Have You “Herd” About September’s Member of the Month?
| September 9th, 2012

Border Collie Mix Bounds to the Top

Zoey is a two-and-a-half year old mixture of Border Collie and fun.  Her parents found her two summers ago at Perfect Pet Rescue when she was four months old.  Since then, she has grown into a little lady who learns as fast as she runs.

Zoey can understand full sentences and perform a variety of tricks, including playing dead and catching treats off her nose.  That trick is made especially difficult when they use her favorite treats… peanut butter and bacon strips.

Her favorite activities include watching football with her dad (they are Raiders fans), playing soccer and frisbee, and doing Agility.  Zoey’s dad, Eric, says he is extremely proud of Zoey.  She rocketed from Agility beginner to league competitor faster than… well, faster than her dad can follow her over the dog walk.  Eric says he loves her because “she is our league rookie who has been making the others step up their game!!! Go Zoey!”

Congratulations, Zoey!  We expect to see you in the top three at Agility League in the near future!

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