, complete with bow tie!  They shared birthday pupcakes with their friends.  The two-legged party-goers were treated to pasta, meatballs, potstickers, salad, and cupcakes.

Want to make your best friend feel special on his birthday?  Invite his closest friends and your closest friends to the Zoom Room for an unforgettable birthday party!

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