California’s First Dog
| March 27th, 2011

Politicians All Ears When Sutter Speaks

Photo by Robert Gauthier, Los Angeles Times

When Governor Jerry Brown took office, he was in for an uphill battle.  With all the decisions, political dealings, and hard work that come with holding such an important job, Governor Brown knew he needed some good public relations.

That’s where Sutter comes in.  Sutter is Governor Brown’s seven-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who walks the halls and attends meetings in this state’s Capitol.  Sutter has a hall pass that allows him access to every part of the Capitol building.

When he’s not sitting under or on the table during gubernatorial meetings, he is clearing the halls of all food particles or enjoying bacon hand-delivered by staffers.  Recently, Governor Brown noticed that Sutter was eating all day and distributed a memo directing employees to stop feeding the little guy!

Just having Sutter in the room can change the nature of some “hairier” meetings.  He makes people smile during budget talks and soothes the governor when tensions rise.  Senate Republican Bob Dutton told the Los Angeles Times that just having Sutter in the room “makes you feel like it will be all right.”  Dutton is so fond of Sutter, in fact, that he has been known to carry the Corgi to the meetings with him.

The politicians and all the support crew who work in Sacramento see Sutter as a cute Corgi who crosses party lines and brings smiles to all.  What they don’t realize is that Sutter is a therapy dog of sorts.  He doesn’t visit hospitals or help children read, but any pup who can ease tensions and help politicians break through party barriers is truly a therapy dog beyond compare.

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