December’s Member of the Month
| December 11th, 2011

He’s Faster Than a Speeding Bullit…

Bullit, formally known as Royal Enfield Bullit of Pheron, is a six month old purebred Rhodesian Ridgeback.   According to his dad, Ian, Bullit’s name simultaneously pays homage to a motorcycle and a Steve McQueen movie.  Ian met Bullit in Deer Park, Wa, where he was born of champion bloodlines.  His mother, in fact, was a champion lure courser.  Ian hopes Bullit will follow in her footsteps.

Bullit loves playing with other dogs, rolling in the grass, and curling up on the couch with his dad.  In fact, Bullit is proving to be a champion sleeper!  Bullit loves the simple things in life.  Ian has brought home a variety of toys, but Bullit always returns to his favorite… a rope with knots at each end.  At least he’ll be easy to shop for this Christmas!

So far, Bullit is adept at sit, down, come, and high five.  He has also learned to expedite the pre-walk routine by retrieving Ian’s keys.  According to Ian, Bullit’s life philosophy is, “Life is racing:  Everything else is just chewtoys.”

Bullit went all the way to Yuma, AZ, recently to compete in his first puppy class.  Ian is pleased to say that Bullit took first place!  Ian says, “We were the only ones who showed up that day, but a win is a win!”  We are proud of you, Bullit, even if your competition was, um, limited.

Bullit currently frequents Puppy Preschool at Zoom Room Culver City.  He has quickly become a favorite with the front desk staff.

Congratulations on being December’s Member of the Month!

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