Cockapoo Takes January’s Top Honor
| January 10th, 2014

Rags to Riches in Culver City

chopper haircutMeet Chopper, a 14-month-old Cockapoo and Culver City’s first Dog of the Month for 2014! In early March, Chopper was found running on the streets of Downtown L.A., starving and very sick with Giardia.

A nice lady found him and scooped him off the streets.  This nice lady knocked on her neighbor’s door and he was instantly made part of a new  family.

His new mom, Cynthia, immediately took him to the vet. The doctor determined Chopper to be between 14 and 16 weeks olds.

With a little medication, and high quality food, Chopper’s health improved drastically. He seemed to just fit right in with his new family, the only challenge being his fear of the patriarch. He also remained exceptionally shy of most strangers and fellow members of the animal kingdom.

After becoming a regular at Zoom Room, Chopper’s fears have begun to melt away. Chopper is now a staple in Agility classes, and Cynthia has seen a noticeable difference in Chopper’s confidence.

When he isn’t being a superstar agility dog, Chopper can be found playing fetch with his favorite toy or gnawing on a bully stick or Himalayan Yak chew. He loves to sit on the couch with the family while they watch TV, and he always enjoys playing with the family’s cats, who do their best to simply tolerate him. He sleeps on the master bed, and is Cynthia’s constant companion – wherever she goes in the house, he is always at her feet.

Congratulations, Chopper! Enjoy your reign at Culver City!

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