Go Go Gadget Grabs Top Honors in February
| February 15th, 2014

Precocious Pug Picks Parents

Gadget in the SnowGo Go Gadget, or Gadget for short, is a fast running, quick learning Pug and February’s Dog of the Month!

Two years ago, newlyweds Fei and Christopher decided they wanted to expand their family… with a dog: a calm, submissive dog. After settling on a Pug for their apartment- friendly size and good temperament, Fei and Christopher found themselves at A Bit Pugish, a breeder located in the high desert.

By fate, the couple was given the first pick of the three-male litter. They went out to meet the puppies and were taken by two chubby, docile puglets who just wanted to cuddle, writing off the third who was smaller, more independent, and would go wandering off.

Two weeks passed and it was time to pick up their new baby. Fei and Chris found themselves uncertain of which docile pup was the one they originally picked, and the breeder wasn’t going to help them tell the two apart.

Meanwhile, Mr. Independent was doing all he could to pander for their attention. Instead of a lazy, chubby, roly-poly submissive dog, they ended up with a lean, active, highly intelligent “pick-of-the-litter,” stubborn little pug with attitude to boot. In the end, Gadget was the one who chose them.

After training Gadget at home, Fei wanted to work on Gadget’s ability to focus amidst other dogs and to socialize properly. They brought Gadget to the Zoom Room where he began some Obedience classes. After he nailed the Obedience, Fei and Chris decided to try Agility.

Gadget at Zoom RoomMuch to the surprise of his family, Gadget really shined in Agility. In his first Agility 1 class, Gadget could barely contain himself while watching the other dogs go through the obstacles.

When it was finally his turn, he zoomed through the tunnel, jumped the hurdles and ran up and down the A frame and dog walk as if he’d been practicing his whole life. Gadget was completely confident and fearless and his family was hooked. Since that first Agility class in November, Gadget has flown through the levels and is now enjoying the challenges of Agility 4.

Fei and Christopher have loved every minute with Gadget over the past two years. He’s been their own personal therapy dog through times of grief, loss and loneliness. He’s kept them active and has allowed them to experience new things, and has brought immeasurable happiness into their life. They plan to get Gadget Therapy Dog certified soon so that others can experience the joy he brings.

Congratulations, Gadget! Enjoy your private gyms!

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Kayla Riabokin writes:

This story about Gadget touched my heart. What a cutie. I am mama to a 2 year old black pug named MJ who is just starting agility at the culver city zoom room. MJ is a sweet and sensitive soul and i am trying to get him trained to be a therapy dog for LA’s children hospital. I would love to have him meet Gadget one day at the zoom room, i just know they would have so much fun together!


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