“Gentle Giant” is 2012’s First Dog of the Month
| January 8th, 2012

January Celebrates Rocco

Rocco is a three-year-old Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix. He came into his parents’ lives at the tender age of 10 weeks. His parents had just suffered the loss of their German Shepherd called Charcoal. They had not planned on replacing Charcoal too quickly, but Rocco found them and they fell in love instantly.

When Rocco came into their lives, he weighed a mere 20 pounds.  Now, three years later, little Rocco is a healthy 105 pounds!   He may be a substantial dog, but his parents refer to him as a “gentle giant.”  Rocco’s parents describe him as “smart, sweet, loyal and very mellow.”

Rocco shares his home with his sister, Cooper, and two cats, Vinnie and Harry.  Although he adores the cats and wants to be their friend, they are not convinced that playing with this big dog is wise. After all, they have seen what he does to their toy mice.

Rocco’s favorite activities include swimming and playing fetch.  He also loves Agility classes at Zoom Room Culver City.  He enjoys running the courses as much as he loves his Agility classmates/friends, Sam and Bailey.

According to trainer Kris, Rocco is loved by everyone he meets, human and canine alike.  (He’s still working on winning over the cats, though!)

Congratulations, Rocco!  We are thrilled to name you January’s Dog of the Month!

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