He Trains, He Volunteers, He is Prepared For Anything!
| April 3rd, 2011

Is He Superman? No! He’s a Pack Leader

Last month, our very own trainer, Kris VanOver, completed his course in animal emergency response and received his official certificate from the Long Beach Fire Department.  Over 20 hours of classes and multiple evenings studying paid off.

Kris makes his acceptance speech

Now Kris is a certified member of the Community Emergency Response Team through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

But that’s not all!  Last week, Kris was honored by the spcaLA.  Yes, our very own Kris VanOver was named Volunteer of the Year for the spcaLA.  Kris was chosen for his endless compassion and commitment.  Kris dedicates countless hours to the spcaLA and is even part of their Disaster Animal Response Team (DART).

We are very fortunate to have Kris as part of our team.  He is as invaluable to us as he is to spcaLA.  If you know Kris, congratulate him when you see him.  If you don’t know Kris, come to Zoom Room Culver City and say hi.  Or, even better, sign up to take a class from him!

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